Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

5 DIY Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Are you planning for a Valentine’s Day wedding? The romantic event is the perfect theme for a winter wedding. With the following DIY ideas, you can add touches of romance to your Hudson Valley wedding without it feeling too cheesy.


Heart-pointed Shoes


The bride and groom could show up in heart-pointed shoes to the wedding ceremony. The simple idea from SwellMayde blog is perfect for a Valentine’s Day wedding. You just need to color the point of the shoe with your chosen spray paint in a heart-shaped imaged. The idea is simple, quirky and adds a lovely touch to your wedding look. The original idea uses white shoes with golden paint, but you can let your imagination run wild. For men, you could easily use black shoes and white paint, for example!


Chocolate Marshmallow Cocktail


Every wedding needs a signature cocktail and a Valentine’s Day wedding is no exception. Make yours romantic with the help of marshmallows. Shop for marshmallow fluff vodka and rim the glasses with chocolate sprinkles. Add a marshmallow tipped in chocolate sauce into a cocktail stick and serve to your guests with personalized messages. If you have time, you can even personalize the cocktail glasses with spray paint or chalkboard stickers and hand out the glasses as escort cards.


Paper Fortune Cookie Centerpieces


Add a romantic touch to your table décor with these Paper Fortune Cookie Centerpieces (the instructions can be found at Once Wed blog). You just need takeout boxes, beautiful craft paper, scissors and lovely messages to printout. You can pick the craft paper according to your wedding’s theme color or stick to romantic pink for Valentine’s Day. Fill the takeout boxes with the fortune cookies and greet your guests with beautiful love poems and aphorisms.


Hearth-shaped Photo Booth Props


Hiring a photo booth in Hudson Valley shouldn’t be a problem and it adds a fun element to your wedding. You can further turn the magic mirror photo booth into a love booth with the help of a few props. Add a heart-shaped garland in the back of the booth and cut large heart-shaped frames for the guests to hold. And remember to tell guests to kiss when the photos are taken!


Love Jam Favors


You can surprise your guests with a beautiful Valentine’s Day wedding favor. Instead of opting for a love potion o a teddy bear, hand out a jar of love jam! You can buy beautiful jars and fill them with your favorite red jam (strawberry, raspberry and so on, and a personalized label. If you have the skills and enough time, you could even make your own jam. For smaller weddings, you can add a pancake batter or a scone batter to the mix!


There you have five simple and fun DIY ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding. You won’t spend an eternity crafting the above ideas and you’ll add a lovely romantic touch to your Hudson Valley wedding.


What are some of the best Valentine’s Day wedding ideas you’ve encountered? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

5 Essential Elements of a Great Party

We’d all love to throw parties that keep us talking and smiling long after the party is over. While most parties are good and enjoyable, it’s only a selected few that we keep reminiscing about. So, what does it take to throw a great party?


1. The right group of people


You can’t have a great party, if the people attending don’t get along or even want to be at the party. Therefore, the most important part of planning a party is the part where you draw up the guest list. Think what you want from the party? Who do you want to be there and how do you think they’ll feel at the party? Find the right combination of guests and activities you know the people would love.


2. A surprise for all


A good party always has a surprising element that people didn’t see coming. This adds to the excitement of the party and gives people something to talk about. What are good surprises? You could hire a Hudson Valley photo booth to snap glamorous photos of your guests, have the local band or artist turn up for a few songs, or provide everyone with a bespoke gift from the hottest bakery in Hudson Valley.


3. Enough food and drink


You don’t want to sit at a party starving or feeling like you need to pop to the nearby 7/11 for some drinks. Guests need to be able to eat and drink as much as they like. When you are selecting party foods, go with basic flavors with a twist. You don’t necessarily want to serve duck breast pate on top of oysters, if you know your guests are not that into exotic foods. Basics like mac’n’cheese or burgers can be turned into fantastic, tasty treats when minimized in size or served in lovely wooden planks. In terms of the drinks, you do want to provide enough alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to get the party started – you can always include a paid bar service, if you feel an open bar is out of the budget.


4. Lost of lively music


Music sets the mood for your party – there’s no other way to go about it. The DJ and his playlist can guarantee the ambiance stays right and people feel just like you want them to feel. If you are in a need of a Hudson Valley wedding DJ or a DJ for your Super Bowl party, you need to find someone who listens to you, understands your party and what you want to achieve, and has enough experience of the industry to know what songs are in and what songs are out.


5. Fun games to get the group bonding


Party games might seem like a cliché and something cheesy to do, but they are a great way to ensure the group of guests bonds properly and they have a laugh. You could pick anything from karaoke and charades to a birthday party to lawn games and quizzes for weddings. Sites like Bustle are great for finding out about the best party games.


What do you think? What are the elements you think make a great party! Share us your ideas below.

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

The Top 3 Weddings Themes for 2017

For your wedding to be a success, you need to pick a wedding theme to help with the planning and to provide a focus for the different elements at the reception and the ceremony. Wedding themes come and go, with each year providing something new and popular for the brides and grooms to try. For 2017, the following three themes are worth exploring. Each theme also has plenty of ideas you can easily implement for your Hudson Valley wedding.


1. Magical Forest


Nature is a big theme for weddings in 2017. There are a lot of neutral and natural colors used in décor, such as greens and watercolor tones of blue and red. Among these natural themes is the magical forest, which combines a whimsical fairytale with rustic nature elements.


How to create a magical forest wedding? Well, you should pick the ceremony location somewhere near a large forest background or the Hudson Valley mountains to provide you with the right ambiance. Include plenty of natural décor – big wooden trunks, pinecones and foraged berries and plants. Use natural light, decorating with candles and soft fairy lights. You can also highlight the theme with your menu, opting for game-themed foods like venison burgers or hearty tomato soups. Go for flavorsome cakes with berries on top.

2. Bohemian Fantasy


The magical theme is also evident in the bohemian fantasy wedding theme for 2017. The theme is slightly more colorful and playful. It includes bright colors like red, pink, green and purple, together with ethnic prints and patterns. It sets to create a relaxed and fun wedding environment for guests to enjoy.


You can create a bohemian fantasy wedding by opting for unique wedding dresses. Think in terms of jumpsuits and short wedding gowns, with the groom ditching the suit and jacket combination. Pick an outdoor location or scout one of the Hudson Valley wedding venues for something out of the ordinary – such as a farm or a spa! Keep things relaxed with the décor and focus on fun entertainment. You want to hire a fantasy Hudson Valley photo booth and organize different lawn games to keep guests entertained. For filling people’s tummies, you need to pick finger foods – hot dogs, sushi, donuts and cookie dough are great ideas for a bohemian fantasy wedding.

3. Tropical Relaxation


Finally, if you’d like a bit of freshness to your wedding go with the tropical wedding theme. The theme is all about colors – bright tropical prints and strong, vibrant hues of blue and purple. Pick the location near the sea or bring the sea to you, with sand filled glass jars and shells as décor. Get your Hudson Valley wedding DJ to play beach-themed songs and provide your guests with tropical cocktails to get into the mood. Create your menu around seafood and tropical fruit – a coconut cake is a perfect pick for the theme.

The above wedding themes for 2017 will help you create a memorable and a fun wedding day. The themes and ideas offer plenty of options and each theme is easy to achieve no matter what budget you have to play with.


Which of the above themes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

5 Wedding Trends for 2017

The New Year always brings about some exciting wedding trends and the start of 2017 is no different. If your Hudson Valley wedding planning is at its early steps and your special day will take place in 2017, you might want to consider incorporating these new and magical wedding trends to your wedding day celebrations.


1. Grand entrances


Brides have always enjoyed the moment of entrance to the wedding venue when the attention of everyone in the room falls on them. But in 2017, the entrance is becoming particularly grandiose with grand entrances coming a top wedding trend. And the focus is not just on how the bride walks in, but what sort of entrance guests make. There should be plenty of welcoming entertainment and show stopping décor. You should consider picking your Hudson Valley wedding venue carefully and focus on starting your ceremony with a wow-factor.


2. Color comeback


Wedding colors have been rather toned-down this year. White weddings have been popular with soft pastels also controlling the wedding trends. But 2017 will see color explosion, with bright colors being used as the main decorative element as well as in bright accents. Metallic colors such as gold continue to be popular, together with an exciting pairing with glass elements.


3. Late-night snacking


Wedding food has seen its trends change from classic, up-scale foods to funky food bars. In 2017, the trend that will be catching headlines is late-night snacks for guests. The food should be in abundance and your wedding guests shouldn’t leave your special party with an empty tummy. In terms of wedding desserts, you need to continue skipping the traditional wedding cake to something more dynamic such as cheese platters, doughnuts and cookies.


4. Ice-breaking entertainment


When it comes to entertainment, wedding trends in 2017 are all about fun. You want to engage your guests and ensure they are getting to know each other. What are the popular icebreakers for the year? Unique entertainment, such as fire-eaters and contortionists, will be the key to creating memorable moments for your guests. You should also add a magic wedding photo booth to your Hudson Valley wedding reception to get the guests talking. Techy wedding trends are definitely a must-have for the year.


5. Doing good


Couples are starting to move away from big and expensive wedding registers and instead of asking something for themselves, they tell guests to share the love elsewhere. Charity registers are going to become more popular in 2017, with couples looking to spread the message of love to their chosen causes, from animal welfare to charities for children.


The above are some of the top wedding trends for 2017. The year is going to be filled with fun and color – the focus is on creating extravagant weddings to stay in your and your guests’ memory for a long time to come.


What do you think about the above wedding trends? Which one is going to make it to your wedding planning? You can let us know in the comments below!