Sunday, December 4th, 2016

6 Festive Wedding Ideas with a Twist

The time of winter weddings is in full swing. If you’re planning to showcase this dramatic season in your Hudson Valley wedding, you might be looking to incorporate Christmas to your special day. But how can you add festive wedding ideas to your dream day in a fresh way? Here are our six festive wedding ideas with a twist to get you started.


1. Wedding invites in the spirit of Christmas



If your wedding takes place near the holiday, surprise the guests by sending them Christmas cards as wedding invites. Beautiful Christmas cards are an inexpensive idea and you can easily make each unique. The festive-theme will also inspire your guests and get them ready to experience a beautiful winter wedding.


2. All I want for Christmas is you


Wedding music is a crucial part of the ambiance of your wedding – especially when it comes to the tunes you walk down the isle. While Hudson Valley wedding DJs are more than happy to play Christmas songs during the reception, you can add a bit more festivity to the exchanging the vows and walk down the isle to a Christmas song. Mariah Carey or even a beautiful rendition of ‘Silent Night’ will work.


3. Santa’s little elves


Do you have pageboys and flower girls for the ceremony? Have them dress up as Santa’s little elves for a cute twist. If you’re even more adventurous, get your groom’s best man and the bridesmaids turn up in an elf costume! This can only be part of the ceremony and you could have them change to their dress and tuxedo for the reception.


4. Gingerbread house as wedding cake



Gingerbread cookies are the ultimate Christmas treat and you can create all sorts of houses and displays with these festive cookies. So, why not say goodbye to a traditional wedding cake and have a gingerbread house as the centerpiece? You can create a fantastic display with gingerbread and your guests are sure to enjoy this unique dessert idea.


5. Ho! Ho! Ho!


Hire your chosen Hudson Valley photo booth to help your guests make memories of your big day. But instead of just having fun with festive props, get a real Santa in your photo booth! Guests can sit on Santa’s lap, give a kiss and make a wish. Santa as part of the wedding ceremony is a fun twist on the season.


6. Tiny stockings and sacks as favors


When it comes to handing out the wedding favors, consider handing out tiny stockings or sacks filled with festive scented-candles. You can personalize each stocking with your wedding date and the filling can be something other than candles – sweets, soaps, and acorns also work as a seasonal treat.


Christmas weddings are a beautiful way to organize a seasonal wedding. You don’t need to plan the whole wedding around the festive-theme, but instead use the above as a small surprise to entertain your guests. Hudson Valley wedding providers will offer plenty of options from festive food to music – all you need to do is pick your favorite seasonal flavors to brighten your special day!


Let us know what are your favorite festive wedding ideas with a twist?

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

6 Ways to Add Magic to Your Wedding Photo Booth

Photographs are the perfect way to create memories of your most special day. Having a photo booth at your wedding is not just fun entertainment, but also helps to create memories for you and your guests to enjoy for years to come. So, if you are considering adding a wedding photo booth to your Hudson Valley wedding, these are six ways to make the use of the booth more magical!


1. Signs with personalized messages


Different message props are popular for photo booths. But instead of using pre-determined messages and signs, have your guests write their own sayings. You can just cut plenty of sturdy cardboard signs in different shapes, incorporating your wedding colors with the signs. Provide guests with pens and let them be creative with their messaging!


2. Do actual magic tricks



Photo booth photos don’t require people posing for photos. In fact, it can be quite fun to take photos when people are engaged with something else. If you want to add some real magic to your photo booth, then hire a magician to perform tricks while you snap the photos!


The trick can be simple and it can involve the guests. Snap photos while the magic trick is being performed and you’ll be left with some jaw-dropping, fun photos.


3. Frame it with a laugh


Photo booths don’t need to be traditional in the way the photos are taken and framed. You don’t need to sit in an actual booth and snap the photos. Instead, you can create your own fun frames that the guests will hold while a hired photographer or another guest takes the photos.


One of the quirkiest ideas is to cut a big sideways view of a car and have guests hold it as the frame. Other similar ideas would include airplanes, spaceships and trains!


4. Hire a unique photo booth for a different experience


There are even differences when it comes to hiring a photo booth experience for your wedding. While the traditional models are easily adaptable with the above ideas and props, you could enjoy a whole new take on photo booths with a Magic Mirror photo booth.


You’ll get a touchscreen mirror, which snaps full-length photos of the guests through the mirror! The system allows the inclusion of different elements, such as handwriting, stickers and other magical additions to the personalized photos.


5. Go outside


Hudson Valley weddings have the advantage of beautiful scenery. You have dramatic mountains, sandy beaches, and scenic city skylines, which can all be utilized as a backdrop in a photo booth. Whether it’s a summer wedding, a fall wedding or even a winter wedding, you definitely want to consider taking your photo booth outside.


6. Get active with bubbles or confetti



Add a unique twist to your photo booth by providing guests with something fun to play with. One magical element is to include soap bubbles to the photos. The people in the photos can either blow the bubbles themselves or you can use a soap bubble gadget on the side to add these sparkling bubbles to the pictures. If you have different lights in the booth, the bubbles will definitely add a lovely glow to the photos.


Another fun idea is to have a confetti machine that opens up as the photos are being taken. This will create a colorful and glamorous element to the photos and it works especially well if the guests don’t expect the confetti to pop down!


Do you like the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding? If so, share us your ideas of unique ways to add a bit more magic to your wedding photo booth!

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

6 Christmas Photo Booth Ideas for the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is behind us and we can turn our gazes towards Christmas parties. Whether you are organizing an office party, setting up family festivities, or preparing for your winter wedding, including a photo booth for your party is a fabulous idea. We’ve gathered six Christmas photo booth ideas to spice up your Hudson Valley party.


1. Faking the snow


Snow is a must-have addition to your Christmas photo booth. Since you don’t want to cover your guests in real soggy snow, faking it is a fun way to let people play! You could purchase fake snow for the party or create snowy confetti to be thrown around as photos are being taken.


2. Wrapping the gifts


You want guests to look active in your photos and not just stand there smiling. Make the photo session a little more entertaining by getting the guests to wrap a few gifts. It can all be choreographed, but it’ll surely create plenty of laughs inside the photo booth. For a holiday-inspired wedding, a giant gift bow is the perfect prop to wrap the guests up as a gift!


3. Keeping the guests warm


When it comes to Christmas-inspired photo booth props, you could include a few warm and fuzzy elements. Have a few extra-long scarves and woolly hats your party guests can dress up in and create stunning, breezy photos. If you’re organizing a proper Christmas-party or a Christmas-wedding, you could include elf hats and reindeer crowns for added laughter.


4. Christmas animations



Hudson Valley photo booth providers have plenty of options in terms of the features your photo booth has. Our favorite is the Magic Mirror photo booth, which allows the use of holiday-themed animations and personalized Christmas messages as part of the photo. The digital photo booth will also make sharing photos on social media straightforward and simple.


5. Metallic glisten


The holiday season is the time to celebrate metallic shines, such as gold and silver. You should add a bit of glamorous glisten to your photo booth by utilizing these colors. A gold curtain as a backdrop is a great idea or you could pick silver and bronze punting to put a smile on everyone’s face. If you have plenty of Christmas baubles, then hang them in the background for a quick decorative element.


6. Holiday-inspired messages



Whether you are using a magic mirror photo booth with the personalized messages or opting for DIY placards, you want your party guests to have the option to give their holiday greetings. Adding text to photos, wishing everyone a lovely festive season is a beautiful way to personalize the experience. Texts could include things like ‘Merry Christmas”, “I’ve been a good girl/boy”, and “Welcome 2017!


With the above Christmas photo booth ideas, you can add entertainment to your party. Contact a Hudson Valley photo booth provider to discuss the above ideas and to book your slot in time. After you’ve picked your favorites, all you need to do is say ‘cheese’ and smile!


What are your favorite photo booth ideas for the holiday season? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

5 Ways to Have Fun with Photos at Your Wedding

Organizing a wedding is the most amazing and the most stressful time of your life. You want to add personality to your Hudson Valley wedding without breaking the budget. Something that immediately fits the description of unique and affordable is using photographs at your reception. In this blog, we’ll show five ways to have fun with photos at your wedding.


1. Guess Who?



Wedding receptions should include a bit of fun and games. With the help of photos, you can add a touch of personality to your table games.


Our favorite idea is to play the old favorite Guess Who? Instead of using the images that come with the game, replace the faces with guests at your wedding! If you have a lot of guests that might not know each other, you could have a printout with the names on the photos available next to the games.


2. Eat your cake


Photos can now be printed on top of cakes and you can surprise your guests with a lovely personalized cake topping. If you don’t want to have your wedding cake decorated with your photo, then why not opt for cupcakes with pictures of the guests? They could even act as the place setting.


3. Unique signatures


A guest book is an essential part of a wedding reception. It allows your loved ones to leave you personal messages, and beautiful tips for your new married life.


Instead of opting for a typical pen and paper option, pop a Polaroid camera nearby and get people to take photos. There’s even a small space underneath the photo to ensure you’ll still get to enjoy from a short message.


4. Smiles all around


Photo booths are incredibly popular to have at weddings. If you combine the photo booth with some fantastic props that go with the theme of your wedding, you’ll have guests enjoy themselves in no time. You’ll also get to enjoy the photos afterwards and each guest will have a fun memory of your wedding forever.


There are a number of photo booth options available for Hudson Valley weddings. You can often hire a photo booth together with other entertainment such as wedding music performed DJs or bands.


5. Keeping it cool



Photographs also work as wedding favors. If you are planning a hot summer wedding, then a hand fan with personalized photos is a great option!


You can print pretty pictures on the back and front of the fan. The photos could be images of the couple or beautiful images of the wedding venue. If you have access to images of the guests, then you can always personalize the hand fans with images of your guests with the bride or the groom.


Photos are definitely a great way to personalize a wedding and add a bit of fun to the occasion. Which suggestion above would you like to use at your wedding? Do you have ideas for using photographs as part of the wedding reception? Let us know in the comments section below.