Monday, December 17th, 2018

The Little Details for Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve can be a magical time for an intimate wedding. To make it that extra bit of special, you want to add the following little details to it. They will turn a New Year’s Eve wedding into a glamorous and fun affair!


Something Sequined

New Year's Eve wedding

If you were looking for a unique wedding dress, then a sequined wedding gown would really do the trick! A New Year’s Eve wedding needs a bit of glamour and shine – and if you don’t feel like it as the bride, the groom can wear a sequined waistcoat or tie instead!


Sparkly Tablecloths


Make the room sparkle by opting for sparkling, glittery tablecloths. You just need to add some crystal vases and candles as table décor and you have a stunning, glamorous look on your tables.


A Signature Champagne Cocktail

New Year's Eve wedding

A New Year’s Eve wedding is nothing without champagne. But instead of opting for a simple serving of champagne, why not create your very own signature champagne cocktail. Esquire has lots of ideas!


Magic Photo Booth with a Twist

photo booth backdrop

You should also have a photo booth to entertain your wedding guests. A proper New Year’s Eve wedding photo booth is all about the props. You should consider adding a confetti shower, glittery balloons or a sparkling background of some kind to your booth to make it extra glamorous!


A Resolution Wall


You should also utilize a wall for guests to write down their resolutions for the New Year. You just need to hang sparkly cards that guests can fill with their resolution – but in an added twist, you can hand out resolutions at the end of the night to random guests! This will be fun, especially if you tell everyone to pick resolutions relating to love and relationships.


Sparkler Topped Wedding Cake

New Year's Eve wedding

Your wedding cake should definitely have a lot of sparklers on top. Dim the lights and light up the sparklers before the cake cutting. This will get everyone into the right spirit, creating a lovely glimmer across the reception.


If you love sparklers (and who wouldn’t!), you could also include them to each guest table to allow the guests have a bit of fun. They could light them up during the first dance and create a magical backdrop for this touching moment.


Countdown to the Big Moment


You should, of course, ask your North Carolina wedding DJ to perform the countdown to New Year. This might sound obvious but it’s important to remember since it shows your wedding guests you want them to have a good time. To make it even more special, add confetti, glitter or colorful lights to the mark the moment.


A New Year’s Eve Wedding Full of Love


The above little finishing touches will turn your New Year’s Eve wedding into an amazing and fun party. Guests get to have a good time not only celebrating your love but also welcoming the New Year.


What are some things you’d love to include to a New Year’s Eve wedding? Let us know!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Best Festive Songs for a Christmas Wedding

One of the best things about a Christmas wedding is the music. The world is full of wonderful Christmas music that will work beautifully in a wedding. Here are our favorite festive songs for a Christmas wedding.


The below songs can be used in different ways and at different parts of the reception and ceremony. There are also lots of versions of these songs – you can use the one that speaks to you the most!


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas



This beautiful song has versions by Judy Garland, Franks Sinatra and Sam Smith so you have plenty to choose from. The song is touching and it would work well as a First Dance song. Alternatively, play it right at the end of the evening to give everyone a good send off.


Santa Baby


Michael Bubble’s version of this song is perfect for a cheeky moment on the dance floor. This can be a great song to play right at the beginning of dancing or you could include it to your cake cutting ceremony.


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year



This song is such a beautiful pick to a Christmas wedding because of its touching lyrics. You could have the song played – even as an instrumental version – at the start of your wedding ceremony. It could also play in the background as guests gather to greet the married couple right at the start of the reception.


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

This funky song is another cool song to play when the guests are hitting the dance floor. Its upbeat nature also makes it a fun song to use during the Parent/Child dances for a bit of a different take on this tradition.


I’ll Be Home for Christmas



The Bing Crosby classic is a must-have for a Christmas wedding playlist. The slow song has touching lyrics and it’ll add a lot of warmth to your wedding reception. This song is another beautiful pick for a First Dance.


Snowflakes of Love


Toni Braxton’s sweet Christmas song will be a lovely addition to a Christmas wedding. You could use it as a First Dance song or you might have it used as an entrance song.


All I Want for Christmas Is You



Of course, you can’t have a Christmas wedding without having this Christmas classic played at the reception. There are plenty of versions on the song and you can be playful on which one to pick.


Creating the Perfect Christmas Wedding Playlist


When you’re organizing a Christmas wedding, you want to include plenty of festive songs to your wedding playlist. A good North Carolina wedding DJ will help you include Christmas songs in a fun, playful and touching way without turning your dance floor and wedding music into a cheese-fest!


What do you think are the best festive songs to include to a Christmas wedding? Let us know!

Monday, December 10th, 2018

How to Have a Festive Christmas Wedding

When it comes to picking a season for your wedding, Christmas is a beautiful choice. This is especially true in the beautiful North Carolina, which offers the perfect backdrop to a festive Christmas wedding. Here’s how to do it all!


Celebrate the Seasonal Colors

Christmas wedding


The easiest way to add a feel of the festive season to your wedding is with colors. When you think about Christmas, you think about the vibrant greens and the warming red. These work beautifully in décor and add festive flair to your day.


But you don’t have to play with just the traditional colors. A modern Christmas wedding can consider decorating berry like reds and purples. These add a lot of sophistication and luxury to your décor. Combine them with winter whites and you have a beautiful color theme for your wedding.


Opt for Christmas Scents


When you’re creating festive décor, it’s not just important to think how things will look. Scents can play an important role in creating the right Christmassy atmosphere at your wedding reception.


In terms of a true North Caroline Christmas wedding, you must include traditional, pyramid-shaped Fraser Fir Christmas trees in your reception. This will not only add to the décor but also create a homely Christmas scent across the venue. You don’t have to opt for a big tree either – just include branches of the trees on each table as décor. Next to candles, they will help create a charming scent.


Apples, oranges, cinnamon and mulled wine are other Christmas wedding scents to consider. You could simply include these to your wedding food menu or decorate with scented candles.


Include the Christmas Flavors


You’ll also have to include a festive feast for your Christmas wedding! A version of a traditional Christmas dinner is an option but you can also play around with modern touches. You could go with tasty treats like cranberry meatballs, orange marinated beef, baked trout and toffee eggnog.


Dance to Festive Tunes


Wedding music plays an important part in creating the perfect festive mood at your reception. The world is full of wonderful Christmas songs your North Carolina wedding DJ can play – you could even opt for a classic first dance with a festive theme. Think about songs like Walking in the Air and Christmas Song. You can get the wedding guests all warm and fuzzy with these classic Christmas wedding songs.


You don’t have to make the whole playlist about Christmas. Simply talk with your wedding DJ and create a playlist that adds a few festive songs to key moments of the night while also including other inspiring wedding songs.


If you want, your Christmas wedding entertainment could also include other festive treats. Your wedding photo booth could have Christmas décor and if you have lots of children as guests, even Santa might turn up!


Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of a Festive Christmas Wedding


Having a Christmas wedding is a lovely idea – the festive season is the time of love and family. With the above tips, you can create a perfect Christmas wedding without turning the big day into a boring and cheesy affair.


What do you love about Christmas weddings? Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, July 16th, 2018

How to Keep Cool in Summer Photo Booth

Summer photo booth is a must-have for your seasonal party, whether you’re throwing a garden get-together or a summer wedding. But the weather can get quite hot in Hudson Valley and you don’t want your guests to get hot and bothered in the photo booth.


The solution is helping your guests to keep cool in your summer photo booth. We got the right tricks to do just that.


Keep it open

magic mirror photo booth

You might want to consider skipping the traditional, boxed photo booth for an opened model. Having to cram your guests into a hot and small booth won’t be pleasurable and an open model means the photo booth is airy and cool.


For example, the Magic Mirror Me Photo Booth looks just like a mirror and you can place it anywhere in your venue. Not only will it stay cooler, it’s also much more fun to use.


Add a handheld fan as a prop

summer photo booth

You can opt for props that help with the summer heat. Small handheld fans are a superb pick for a summer photo booth because they are so versatile. You can have them in your theme colors or even include a bespoke picture on the side of the fan. Just make sure you prepare extras in case people walk out of the photo booth with the fan!


Go back in time with a wind machine

If you want a bit more fun action, you can take the fan idea further. A small desk fan can be placed on top of your photo booth, blowing air directly at the guests. This acts like a wind machine and people can take fun photo resembling an 80s pop star!


Create a little splash

Now, if you’re organizing a garden party and you’re not afraid to have a little fun with the guests, you can take a step further. Adding small water guns to your summer photo booth is fun. Your guests can choose to splash each other or simply pose with these fun things. This is a definite winner among the kids!


Provide cover

If your summer photo booth is outdoors, you can keep guests cool in the booth by providing them cover. Of course, you could place the photo booth under a shade but you can also play with the idea as a prop. Small umbrellas are fun photo booth props that’ll also add a bit of cover from the sun. You could even hang them above the booth!


Treat guests to lemonade

summer photo booth

You could also make sure your guests are hydrated and cool by placing a lemonade stand right next to the summer photo booth. Guests can go snap a few photos and sip a cooling drink afterwards.


Make your summer photo booth cool and fun


With the above ideas, you can add a summer photo booth to your party and keep your guests entertained and cool! Don’t forget to check other fun summer photo booth ideas to make your party photo booth unique and fun.


What are some cool ways to stay chilled? Let us know your summer photo booth tricks!