Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Wedding Recycling Ideas: Putting Your Wedding Items to Good Use

So, you have held a successful wedding party and you are still elated to be called Mrs. & Mr. After the excitement begins to settle, you mind find yourself at home with boxes full of wedding items. Since you’ve paid good money to organize the things, is there a way to guarantee you don’t just have to throw it all away? Here are wedding recycling ideas you should keep in mind.


The wedding flowers


If you held on to your wedding flowers or your wedding bouquet, you have a lot of options for recycling. In the event the flowers were fake you can use individual petals to decorate your wedding photo album or ‘Thank You’ notes.


One cool wedding recycling idea surrounds your wedding photos and flowers. If you had hired a magic mirror photo booth from a Hudson Valley provider, you could attach an individual petal for those photo booth photos and send to your guests as an additional gift.

dried wedding bouquets

You can also recycle real flowers. Learn to dry the flowers and use them as decorative elements around the house. A dried wedding bouquet is a lovely keepsake from the big day. If you have a lot of flowers left over, turn them into potpourri!


The wedding décor


You can put things like candles, candleholders, ribbons and balloons into a good use. Candles and candleholders can naturally be re-used. You can use the ends of the candle and re-wax them into new shapes and sizes.


Candleholders can be turned into great gifts to hand out over the years. You can even consider selling them to another Hudson Valley wedding party, especially if they are still in pristine use. The same applies to vases of all kinds. You probably won’t need to hold on to 20 vases of the same kind. You can use them as gifts – add fresh flowers and a ribbon or fill up with homemade goods.

wedding recycling ideas

Ribbons should be packed up in boxes and used to tie gifts. A red ribbon makes a great Christmas wrapping, for example. So, don’t just throw your ribbons away.


If you had paper or cardboard placards or other such decorations, you could cut the decorations into smaller pieces and re-use as cards. If you have friends with kids, the children would love to have papers and placards to mess about with.


The wedding clothes


Naturally, you can easily continue using your wedding shoes and jewelry in other parties. The groom can often take advantage of the suit for formal events – just by changing the shirt, you can re-change the whole look.


But the wedding dress is not non-recyclable either. If you don’t mind cutting it to pieces, you can ask a tailor to remodel it into an evening gown. You can even use the fabric to make skirts or bags. If you don’t want to do this, then consider selling it online.

bag from wedding dress

Hudson Valley wedding providers will be able to provide you with plenty more tips and you can always ask if some of them would like the items back! Nonetheless, the above post hopefully gave you plenty wedding recycling ideas and helped you to understand you don’t  need to throw away things after the party is over.


If you got wedding recycling ideas, please let us know! We’d love to hear your tips in the comment section below.

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Easy Ways to Add Romance to Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic times to organize a wedding. The event oozes romance and is the perfect time for a If you’d like to make the day even more romantic and add elegant, yet simple romantic touches to the day, you should consider the following ideas.


Rose petal aisle runner


You can transform your aisle by decorating it with rose pedals. You can create a lovely design by sprinkling your petals on the floor or the ground, if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. You can use your imagination with the design. Below are a few ideas for inspiration.

The idea doesn’t just look romantic, it can also be cheaper and easier to execute. Furthermore, you can opt for other petals, if you want to save more money.


Table numbers with a meaning


Think a meaningful story or event that relates to the specific table numbers. Perhaps you met on the 4th day and your table number four could have a text “4 – the day we met”. You might have gone to your first holiday on the 6th and so on.

The table numbers simply have to have the table number printed on them, together with the story that relates to the day. The idea is romantic, adds a quirky story for the guests to start talking about and isn’t hard to create – you just need a nice paper and a beautiful font!


Heart-shaped sparklers as props


You can buy heart-shaped sparklers online and use them in two different ways as wedding props for an instant splash of romance. When it’s time for the first dance at your Valentine’s Day wedding, you can have the guests light up their sparklers. Having the sparklers go off around you will be magical and add a lot of romance to the first dance.

If you’re hiring a Hudson Valley wedding photo booth, you can also add the sparklers as props the guests can use. It’ll add plenty of laughter to your guests’ photo session.


Personalizes table settings


Brighten up your table setting with a personalized message for each guest. You can get simple heart-shaped paper settings and simply take a moment to think of a quirky message to write for each guest. It could be to say ‘thank you’ for helping organize the wedding, or remind the person about the hilarious holidays you had as children.


Kiss when the bell rings


Add a small cowbell next to your table with a sign that says, “Ring for a kiss”. Every time someone rings the bell, the bride and groom must kiss! If you want the guests involved, it could read, “Ring for a hug” and everyone would need to hug the nearest person when the bell rings.

The above ideas work perfectly in a Valentine’s Day wedding. They are easy to execute and won’t cost you a fortune, yet add special and meaningful elements to your special day.


What do you think? Let us know your favorite ways to add romance to your Valentine’s Day wedding!

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

3 Most Romantic Hudson Valley Wedding Venues

Hudson Valley wedding venues

Hudson Valley wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for the most romantic wedding venue for your special day, then you are in for a treat – but you’ll also need to make a difficult decision between the different venues. We’ve picked three of the most romantic Hudson Valley wedding venues that would be perfect for example for a beautiful wedding.


Tarrytown House Estate

49 East Sunnyside Lane

Tarrytown, NY 10591

 Tel: 914-591-8200


Vintage almost equals romance. If you’d like your wedding day to have an elegant, old-fashioned feel to it, then the Tarrytown House Estate is worth checking out. The estate sits in one of the county’s prettiest towns and it has experience in hosting weddings for over a century. The property has plenty of outdoor space and rooms for guests to stay in. There are different reception rooms available to choose from and the beautiful Hudson River is just a stone’s throw away for taking those stunning wedding photos.


Onteora Mountain House

96 Piney Point Road

Boiceville, NY 12412

 Tel: 845-657-6233


Hudson Valley wedding venues offer plenty of stunning scenery to act as the backdrop for your ceremony. Nothing speaks romance like dramatic mountains, big trees and a clear blue sky above you. If you want all of that, then the Onteora Mountain House is your pick. It’s located 100 miles north of New York City, with wedding ceremonies available to be conducted from May to October. It’s great if you want the whole package – there are a few guest rooms available and outdoor and indoor option for the ceremony and the reception.


The Rhinecliff

Hudson Valley wedding venues

4 Grinnell Street

Rhinecliff, NY 1274

 Tel: 845-876-0590


While Hudson Valley wedding venues offer plenty of rustic and close to nature locations that are perfect for added romance, you might be looking for something a bit more city-like. We’re talking about that hotel-like glamour and entertainment. By organizing your wedding at the Rhinecliff, you could enjoy a bit of both. The historic venue is just a two-hour drive away from New York City and it offers you the whole package – from reception venue to the morning-after brunch. It’s visually a mixture of new and old, with the wedding packages catering for different wedding budgets.


When picking a wedding venue, remember to keep in mind the essentials. You need to have a budget in mind, make sure you know what is and what isn’t part of the deal, and what are the venue’s policies regarding other service providers, such as DJs, photographers and so on. Be clear on what you are getting and what you are paying before you sign up!


Now, it’s just down to picking your favorite and booking the venue. Make sure to check more recommendations from other service providers. Your Hudson Valley wedding DJ might have plenty of information on the best Hudson Valley wedding venues and contacts to help you land that dream location.


Tell us in the comments what are some of your favorite Hudson Valley wedding venues? We’d love to hear from you!

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Not everything is acceptable when you’re planning for a magical Valentine’s Day wedding. The romance-filled theme has a few quirks you need to be aware to ensure your special day doesn’t end up in a disaster. If you’d want to add a bit of Valentine’s Day magic to your Hudson Valley wedding, we got the do’s and don’ts for you to check.


When it comes to selecting the date…

Don’t be too stuck on having your Valentine’s Day wedding on the 14th of February, Yes, this is the actual date, but you can create a magical Valentine’s Day wedding on another date near the actual event. So, if you want a Saturday-wedding don’t wait until Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday or inconvenience your guests with a Tuesday wedding just because that’s Valentine’s Day.


Do keep your mind open on a weekday wedding, however! You could actually cut down the cost of your Hudson Valley wedding, as venues are often not as expensive in terms of rent during the week. Weekday weddings can work if you’re organizing a small wedding for the closest friends and family.


When it comes to decorating the venues…

Do trust the traditional symbols of love in your décor. This means that you do want to stick to Valentine’s Day wedding favorites, such as heart-shaped garlands, arrow-shooting Valentines table cards, dove-themed candles, and romantic prop signs for your Hudson Valley wedding photo booth. You want to celebrate your theme with your décor and let everyone know romance and love are buzzwords for your magical Valentine’s Day wedding.


But don’t just stick with the two most traditional colors of love: pink and red. If you want to have an elegant wedding and to avoid the cheese, consider decorating with something else. Gold or purple would work beautifully and add a bit of timeless sophistication to your love-themed wedding.


When it comes to picking the food and drink…

Don’t be afraid to show a playful side when planning for your menu. You can add a touch of romance to your food and drink simply by giving the menu romantic names. Your pink champagne can be a ‘A Glass of Love Potion’ and those chocolate soufflés the ‘Kiss from Valentine’.


Do also stick to traditional love inducing foods. Build your menu around the aphrodisiac options of pomegranate, vanilla, oysters, and chili peppers. Chili-vanilla chocolate cake sounds like the perfect wedding cake for Valentine’s Day!


When it comes to selecting entertainment…

Finally, do add fun love-themed competitions to your wedding. Valentine’s Day is great for organizing a competition to write the best love poem, lip sync a love song, or create a winning cocktail from the available selection.


Don’t make it all about couples. Your wedding will likely have a few single people and you don’t want to make them feel left out of the entertainment by having couples-only games and events. So, ensure the wedding entertainment isn’t just about celebrating couples, but also includes a dance floor with a proper Hudson Valley wedding DJ for singles and couples and has games everyone can participate in.


With the above do’s and don’ts you can have the best and the most magical Valentine’s Day wedding. Do you agree with our list? Perhaps you have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!