Monday, November 20th, 2017

Why Cheapest Isn’t Always the Best – You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to your Hudson Valley wedding or a big party, you often have a limited budget to work with. The cost of a wedding has increased in recent years and no one wants to get in debt for having a lovely day. But the result is not to start looking for the cheapest of everything. Why? Because you get what you pay for.


The problem with focusing on price

If you’re just focused on the price, you won’t pay attention to the quality or the other elements that make a service or a product worthy. There are people who contact wedding vendors only to ask about the price – but you would be making a mistake because you might end up with a product or service that cost you less but which…


you end up hating. You don’t check the songs the wedding DJ plays or the cakes the bakery makes. You don’t know what the experience feels like! You need to consider the other aspects of a good product or service and not just the price.


ends up costing you more money. You might actually pay more for a cheap product or service down the line. With wedding vendors, things like insurance are important. You might pay more initially but you won’t be left hanging if things don’t go according to plan. A cheap Hudson Valley wedding DJ might not even show up and you have no protection against it.


It’s crucial, therefore, to know what you are paying for not just how much you are paying. When it comes to the price, you want to be certain of what you are getting and how you are protected in case things don’t go smoothly.


The real conversations to have with Hudson Valley wedding vendors


Therefore, when you are booking a service or buying a product for your wedding, you shouldn’t just check the price. Talk to the service provider about the experience they are providing you with – ask them what is the value they’d bring to your big day!


Understand the hidden cost – including those that come from the service provider not having insurance. You might think nothing can go wrong but life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. You need to know just what it might cost you if things go wrong.

There is nothing wrong with budgeting – higher price also doesn’t guarantee good value. But your focus shouldn’t be solely on the price tag but what you get for paying. It’s always possible to negotiate the price and check if the vendor could tailor a specific package to your needs. So, have these discussions but always center them on value, not the price tag.


So, when you are planning for the perfect Hudson Valley wedding or a Christmas party, don’t just stare at the price tag. Dig deeper and get to the bottom of what you are paying for and you’ll have the perfect day!


What do you think? Is cheapest always the way to go? Share your thoughts with us!

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

5 Reasons Thanksgiving Weddings Are the Best

Thanksgiving weddings have a mixed reputation. There are those who believe you shouldn’t organize a wedding on the Thanksgiving weekend because it’s a holiday you spend with your closest family – not by attending a wedding.


But Thanksgiving weddings are actually a lovely idea and if planned well, can offer a lot of enjoyment for the whole wedding party.


Here are five reasons we think Thanksgiving weddings are the best. Hopefully, these will encourage you to plan your Hudson Valley wedding around this beautiful festivity.


1. Opportunity for an intimate wedding

thanksgiving weddings

We love to invite everyone to our wedding to celebrate our love. But a gigantic wedding is not just a burden on your wedding budget but it can also take away a bit of that intimacy. You don’t have time to properly talk with your guests when the whole venue is crowded with friends and relatives.


Thanksgiving weekend will not fit everyone’s schedule and you actually have a chance of creating a more intimate wedding. You can pick a smaller Hudson Valley venue and make the day much more intimate and cozy – celebrating the day with those who matter.


2. A varied collection of tastes

thanksgiving weddings

Thanksgiving is known for its amazing food – it’s one of the best holidays when it comes to eating delicious meals. For weddings, the holiday offers plenty of stunning variety. You don’t need to just opt for a boring Thanksgiving menu. You can be creative and use the flavors in all sorts of ways. Who wouldn’t like layers of different pies instead of a traditional wedding cake?


3. A beautiful backdrop

Hudson Valley is at its best during Thanksgiving. The trees are full of color and the crispy air creates a beautiful glow in nature. Thanksgiving weddings are definitely one of the best times for stunning photos – you can truly incorporate the fall colors in your wedding photos and even organize parts of your ceremony and reception outdoors.


4. A wide selection of décor options

Thanksgiving is also the time of beautiful fall decorations. You can opt for chestnuts, colorful leaf wraiths, and seasonal fruit to create beautiful table displays. The cold and dark weather is the perfect time for fairy lights and candles, which you can combine with glass vases and crystal decorations. There are plenty of ideas and none of them cost a lot of money!


5. A Thanksgiving weddings full of gratitude

hired photo booth

The holiday will guarantee your wedding is full of gratitude. You can incorporate the idea of giving thanks in different ways. Wedding guests can take seasonal photos in the photo booth – a digital photo booth even allows you to add personal messages to the photos. You can also thank the guests with beautiful photo displays. You can have the tables decorated with glass vases and images of you and the guests – a personalized way to thank them for being there now and in the past.


The above five are just some reason why Thanksgiving weddings are the best. If you’re planning on a fall wedding, you shouldn’t overlook this beautiful holiday. It’s great for inspiration!


What about you? Do you love the idea of a Thanksgiving wedding?

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Non-Cheesy Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Thanksgiving wedding ideas might all sound a little cheesy at first. But the two celebrations actually have a lot in common – both days are dedicated to spending time with your loved ones and being thankful for all the love and blessings around you. While you probably want to skip the cartoonish turkey crafts on your wedding, there are beautiful and non-cheesy Thanksgiving wedding ideas to go with.


Here are some of our favorites for the Hudson Valley brides.


Notes of gratitude as table cards

Thanksgiving wedding ideas

You can invite guests in and let them know where to sit with the help of notes of gratitude. Create a piece of card with the person’s name and table number on one side and a beautiful text of “Many thanks for celebrating this day with us” on the other. You can even use “Thank You” stationery and just modify it with the table numbers.


Pomander ball decorations to add the scent of Thanksgiving to your reception

Thanksgiving wedding ideas

Thanksgiving is also known for its fragrant scents and nothing is more symbolic of the season than pomander ball. These would make a beautiful wedding decoration as well – it’s easy to make and you could have them on the guest tables, on the buffet tables or just placed around the venue.


Seasonal fabrics to add comfort

Thanksgiving wedding ideas

Velvet and corduroy are synonymous with the season. You can use them for all sorts of Thanksgiving wedding ideas – the groom and even the bride could be dressed in velvet or you could add a velvet bow behind the ceremony chairs. You could even use strings of velvet on top your dance floor for a cozy look.


Photo booth with the opportunity to say thanks

hired photo booth

Photo booths are an extremely popular addition to Hudson Valley weddings these days and they allow you to be playful with the theme. Thanksgiving offers plenty of ideas for a photo booth and one of the elegant options is to have a chalkboard sign the guests can use to write down what they are thankful for. If you opt for a Magic Mirror Photo Booth, you could even add seasonal greetings to each photo and share them on social media.


Thanksgiving food with a difference

Thanksgiving wedding ideas

We all love Thanksgiving food but if you don’t want the menu to feel exactly the same, you can tweak it for your wedding. Instead of mash potato, serve up mash potato casserole or small croquettes. Savory baked apples with sausage stuffing is a beautiful combination of old and new, with pumpkin pie popsicles making a great dessert for the big day.


The above Thanksgiving wedding ideas show that you can incorporate the holiday into your wedding without it being cheesy and tacky. The ideas will celebrate Thanksgiving without turning your special day into a Thanksgiving festivity. So, get planning and create the perfect Thanksgiving themed wedding in Hudson Valley.


What do you think? How would you celebrate Thanksgiving on your wedding? Let us know your beautiful wedding ideas!

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

5 Beautiful Thanksgiving Photo Booth Ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and your Thanksgiving party planning is probably in full swing. Whether you are organizing a Thanksgiving themed wedding or just gathering the friends and family together for a massive party, a photo booth is a good addition to your festivities. So, how to make your Thanksgiving photo booth a little different? Here are five beautiful photo booth ideas to try.


1. Giving thanks with a blackboard

Thanksgiving photo booth

A simple but beautiful way to make your Thanksgiving photo booth more fun is to include a small blackboard with chalk as a prop. People can use them to write down what they are the most thankful for this year and hold the sign as they take the photo. You can find plenty of cheap blackboard signs from online platforms like Amazon and eBay.


2. A leafy backdrop celebrating nature

Thanksgiving photo booth

Thanksgiving takes place during a wonderful time of the year. Hudson Valley is full of color and you definitely want to include this beauty to your Thanksgiving photo booth. A simple way to do it is by creating a leafy backdrop for your photo booth. Gather colorful leafs, dry them between parchment papers and some books, and gently attach to each other using a thread. Hang these leafy garlands from the ceiling and you have a beautiful leafy backdrop for your photo booth.


3. Colorful feather props to play with

Thanksgiving photo booth

Feathers are, of course, part of Thanksgiving and they make great photo booth props and decorations. You could buy colorful feathers and allow your guests to play with them. The feathers can be tied into crowns, necklaces or just used as individual props. You can find feathers online or consider making your own paper feathers.


4. Iconic Thanksgiving food cutouts

Thanksgiving photo booth

Thanksgiving is the season for tasty food – there is nothing more iconic than turkey legs and pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. If you want to make your photo booth just a bit more playful, you could print out Thanksgiving food cutouts for the guests to play with. A half-eaten turkey leg and a tasty slice of pie will make fantastic props.


5. Letter balloons

Thanksgiving photo booth

You could also fill your photo booth with giant letter balloons. The balloons could be used to create a backdrop saying “Happy Thanksgiving” or something similar or be used by the guests in any way they like. Guests could spell different words or just hold their own initials when snapping photos. You can find letter balloons online in multiple colors and styles, guaranteeing they fit the color scheme of your party.


If you are organizing a Thanksgiving party, then a photo booth is a great addition and the above ideas will make your photo booth a bit more special. You can find out more about Hudson Valley photo booth hire here and make sure your guests get to take fun photos this Thanksgiving.


What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving photo booth ideas? Let us know in the comments below!