Sunday, September 17th, 2017

5 Reasons Photo Booths Are Better than Selfies

We’re living in the era of selfies. Everywhere you go and every party you attend, someone is always posing for a selfie. But we think there’s something much better than taking selfies at a party and that is posing in photo booth snaps with your friends.


You might be wondering why would photo booths be better than selfies? Well, we think these are the five reasons photo booths are better than selfies.


Reason #1: You get to do it with friends


Nothing is better than having a good time with friends. That is what parties are all about. With selfies, having friends in the photos can be difficult. You can only stretch your arms so far and selfie sticks are clumsy to hold.


Photo booths are aimed at groups, not single people. You get to take photos with your friends and have a good time in the process – it’s just infinitely more fun!


Reason #2: Playing around with themes is easier


hiring a photo booth

Selfies are just selfies. You stand and you smile, trying to capture something about the moment. With photo booths, you can really play with the themes and the essence of the reason for the photo. Photo booths allow you to use props and digital tricks that make the photos more fun and memorable. You will instantly know the photos are from a Halloween party or a Hudson Valley wedding just by looking at them!


Reason #3: You can print out a real photo with photo booths


hiring a photo both

Hardly anyone prints out his or her selfies. But photos shouldn’t just be preserved on your Instagram account. It’s also lovely to create photo albums and reminiscence about your past parties through these books and albums.


Photo booths allow both the digital use of the photo and the physical printing of the photo. This way, you get to post your party photos on social media but also have a more concrete memory of the photo with you.


Reason #4: Editing is easier


hired photo booth

If you want to edit your selfies, you need to know what apps to get. This can be time-consuming and difficult. But with a photo booth, you can add elements to your photos in a click of a button. The magic mirror photo booth allows you to pick your own background, add text and images to your photos and much more. Your photos will be versatile and fun!


Reason #5: Photo booths give better quality photos


Let’s be real: selfies don’t often end up looking that great. You take them with your phone in dodgy lighting and so the quality is compromised. Photo booths, on the other hand, are professional photos with great quality – if you hire a photo booth for your party, you are essentially giving everyone a chance to have their photo taken by a professional – albeit a machine!


So, next time you are throwing a Hudson Valley party or heading out for one, stop taking the selfies and enjoy your time in a proper photo booth. You’ll love it!


What do you think? Let us know why you think photo booths are cool!

Monday, September 11th, 2017

4 Photo Booth Trends for the Fall

As we say our goodbyes for the summer, it is time to start preparing for the big fall parties. Hudson Valley is the perfect region for a fall wedding and you also have Halloween and Thanksgiving quickly approaching – planning right now will guarantee you have a good party, no matter what!


Photo booth adds just the right amount of fun to your party. It’s something fun the guests can do and it will ensure everyone leaves the party with a smile on their faces. But party photo booths are always changing and it’s time to check out the big fall photo booth trends.


Sharing on social media


photo booth trends

Social media is a trend that just keeps growing. When it comes to photo booth trends, this is definitely the thing this year – you want to share it and then share it once more!


Most photo booths these days come with a social media element. The photo booth allows you to share your snaps instantly on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The photos are generally digital, so sharing is quick and easy.


Snack it up


Photo booths are becoming the central element of a party and this means they are more than just stations for photos. One big trend this fall is to pair some funky snack with your photo booth – yes, it is all about using snack as a prop!


We know you shouldn’t be playing with food but gorgeous cake pops or quirky candy bars are just what you need to add more fun to a photo booth. Just keep it simple and fun – you don’t want anything sticky to get in the way! This trend is definitely something to consider for a Halloween party.


Competing for the top shot


wedding traditions

The fall will also feature a lighthearted element that will help put your photo booth at the center of it all: a photo booth competition. People are coming up with great competition ideas and this adds a bit more meaning and fun to your photo booths.


For example, you could ask the guests to recreate famous movie scenes, act through love songs or just pretend to be an animal or a famous person. Then everyone could get to vote for the best shot at the end of the night.


Mirroring your beauty


magic mirror photo booth

In terms of photo booth trends and the most popular style photo booths, the winner this fall is the Magic Mirror photo booth. The booth looks just like a normal mirror – except that you get to draw things to it, choose from different backgrounds and share the photos on social media. The photo booth is fun and it won’t take a lot of space at you party venue – you can find more from a Hudson Valley photo booth specialist.


So, there you have it! Four fantastic photo booth trends for the fall, ready to turn your party up a notch. If you are throwing a party, you definitely want to add entertainment in the form of a photo booth – just keep the above trends in mind to make it even more special.


What are some photo booth trends you love? Let us know!

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Best Football Themed Props for Your Photo Booth

If you’re a football fan, then your wait is almost over. The new NFL season is about the start and the fight for Super Bowl LII is on. Football fans might be throwing big parties next weekend and if you are, you should consider adding a photo booth to your party – naturally, with proper football themed props!


Here are the best football themed props for your photo booth – whatever the party.


Referee striped backdrop


football themed props

Your photo booth backdrop could be elegant black and white stripe design in honor of the NFL referees. It will be part of the theme but also look rather fun and elegant. If you are hiring a Hudson Valley photo booth with a green screen, you could also use your team logo!


A gigantic whistle cutout


Another referee idea is to print out your own gigantic whistle cutout. A huge whistle will lead to fun photos – the other can pretend to blow the whistle while the other person is covering his or her ears, for example.


Cutout helmet


If you are organizing a party, you don’t want guests to have to pop on an actual football helmet just for fun. Instead, print out a DIY cutout helmet online. You can print it on a sturdy cardboard and attach it to a wooden stick – simple and fun.


You could color the helmets in any way you want. It could have the logos of the team you support or just be colored in the theme colors of your party.


Mini cheerleader pom poms


Cheerleaders are also a big part of a good NFL game and therefore, your football themed props need something to celebrate the dancers. What would be better than mini pompoms the guests can wave around when taking photos?


You can find mini cheerleader pom poms online or DIY them in your chosen team colors. Just don’t make them too big or they’ll take the center stage in the photos.


A Vince Lombardi Trophy


You will probably not get your hands on the original Vince Lombardi trophy for the guests to play with but you could just make your own. You could print out a cutout of the trophy or build one out of Lego blocks.


A floating football


You could help your guests to pose in fun ways by adding a floating football to your photo booth. If you are using a digital photo booth, such as a magic mirror photo booth, you can draw the football on the photos later.
You could also take a football and attach it to the ceiling above the photo booth to float in the air. This way, guests can interact with the football in any way they want!


Now, you can use the above ideas when throwing a start of the season party or a Super Bowl party at the end of the season. You could even use these ideas in a football themed wedding!


What do you think? Do you have great football themed props in mind? Share us your ideas in the comments below.

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

5 Reasons Labor Day Weddings are Great

Labor Day weddings don’t always get a good reputation. However, as the Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, we decided to remind brides and grooms about the good aspects of holding your wedding near this day. Labor Day weddings can actually be beneficial for everyone involved in the wedding – here are the five reasons you should consider this holiday weekend as a possible date for your special day.


1. Guests have more time to travel


Labor Day weddings

Your guests will have more time to travel and to actually enjoy the wedding on a Labor Day weekend. Since many people get the Monday off, people don’t have to rush away on the Sunday morning if your wedding is on Saturday. You can even choose to have the wedding on a Sunday and guests can still enjoy their time.


2. Wedding venues and vendors are often cheaper


Since Labor Day weddings are generally not popular you will find the weekend cheaper in terms of venues and wedding vendors. You will also be able to book wedding entertainment such as a wedding photo booth and DJs much easier – you won’t be competing with as many couples as you might on other summer weekends. Cutting the wedding budget is always a bonus!


3. The weather is just right


The early September will guarantee weather for most parts is still relatively warm. You won’t need to worry about everyone sweating in the summer heat but you also don’t need to provide extra woolly hats for guests to keep warm. It’s just the right kind of weather for combining outdoor and indoor activities.
Furthermore, nature is still giving its best. The plants and trees will be preparing for the winter ahead, adding rustic romance to the scenery. You have plenty of dark and luxurious colors everywhere to add ambiance to the big day.


4. The fresh produce will create the perfect wedding menu


The timing is also perfect for delicious wedding food. Labor Day weddings might have the best options available in terms of food out of any other weekend. You have so many seasonal products available from wild mushrooms to berries. Since these are in season, your wedding food budget will also be lower.


5. Everyone’s in a holiday mood


Overall, this mini weekend is going to guarantee everyone at the wedding is in a good, holiday mood. As mentioned earlier, your wedding guests won’t be in a rush and hoping to get home as soon as possible. They might even want to explore the Hudson Valley region further and you might get to hang out with the guests a bit longer on the day after the wedding.


Those who say Labor Day weddings will ruin a perfectly good holiday weekend can always just opt to stay home instead! A wedding invitation isn’t a mandatory evil you must adhere to. If you don’t want to go, then don’t! It’ll make the party much more fun to those that realize the true meaning of weddings – love.


So, if you are wondering whether to throw a Labor Day wedding, we say go for it! The above five are great reasons supporting the decision.


What about you? Do you love or loathe Labor Day weddings? Let us know in the comments below!