Sunday, May 20th, 2018

5 Simple Memorial Day Wedding Tips

More and more couples are choosing to have a Memorial Day wedding. The weekend offers a good option for throwing a wedding because a lot of people get an extra day off work – the weekend is also during the perfect wedding season, with the weather warming up and the nature blooming.


If you’re planning a Memorial Day wedding, here are a few tips to make the day just a little extra special.


Decide the date in advance

Memorial Day wedding

No one wants to plan a last-minute wedding, but your Memorial Day wedding should definitely not be booked just a few months ahead. Because it is a popular wedding weekend and a lot of people might be planning to go on a holiday, you want to decide on the date well in advance. This allows you to make the right bookings with Hudson Valley wedding vendors and ensures your wedding guests don’t have to cancel their plans.


Focus on creating your dream wedding

Just because your wedding is on the Memorial Day weekend, it doesn’t mean it has to be all about the occasion. While you want to give a nudge to the occasion, not everything has to be about stars and stripes. So plan your wedding as you would for any other weekend and then add a few additional elements to honor the occasion.


Include plenty of entertainment

Memorial Day wedding

Your wedding guests are showing up to celebrate your special wedding on a long weekend and you definitely want to ensure they have a good time. You need to add plenty of entertainment that helps guests make good memories. One of the best solutions is to hire a good wedding DJ but also include a photo booth at your party! Wedding photo booth photos are great fun and guests will love having a Memorial Day wedding photo as a memory of your big day.


Celebrate the occasion

Memorial Day wedding

Now, as mentioned, you want to highlight the Memorial Day a little on your special day. If you want, going for blue, white and red is a beautiful way to celebrate the country and the people who serve it. You don’t have to make it all about these colors but have a red, white and blue wedding cake, for example. If you’re having a wedding photo booth, you could theme it with Memorial Day in mind – include small American flags, star-shaped props and a big banner in the back that says ‘Memorial Day Wedding’.


Honor the service

Memorial Day wedding

Your Memorial Day wedding should include some element of honoring the service of your countrymen and –women. If your family has members in the military, then give them an extra ‘Thank you for your service’ card on the big day. You could also have a photo wall of all the servicemen and –women in the family – especially if there are those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


Memorial Day wedding success

Memorial Day wedding

The Memorial Day weekend offers a great opportunity for holding a beautiful wedding. You just have to remember to plan in advance, respect the occasion and have a good time.


What do you think about having a Memorial Day wedding? Let us know!

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

How to Make Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your mother and her support. But moms deserve praise on other days too – especially on your wedding day. Bothof your moms will be an important part of this big day and you should give them extra thanks during the special day.


Here’s how to make your mom feel special on your wedding day.


Wear something borrowed

Your wedding day

When choosing your wedding outfit, consider borrowing something from your mother as an homage to her. This could be simple jewelry or another accessory, such as a scarf or belt. It will ensure your mom is with you throughout your wedding day.


Match her dress to yours


Talking about the wedding attire, you want to pay attention to what the moms are wearing. In fact, go shopping together with them and find something that beautifully matches either your wedding dress or the theme of your wedding day. This will make them feel more included.


Take special photos

Your wedding day

You’ll also want to take beautiful mother-daughter and mother-son photos. You should also snap a shot with your mother-in-law. Photos will be with you forever and you can gift your favorite photo to the mom the next mother’s day, for example.


A mother-daughter and mother-son dance


It’s traditional for the groom to dance with his mom but the bride could do it just as well. A parent-child dance is a beautiful moment for both and it rightly puts the spotlight on the real stars of the night. Your wedding DJ can recommend some great song ideas to make the dance extra special.


Display her old wedding photos

Your wedding day

You can add a beautiful memory lane to your wedding and have old wedding photos of your parents as wedding décor. Each table could feature a photo of your parents’ wedding – you can go even further with your grandparents’ photos. These can be part of the table décor or you could just have a gigantic photo wall of old photos – for example, right next to the wedding photo booth.


Let her rest the night in style


You want to make sure your wedding night is spent in a luxurious room but you could also pamper the moms. Book them a suit for the night so that they can put their feet up after your wedding day and have a good time.


Bring her with you – even in spirit

Your wedding day

If your mother has passed away, you can still include her to your big day. Have her photo with you, as a brooch on your wedding bouquet, or create a clutch from one of her old dresses. There are many ways to make your mom part of your wedding day even when she can’t physically be there.


Celebrating your mother on your wedding day


Your mom has played a big part in your life and there’s no reason she shouldn’t get plenty of attention on your wedding day. So celebrate the motherly love with the above ideas and you’ll make her feel special and loved.


How would you include your mother to your wedding day? Let us know!

Sunday, May 6th, 2018

Wedding Entertainment Ideas: A Photo Booth Challenge

When it comes to wedding entertainment, nothing beats having a photo booth. Wedding photo booths are fun, memorable, and super easy to set up. You can make them even more entertaining for your wedding guests by creating a photo booth challenge.


Here’s what you need to know in order to have a fun photo booth challenge at your wedding.


What’s a photo booth challenge?

hiring a photo booth

A photo booth challenge is a light-hearted competition the wedding guests can participate in during your big day. The idea is to provide the wedding guests with tasks they need to do when posing for photos in the wedding photo booth.


The challenge doesn’t necessarily have to involve winners. It can simply be something fun for the wedding guests to do. However, you can also provide prizes for those who perform the most tasks or who take the funniest photos.


What do you need for a good challenge?

photo booth sign

A photo booth challenge won’t take a lot of time to set up. You just need to hire a photo booth and prepare the materials for the challenge.


You can buy beautiful paper and print out the challenge list for each guest. You can also just have the challenge list next to the booth. For example, a blackboard with a list of things to do.


If you have a photo booth with print photos, you can also create a challenge wall. After completing a task, the guests would attach the photo to this wall.


For digital photo booths, the ‘wall’ could simply be social media. Your wedding guests could use specific hashtags so that other people can check out the photos at any time.


What are fun tasks to include in your photo booth challenge?

When thinking about the challenges you’ll ask your wedding guests to perform, you can be as creative as possible. The challenges can:


  • Involve props – guests could have to hold specific props, for example.
  • Include people – guests should take photos with specific people, such as the wedding DJ or the bride and groom.
  • Be about posing – guests could have to pose in specific ways for the photos.


The best challenges are those that encourage your wedding guests to mingle and be creative. You want them to meet and snap photos with other guests they might not know. It’ll result in a lot of laughs too!


You don’t have to have a huge number of challenges either – just a single task might be enough. One quirky one is to ask the wedding guests to tell a story by taking four photos. This will require a lot of thinking and it’s going to result in some fun photos for sure!


A photo booth challenge to create fun moments and memories

wedding entertainment

Creating the challenge will be a lot of fun and people are going to have a good time with it. It’s going to guarantee you don’t hire the wedding photo booth for nothing – guests will have a bigger incentive to use it!


What is your favorite photo booth challenge idea? Let us know in the comments!

Sunday, April 29th, 2018

8 Cinco de Mayo Wedding Ideas

Next Saturday is Cinco de Mayo and this wonderful holiday can offer plenty of inspiration for Hudson Valley brides and grooms. If you are looking for final additions to your spring wedding or inspiration for next year, here are some Cinco de Mayo wedding ideas you can use to add a bit of spice to your wedding day.


Maraca music for the ceremony exit

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Forget about the traditional rice throwing when walking out of your wedding ceremony and have guests wave around maracas instead. The instrument will create a wonderful sound and it will be a more environmentally friendly way to welcome you as a married couple.


Spanish table numbers

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Your table numbers don’t have to be boring numbers or even written in English. Celebrate the Spanish language by having the table numbers written in Spanish. A bright, bold flag with the Spanish number printed on it is fun and it will teach the wedding guests something new!


Tequila place cards

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Now, the guests could find their own place in the reception with the help of a quirky tequila place card. Have named and numbered shot glasses with a shot of tequila and a cute cucumber slice placed in the reception room. It’s a wonderful replacement for the traditional champagne toast as well!


Latin American food

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Of course, one of the best ways to create a Cinco de Mayo wedding is to have Latin food served at your wedding. You can opt for a tapas-like meal if you’re going for canapé-style service or opt for build-your-own tacos for a buffet dinner.


Mojito bar

Cinco de Mayo wedding

You can also celebrate the culture with a drinks bar that’s all about mojitos. You can either create a signature mojito the bartender can serve or have a make-your-own mojito bar that allows guests to experiment with different flavors.


Sombrero-themed wedding cake

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Your wedding cake could be styled to look like a sombrero or you could add a sombrero right at the top of it for Spanish flair. If you’re swapping the traditional wedding cake to something different, you can also create sombrero cupcakes for guests to enjoy!


Carnival-themed dance floor

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Decorate your dance floor with colorful ribbons and instead of a disco ball, hang a gigantic piñata on top of the dance floor. Your wedding DJ should also play a lot of Latin music from Ricky Martin to Shakira. Of course, a few mariachi songs won’t be a bad idea either!


Spicy wedding favors

Cinco de Mayo wedding

You could also show your wedding guests some love with spicy, Latin-inspired wedding favors. A traditional Mexican hot sauce in a cute jar with the wedding date printed on it can be a great idea. You can also opt for a paper bag filled with tasty Mexican or Latin American candy.


Have a fun Cinco de Mayo wedding


With the above ideas, you can create a wonderful Cinco de Mayo wedding. The ideas are a wonderful way to add a bit of fun and color to your wedding, and to celebrate this beautiful tradition and culture.


What are some Cinco de May ideas you’d love to see on the list? Let us know!