Monday, January 14th, 2019

2019 Wedding Trends You Must Know About

2018 was a great wedding year and judging by the 2019 wedding trends, this year won’t disappoint either. If you are planning your wedding right now, here are a few of the biggest wedding trends you must know about to make your big day perfect.

Coral Wedding Colors to Set the Tone

Pantene’s color of the year is always important in determining the hottest wedding theme color for the year. Their 2019 color is called ‘Living Coral’ and it’s a lovely, bright pink-orange mixture. This coral color will work beautifully on a spring and summer wedding but you can even play with it later in the year. Just opt for a slightly darker coral hue for your autumn wedding.

Turning Outdoors Indoors for Authentic Feel

2019 wedding trends feature a lot of natural elements celebrating the beautiful world we live in. Not only are many North Carolina couples going green, but there’s also a lot of focus in bringing nature closer. Bringing outdoor indoors is going to be a popular trend for couples to follow. How does it work exactly? You want your floral arrangements and foliage to be organic and lush – include lots of greenery in a whimsical way and you’ll nail this trend.

Music from the Movies to Move You

Having the right music at your wedding is important. The world is full of good songs and it’s important to go through the playlist with your North Carolina DJ. If you want to go with the biggest 2019 wedding trends in terms of music, you must use movie soundtracks at the reception. Lots of movies provide great background music and they can work as the wedding theme as well! If you want more wedding music tips, check out our previous post.

Sharing Platters to Fees Your Wedding Guests

Couples have long been interested in choosing simple and fun menus for their wedding. For quite a few years now, the answer has come in the forms of food trucks. But things are changing in 2019. The year’s wedding trends for foods are all about sharing platters. These are a fun alternative to food trucks and they work exceptionally well at the dessert table.

Snap as You Are Photo Booth

Photo booths are popular wedding entertainment and an affordable option to add a bit of fun to your wedding. In 2019, your wedding photo booth must be open-air and placed in a central location in the reception. You want guests to be able to roam around the booth and snap photos if they want without it being a hassle. For this, the Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a perfect option to go with!

2019 Wedding Trends Promise to Create a Stunning Wedding

All these 2019 wedding trends are set to help you plan the perfect wedding day. You have a lot of classic and simple ideas to choose from – this is the year of a harmonic and organic wedding!

What are your favorite 2019 wedding trends? Let us know!

Monday, January 7th, 2019

These Are the Big Wedding Music Trends for 2019

The New Year always brings about interesting new things. Last week, we took a look at the biggest wedding photo booth trends and now it’s time to peek at 2019’s upcoming wedding music trends.


Wedding music plays a big role in your wedding. It sets the mood and gets the party going. Good music will keep your wedding guests entertained and guarantee your wedding day is filled with beautiful memories. So, what to expect from the big wedding music trends for 2019?


Ceremony Music

wedding music trends

Music has been a big part of the wedding reception forever. While your wedding ceremony music has mainly consisted of processional music, 2019 is about to change it further. Ceremony music, including continuous background music throughout, is becoming more popular. Harpists, piano music and other beautiful classical renditions are attracting more couples.


Themed Wedding Playlists

Wedding themes continue to be a big thing for couples and 2019 will witness plenty of old favorites and new ideas. In terms of wedding music trends, themed playlists are becoming an increasingly popular way of supporting your overall wedding theme. Whether you are having a vintage wedding or going with a pop theme, you want your wedding playlists to reflect this.


Request Songs

Couples are also turning to their wedding guests for song ideas, especially if they aren’t following a specific theme with their music. One fun and popular option is to ask for 3-5 song suggestions from those who have RSVP-ed. This is a great way to make your playlist more varied and to guarantee all the guests have a good time. Of course, you can also follow the playlist theme idea and ask wedding guests to name their favorite songs in your chosen theme or genre.


Fewer Protocol Dances

first dance song

Interestingly, one of the major wedding music trends in the coming year is going to be the lack of protocol dances. Couples are starting to grow old for parent/child dances and some are even ditching the First Dance! Instead, couples want music to be there for everyone who enjoys it – the dance floor is open and everyone can dance as they please.


Big After-Parties

wedding music ideas

Overall, wedding music trends are following another big wedding trend for 2019, which is the after-party. More couples are looking to create an after-party that gets everyone dancing and talking long after the main reception has ended. For the after-party, the chosen entertainment is party music – we’re talking about the best North Carolina wedding DJs playing their best music all night long!


2019’s Wedding Music Trends Are Turning Up the Beat


2019 is going to be a fantastic wedding year. The music is going to be fun, loud and ever more important in terms of good wedding entertainment. The year’s major wedding music trends will help you have a good time and showcase your fantastic personality and love as a couple!


Are you getting married in 2019? What kind of wedding music trends are you following? Let us know!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Wedding Photo Booth Trends for 2019

The start of the year is always a good time for something new. In the world of wedding photo booths, 2019 is set to offer plenty of excitement and fun new trends. Here are the latest wedding photo booth trends to look forward to in 2019.


Bold Backgrounds

photo booth backdrop

Wedding trends in 2019 are showing a lot of color. When it comes to color, this is the year to go bold and bright. This same is true for wedding photo booth trends – you want to opt for bold backgrounds that stand out. One of the hottest options is to choose a large neon sign! For example, have the wedding date in big, bold colors or a neon sign with your initials!


Digital Pictures

photo booth hashtags

Sustainability and environmental themes will be a big hit in 2019. North Carolina wedding couples are looking to make sure their big day isn’t harmful to the environment. This means that most will opt for wedding photo booths that are all about digital pictures. This will also mean that social media sharing will continue to be a big part of wedding organizing.


Instant Printing

wedding photo booth trends

If couples do choose to have printouts, you’ll find them searching for wedding photo booths that allow instant printing. Wedding couples and guests don’t want to wait for photos forever – instant printing will make it possible to get your hands on the funny photos immediately! If you’re conscious about the environmental impact, you could consider recycled photo paper to cut waste.


Suggestive Props

photo booth hashtags

Wedding photo booth trends in 2019 will also see couples be a bit more playful with their wedding entertainment. Wedding photo booths are not just about standing still, smiling and taking photos. You’ll want to include lots of suggestive props that challenge wedding guests to take more imaginative photos. We’re talking about photo booth challenges and idea cards that help guests pose and have fun!


Mirror Photo Booths

hudson valley photo booth

Wedding photo booths are continuing their march towards open-air models that utilize technology. The magic mirror photo booth has been a popular pick for a while now and it’ll continue to be the favorite photo booth choice in 2019. The magic mirror photo booth has it all – it’s interactive, personalized and fun!


Professional Vendors

Wedding trends in 2019 are all about finding personalized and professional wedding vendors. Couples are conscious about the choices they make and they want value for their money. This is true even for North Carolina wedding photo booth rentals – couples are not just going to hire the first company they see. They want a bit of extra with their wedding photo booth service.


Wedding Photo Booth Trends in 2019 Are All About Having Fun


The above wedding photo booth trends in 2019 are going to be fun and interactive. Photo booth continues to be a popular option for wedding entertainment and the year’s trends will keep things interesting and fun!


What are the wedding photo booth trends you’re looking forward to most in 2019? Let us know!

Monday, December 24th, 2018

5 Reasons to Have a New Year’s Eve Wedding

When it comes to deciding when you’ll get married, New Year’s Eve is a worthy time to consider. A New Year’s Eve wedding will symbolize the start of something new – your life as a married couple and the start of a fresh year!


If you’re not sure whether New Year’s Eve is the right time, here are five reasons to convince you.


#1: The glitz and glamour

wedding entertainment

A New Year’s Eve wedding can be full of glitz and glamour. You can add bling to your décor and have plenty of it in your entertainment too. This is the perfect season for glittery dance floors and glamorous wedding DJs playing the best party songs. You simply can’t have too little glamour and glitter!


#2: Freedom to party for as long as you want

wedding entertainment

There is no need to subscribe to set schedules and final calls with a New Year’s Eve wedding. The night can last for as long as you want, with wedding guests having the freedom to dance the night away! You can find plenty of wedding venues all across North Carolina that are open all night long.


#3: Plenty of bubbly

Weddings are a great time to bring out the bubbly but New Year’s Eve will give you an extra reason to pick up the champagne bottle. It’s not just about having a drink either – you can make your menu bubble with champagne cake, sweets and even adding bubbles to your main course!


#4: Funny and funky entertainment

A New Year’s Eve wedding provides you with opportunities to create lots of fun and funky entertainment. You can have a red carpet experience with a magic mirror photo booth, get your wedding guests involved with New Year’s Eve resolutions and have everyone participate in the countdown. You can be as imaginative and quirky as you want – it’s all about having a laugh!


#5: Relaxation and a good time

Overall, a New Year’s Eve wedding is the perfect time to get together with loved ones and have a good time. The whole affair is a time for relation and fun – you don’t need to worry about anything. Your guests will have had a lovely Christmas and everyone’s looking forward to the New Year. Not to mention that most people will find it easy to take a bit of time off for the party!


Plan for the Perfect New Year’s Eve Wedding


The holiday season is great for throwing a wedding and New Year’s Eve wedding has the potential to be something different and memorable. The weather is lovely, people are in a jolly mood and the big night is all about having a good time. So start planning for your New Year’s Eve wedding and give your loved ones a night to remember.


Do you dream of having a New Year’s Eve wedding? Why? Let us know in the comments below!