Monday, July 16th, 2018

How to Keep Cool in Summer Photo Booth

Summer photo booth is a must-have for your seasonal party, whether you’re throwing a garden get-together or a summer wedding. But the weather can get quite hot in Hudson Valley and you don’t want your guests to get hot and bothered in the photo booth.


The solution is helping your guests to keep cool in your summer photo booth. We got the right tricks to do just that.


Keep it open

magic mirror photo booth

You might want to consider skipping the traditional, boxed photo booth for an opened model. Having to cram your guests into a hot and small booth won’t be pleasurable and an open model means the photo booth is airy and cool.


For example, the Magic Mirror Me Photo Booth looks just like a mirror and you can place it anywhere in your venue. Not only will it stay cooler, it’s also much more fun to use.


Add a handheld fan as a prop

summer photo booth

You can opt for props that help with the summer heat. Small handheld fans are a superb pick for a summer photo booth because they are so versatile. You can have them in your theme colors or even include a bespoke picture on the side of the fan. Just make sure you prepare extras in case people walk out of the photo booth with the fan!


Go back in time with a wind machine

If you want a bit more fun action, you can take the fan idea further. A small desk fan can be placed on top of your photo booth, blowing air directly at the guests. This acts like a wind machine and people can take fun photo resembling an 80s pop star!


Create a little splash

Now, if you’re organizing a garden party and you’re not afraid to have a little fun with the guests, you can take a step further. Adding small water guns to your summer photo booth is fun. Your guests can choose to splash each other or simply pose with these fun things. This is a definite winner among the kids!


Provide cover

If your summer photo booth is outdoors, you can keep guests cool in the booth by providing them cover. Of course, you could place the photo booth under a shade but you can also play with the idea as a prop. Small umbrellas are fun photo booth props that’ll also add a bit of cover from the sun. You could even hang them above the booth!


Treat guests to lemonade

summer photo booth

You could also make sure your guests are hydrated and cool by placing a lemonade stand right next to the summer photo booth. Guests can go snap a few photos and sip a cooling drink afterwards.


Make your summer photo booth cool and fun


With the above ideas, you can add a summer photo booth to your party and keep your guests entertained and cool! Don’t forget to check other fun summer photo booth ideas to make your party photo booth unique and fun.


What are some cool ways to stay chilled? Let us know your summer photo booth tricks!

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Outdoor Wedding: 5 Things to Consider with Your Wedding DJ

Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding and Hudson Valley offers plenty of beautiful wedding venues for a special occasion. But organizing an outdoor wedding can mean a lot of careful planning. Your wedding DJ should be part of the planning process to ensure your wedding goes smoothly.


The wedding DJ will play a major role in ensuring your wedding entertainment is top notch. When your wedding is taking place outside, you need to make sure the wedding DJ is prepared.


Here are the five things to consider with your wedding DJ when you’re planning for an outdoor wedding:


1. How to get electricity for the equipment?

One of the major concerns your wedding DJ will have is how to get electricity for the equipment. It’s important to state your plans in advance and allow the DJ to get to know the wedding venue. It’s also a good idea to check with the wedding venue, as they might have solutions on offer.


2. How to prepare for the weather

your wedding DJ

Of course, just like with any outdoor event, your outdoor wedding will have to consider the weather. The DJ would have to have some kind of protection from the elements, especially because of the expensive equipment. Even slight drizzle might be bad! You’ll probably have a Plan B in place in case the weather is too bad for an outdoor wedding so you also have to talk about this Plan B with your wedding DJ.


3. Where is the dance floor?

You’ll also want to consider the outdoor layout in terms of where the DJ will be and where the dance floor is. Your wedding DJ will want to be right next to the dance floor to ensure they see the reaction to different music. Since you also have to consider where the DJ’s equipment will get power, you must consider the layout in advance.


4. How are the lights placed?

first dance song

The summer nights can get dark and if your wedding DJ will perform late into the evening, you have to consider the lights. It’s important the DJ will have enough lighting to make playing music easy.


5. When to stop playing?

Most venues will have noise restrictions. You can’t just keep dancing the night away no matter how much you’d like. It’s a good idea to check state and venue regulations and inform the wedding DJ. You also have to consider the noise ordinances when planning the entertainment – you don’t want to make it so the DJ will just suddenly stop playing as the clock approaches the deadline.


Talk to your wedding DJ


The main thing is to talk to your wedding DJ – good communication will result in better wedding music. Share your hopes and dreams with the wedding DJ and ask for suggestions. Hudson Valley wedding DJs are professional and they know what they are doing so don’t be afraid to get their input on your big day!


Do you have any major concerns regarding outdoor weddings? Ask us and will help you in the comment section below!

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Dos & Don’ts of Fourth of July Wedding

Summer is a popular time for a wedding – the weather’s good and people have more time to take a vacation. But what if you want to combine the biggest summer holiday with your wedding? Is having a Fourth of July wedding a good idea?


Here are the dos and don’ts you should keep in mind when planning a Fourth of July wedding.


Dos of a Fourth of July wedding

first dance song

Plan your holiday wedding in advance and let the wedding guests know as early as possible. Fourth of July is a popular holiday and people often travel during this time, especially if it’s close to a weekend. It’s important to consider the fact that people might have other plans and to send your ‘Save the Date’ cards well before the big date.


Do add seasonal themes to your wedding. Fourth of July wedding can have a big fireworks display, a wedding photo booth with Fourth of July props or a menu that celebrates the best of our nation’s food. These little touches mean that wedding guests get to enjoy this fantastic holiday, as well as have a fun wedding experience.


Consider regional or family traditions. When planning the wedding, you should consider any major traditions that might be important to your family. These might even include regional and local events or traditions. Including these to your Fourth of July wedding can ensure people don’t feel like they are missing out on their usual Fourth of July celebrations.


Don’ts of a Fourth of July wedding

Don’t leave booking your Fourth of July wedding entertainment and other wedding services too late. Wedding vendors and service providers in Hudson Valley are busiest during big holidays – you might not get the wedding DJ you want if you leave it too late.


Don’t forget you’re planning a wedding, not a Fourth of July party. While it’s important to have little touches that celebrate our Independence Day, you don’t want to forget that the occasion is mainly about your wedding. You want to have a proper wedding, with important wedding traditions, instead of just throwing a massive Fourth of July party in the garden.


Don’t expect everyone to love your Fourth of July wedding plans. Whenever you plan a wedding on a big holiday, you’ll find those that think it’s a bad idea. This is OK and it’s understandable people might not want to attend a wedding near a major holiday. If you’re planning a Fourth of July wedding, you have to accept that some people might not love the idea. Don’t get mad but just focus on enjoying your big day!


Planning a holiday wedding in style

Fourth of July wedding

The key to a good Fourth of July wedding is in the planning. You want to get started early, spend enough thinking about the details and then focusing on enjoying the planning process. A Fourth of July wedding is a beautiful idea and you can make it a fun and memorable occasion for all!


What do you think? Do you like the idea of a Fourth of July wedding?

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

5 Ideas for Your Fourth of July Wedding

Planning a Fourth of July wedding? Then you want to make sure you celebrate this memorable occasion in style. You have plenty of ways to create a fun and elegant décor and ensure your guests get to enjoy both 4th of July and your special day!


Here are five ideas to use for your Fourth of July wedding.


#1: Festive clothing


Your Fourth of July wedding should celebrate the colors red, blue and white. To do this without making the whole décor about these specific colors, you can use them with your wedding party’s clothing.

Fourth of July wedding

Men can dress up in red suit trousers, white shirt and navy blue blazer for an elegant but playful look. The bridesmaids can wear blue and red dresses with a white ribbon tied on the waist, for example.


#2: Home state-inspired décor


If you’re able to know the home states of your guests, you can surprise them by having table cards shaped after the specific states. You can even group up people from same states together if you have enough variety.

Fourth of July wedding

If this sounds a little too difficult, you can just use the shape of your home state and that of the groom’s. It’s a wonderful way of adding a touch of USA to your wedding without turning into a massive Fourth of July theme party.


#3: A patriotic playlist

first dance song

The world is full of great songs that talk about our lovely country and what it means to be an American. You can add a touch of 4th of July magic to your wedding by making sure to play patriotic songs. We’re talking everything from Born in the USA to American Girl. You can play the songs during the reception or even have a beautiful classical rendition of your favorite US-themed song played during the wedding ceremony.


#4: A themed photo booth

Fourth of July wedding

Photo booths are a great entertainment idea for weddings and they make it easy to showcase your chosen theme in the form of props and backgrounds. If you don’t want your whole wedding décor to be about Fourth of July, you can use the photo booth as a way of celebrating our Independence Day.


Your Fourth of July wedding photo booth can include small American flags and your backdrop can be a giant flag or a night sky with fireworks.


#5: A big fireworks display


At the end of the night, you can also have a gigantic fireworks display to finish of the wonderful day. Your fireworks display can include plenty of red, blue and silver fireworks and you can also add some patriotic music to the show. Fireworks are often part of Fourth of July celebrations so having them on your wedding means no one misses out on a good show!

Fourth of July wedding

With the above ideas, you can have a Fourth of July wedding in style. The ideas are all easy to create, adding lovely 4th of July touches to your big day.


What are you going to include to your Fourth of July wedding? Share us your ideas below!