Monday, March 12th, 2018

Popular Spring Wedding Songs

Spring is just around the corner! If you’re preparing for your spring wedding, you will probably have a lot of butterflies in your tummy right now. For those looking to finalize their wedding playlist with their DJ, here are the most popular spring wedding songs to keep in mind.

These songs are what spring weddings are all about – they’re fun, full of love and groove. So, sit back, listen to the tunes and tell your Hudson Valley DJ to play them on your wedding day.


Popular spring wedding songs: classical music

popular spring wedding songs

Of course, when it comes to classical music and spring, you can’t find a better song than Vivaldi’s Spring from the Four Seasons. It would make a fantastic ceremony processional or recessional.


Another beautiful option is The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. The sublime song is a moving celebration of the best things about spring and love.


If you want a classical song, but with a twist, you can consider using a string rendition of the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun. It’s a pop song but with a playful classical twist.


Popular spring wedding songs: old favorites

popular spring wedding songs

In terms of the classic pop tunes, there’s plenty to choose from. You can get the party started with Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves.


Frank Sinatra’s It Might As Well Be Spring is a funky song to play at a wedding. Big Band style songs often get people excited and the classic hit won’t raise any eyebrows.


We also can’t but love Johnny Nash’s I Can See Clearly Now. It will be a nice relaxed song to play at the reception.


In terms of old spring favorites, it’s impossible to create a wedding playlist without Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World. This song is essentially the best spring day in a nutshell.


Popular spring wedding songs: modern hits

popular spring wedding songs

Of course, you want to add a bit of flavor to your playlist with modern songs as well. For the party moment, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars works like a treat.


Lana Del Rey’s Love has a grandiose feel to it and it will be a lush addition to your playlist. It’s definitely a touching spring song to dance to.


The biggest song maker of the season has to be Ed Sheeran. His songs are all over wedding playlists and How Would You Feel definitely has the most spring-y vibe to it. Pick it to your playlist for a tender ode to love.


Something Just Like this by The Chainsmoker & Coldplay is another modern hit to keep in mind. It has a lovely message behind it and it’ll get your wedding guests in the groove.


Hopefully, you’ll find plenty of inspiration from the above playlist. The songs are great for your ceremony or reception – use them as your entrance song or dance the first dance to these tunes. They’ll add just the right dose of spring fun to your special day!


What do you think? What are some of your favorite spring wedding songs? Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Photo Booth Hashtags: How to Go Social

Photo booth hashtags are a wonderful way to encourage your guests to use the booth. The hashtag will make guests want to take more snaps to share on social media. So how to go social with your photo booth hashtags?


Whether you’re organizing a wedding or throwing a big birthday party, here are top tips for selecting the best hashtags.


Simple, fun and easy to remember

photo booth hashtags

Your photo booth hashtags must follow three rules. They need to be:


  • Simple – Don’t complicate things too much or create a hashtag that’s too long. Pick simple and short words that are easy to spell correctly.
  • Fun – The funnier your hashtag, the easier it’ll be to remember it. If you can come up with a relevant pun, then go ahead and use it.
  • Easy to remember – The above two will help with the third point, making your hashtags easy to remember even when guests are not looking at the signs. Long and irrelevant hashtags won’t stick to people’s minds.


You want to keep the hashtag relevant – if it’s for a wedding photo booth, pick something to do with your last names, loves or the wedding venue, for example.


Don’t pick words that make misspelling easy. Shorter words and words without two of the same letters close to each other work the best.


You can also include photo booth inspired words to your photo booth hashtag. For example, if you’re throwing a birthday party, your hashtag could be something like #lisasbooth.


For more ideas and inspiration, consider using a hashtag generator.


Share the hashtag before the party

photo booth hashtags

It’s a good idea to spread the word before your party. When sending invitations, mention the hashtag. This way, your guests can start talking about the event before it’s even happening! This will create the right amount of buzz on social media.


You can even start talking about your party preparations and give guests something to look forward to. When planning your photo booth props, post a picture on your social media accounts using the hashtag, for instance.


Make your photo booth hashtags visible

photo booth hashtags

It’s important to ensure your proposed hashtags are visible right next to the booth. You should always have a big photo booth sign to direct guests to your booth and right next to the sign, you want to have another sign mentioning the hashtags. This could be a printout in a beautiful frame, a chalkboard sign or something along those lines.


When your guests snap a photo, you want them to notice the hashtags immediately. New photo booths like the Magic Mirror photo booth allow social media sharing right after the photo is taken – seeing the hashtag right there will ensure your guests use it when sharing the photos online.


Promote the photo booth

magic mirror photo booth

Of course, you need to ensure people enjoy snapping photos in the first place. If your partygoers are not having fun at the party, they aren’t going to talk about it on social media – at least, not for the right reasons.


Promote your photo booth by ensuring you place it somewhere central and easy to see. If you’re having a party DJ, you can have the photo booth close to the dance floor – this gives people a lot of good tunes to dance to while snapping photos. You also want the Master of Ceremonies to promote the photo booth and mention the hashtag at regular intervals.


With these tips, you can create the perfect photo booth hashtags and get your guests active on social media.


What are some of the most memorable hashtags you’ve heard? Let us know!

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

5 Secrets Only Wedding DJs Know

Wedding DJs are essential in creating the right atmosphere at your wedding. You need them on your side and you need to pay attention to finding the right wedding DJ in Hudson Valley to guarantee your special day makes everyone smile. Music is the key to a good wedding reception!


When it comes to filling out the dance floor, the right professional wedding DJs know what to do. It’s not common to let people in on professional secrets but let’s make an exception this time. Here are five secrets only wedding DJs know about creating the perfect show!


You must follow the majority…no matter how much you love obscure stuff

wedding traditions

Unless you are inviting just a handful of people whose music taste you know for certain, you should allow the wedding DJ to create a playlist of popular songs. There’s a truth amongst wedding DJs that says 85% of the people at the party must know the song you’re playing. This might sound like a boring playlist but it’s guaranteed to fill the dance floor and to ensure everyone has a good time.


Explicit songs are not worth it…even if you love them

wedding DJs

You might be all about the explicit versions of songs and the words might not raise your eyebrows. But you can’t get everything you want – your older relatives might not enjoy listening to all that cursing or dirty talk. Most wedding DJs will automatically find the ‘clean’ version if you add a naughty song to your request list.


It’s not just about the music…the lights matter too

Your dance floor has to have an inviting feel to it in order for people to use it. While music is certainly the key player, you also want to pay attention to the lighting and the décor around the dance floor. Keep the lights dimmed, with the occasional flashy light adding movement and flow to the area. Disco balls are a great idea!


Wedding DJs should do some talking…it’ll capture guests’ attention

You also don’t want your wedding DJ just to stand there and play songs. The good wedding DJs are involved – they announce big things like the father-daughter song, the last song and so on. They can encourage the audience and pump them up to be part of the dance floor. A good wedding DJ knows not just the best songs to play but the things to say to get things going!


The set should last for two hours…anything less won’t flow nicely

When thinking about how long you want your Hudson Valley DJ to perform, you definitely don’t want to pay for anything less than two hours. A set that’s too short won’t have enough flow to it and it won’t be long enough for the guests to really get in the mood. Two hours is enough to get the party going and to ensure your guests can dance slow and upbeat songs.


So, when you are picking your wedding DJ, make sure your choice knows these secrets. If they do, then you’ve made a good pick and you’re going to have a crowded and happy dance floor!


Do you have a secret to share with us? Let us know!

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Photo Booth Backdrop Tips Worthy of a Gold Medal

Photo booth backdrop plays a crucial role in the success of your party entertainment. It helps guests capture beautiful photos and it can make the photo booth look a bit more fun and inviting.


With the Winter Olympics currently underway, it’s time to present you the ways to a gold medal winning photo booth backdrop. These tips will guarantee your photo booth looks inviting and offers guests with the opportunity to take funky photos.


Keep it simple


First things first, don’t try complicating the backdrop too much. It might seem like the backdrop is your canvas for crazy ideas but you don’t want the photo booth backdrop to distract from the real stars of the show: the guests taking photos!


While you could definitely opt or glitter, color and abstract patterns with your background, you don’t want it to stand out too much. Ensure the backdrop compliments the photos and keeps the guests at the heart of the photo.

photo booth backdrop

Style with the theme in mind


Whether you’re holding a birthday party or organizing a wedding, a photo booth is a great addition to your event. You’ll probably also plan your big day with a special theme in mind and you want to use this theme when designing the backdrop.


Let’s say you’re organizing a movie-themed party, which means your backdrop could mirror an old-fashioned theatre screen. If the party is all about a Hawaiian theme, then a backdrop with palm trees will look great. For Christmas, a Christmas tree or snowy forest scenes might add to the feel of the party. Add something of the larger theme to your photo booth backdrop to ensure it stands out and adds to your décor.

photo booth backdrop

Focus on quality


It’s possible to DIY your photo booth backdrop or you can rent one together with your photo booth. The key in both situations is to focus on high quality, as your backdrop might end up ruining the photos if it’s cheap and bad quality.


If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time creating your own backdrop, check with your Hudson Valley photo booth provider for options. You can often find stunning backdrops that fit different kinds of themes – with a green screen you could potentially create any type of background you want!

photo booth backdrop

Use it for framing


Your backdrop should also be used for guidance in terms of where to stand. It’s important to add a backdrop to act as a frame – your guests know exactly where to stand for the best photos. A larger backdrop with clear framing will also be inviting. It shows the guests wondering in the room that there is a photo booth available for entertainment – it can be a good way to catch people’s attention!

photo booth backdrop

With the above tips in mind, you can win a gold medal with your photo booth backdrop. Photo booths are such a fantastic idea for all sorts of parties and a well-thought backdrop adds an extra bit of magic to your booth!


Do you have any good photo booth backdrop tips? Share them with us!