Sunday, August 13th, 2017

3 Photo Booth Myths Busted

Photo booth myths are a big reason many are afraid of the entertainment option. You’ve booked your Hudson Valley wedding or sorted out a big birthday party and you want something exciting, fun and modern to entertain you and the guests. You think about the humble photo booth but then the below three photo booth myths pop into your head. But it is time to bust those myths and reveal the true power of the photo booth as one of the best entertainment options to any party.


Myth #1: Photo booths are boring


photo booth myths

Many people assume photo booths are not fun. The biggest photo booth myth is to think they are so boring people won’t even use them. If no one is using your photo booth, why hire it in the first place?
But the truth is photo booths are an extremely fun addition to any party, whether a wedding or a Halloween party at work. It brings people together and it generates laughter every time someone uses it. Photo booths allow us all to be a bit silly and let our guard down – we all pull off funny faces when the countdown begins, right?


Perhaps, people assume party photo booths are like those hideous boxes where you take your passport photos. That you just sit on your own and sulk. But modern photo booths are nothing like that. Think about the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, for instance. It can be placed in any open space and people are able to add messages, drawings and images on top of the photos! You could even use the green screen and have guests create their own backgrounds. Now, that’s not boring but fun!


Myth #2: Photo booths are old-fashioned


over-the-top wedding ideas

When people are saying their photo booth myths, they also tend to assume photo booths are old-fashioned. They have the image of the big, clunky photo booth and a view you just sit and take photos, as described above.


But photo booths are actually rather modern and technical these days. Indeed, with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, you can even share your photos on social media right after the snap! This adds a lot of modern flair to your party and will surely get even the youngsters involved.


Myth #3: Photo booths take a lot of space


perfect photo booth

Photo booth myths also occur when people are afraid the booth will take a lot of space. If you’re planning a wedding, you might be afraid the photo booth won’t fit anywhere, especially since you also want to have a dance floor.


But photo booths are not gigantic – the Magic Mirror photo booth can be placed almost anywhere and it won’t take more space than a small serving table. If you want, you can always opt for a DIY photo booth, which allows you to design where you place it and how big it will be.


A photo booth is not going to take all of your space! In fact, you definitely don’t want to make the mistake of hiring a Hudson Valley photo booth and then sticking it to a corner somewhere far from all the party action. Photo booths are best placed right next to the dance floor – that’s where all the smiling happy people are, ready to take photos!


What are some photo booth myths you might have? Let us help you bust them by sharing them in the comments below!

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Where to Place Your Party Photo Booth?

Party planning involves plenty of decisions regarding the venue. You need to come up with the seating plan and decide where to place the dance floor. While decisions like this are often carefully considered, many don’t give enough attention to placing the party photo booth. However, you don’t want the photo booth placement to be an after-thought – most importantly, you don’t want to abandon the photo booth in a small corner somewhere in the venue.


Your party photo booth deserves a top spot

magic mirror photo booth

If you’re spending money to hire a photo booth in Hudson Valley or you’ve spent time creating a DIY photo booth, you want people to use it. Therefore, it’s essential to place your party photo booth somewhere smart – where the party is. You don’t want it to be in the hallway or another room with not much action. It should always be in the midst of the action. What this generally means is placing it right next to the dance floor.


A photo booth and the dance floor – a match made in heaven


The best spot for your party photo booth is in the close vicinity of the dance floor. There are a few important reasons for this. Let’s consider them:


A busy and central location. You can generate much more use for your party photo booth by placing it in this location. The dance floor is often the most central location in the party – it’s where all the action happens. When people are already hanging out in that location, they are more likely to consider taking photos with the photo booth.


An exciting ambiance. Your party photo booth will also benefit from the mood-enhancing tunes of the dance floor. You might have a good Hudson Valley DJ setting up the tunes and your guests will be excited to take photos as well.


A popular gathering spot. One of the best things about the spot is how it brings the whole party together. Even if you don’t like dancing, you will probably want to spend time somewhere close by. This is to stay aware of the action around you and to be able to enjoy the music. When you have a party photo booth around, you offer the non-dancing guests something to do as well. It makes the guests feel more involved.


What about space?

Many people object to having the photo booth next the to dance floor because of space. They fear there won’t be enough space left for dancing or adequate space for taking photos. This won’t be a problem – mainly because you’ll have some people dancing and others taking photos. People won’t be fighting to be at the same spot, but they will flow from one part of the room to the other.


When it comes to placing the party photo booth, make sure it’s close to the dance floor. This will help make your party better and it’ll guarantee guests have plenty of entertainment to keep them going.


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Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Summer Party Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Summer party mistakes are not always your fault. The season is the biggest season for weddings and garden parties. However, it isn’t the easiest with the hot and unpredictable weather, and with little summer flies and other creatures making it a challenging party season. While some things are hard to fully prevent, there are a few common pitfalls you can avoid when throwing a Hudson Valley summer party.


Summer Party Mistake #1: Guests not being aware of the venue

summer party mistakes

When sending invitations to your summer party, don’t make the mistake of not revealing details about the venue and the entertainment. You don’t want the guests to show up expecting an indoor event or have people dress up in their best high heels only to find themselves walking in a barn. Give a detailed look about what type of event you’re organizing and give tips on the right dress code.


Summer Party Mistake #2: The weather ruining it all


Summer weather is tricky and not just because it might not be sunny. Indeed, sometimes the problem can be that it’s too sunny and people have no shelter from the scorching sun.


Avoid weather problems by being prepared for it all. This obviously means having shelter in case it rains, but also shades to stay under if it’s too hot, sunscreen to prevent skin from burning and blankets to keep warm if it’s windy.


Summer Party Mistake #3: Causing an upset stomach with the wrong food

summer party mistakes

Summer party mistakes are often about the food. You bring all the food outside and let it sit there for a while – only to find guests with an upset tummy. Mayonnaise, butter and chocolate really don’t enjoy staying in warm conditions.


It’s important to pick summer friendly foods – those that don’t melt even when sitting outdoors. In addition, make sure the food doesn’t sit in the heat for too long – you want to put it somewhere cool at some point to ensure it doesn’t go bad.


Summer Party Mistake #4: Not organizing any entertainment


Quite a few people think summer parties are so fun and relaxed you don’t really need to plan any entertainment. They add a music player and that’s it. But you do want to make an effort even if you’re just hosting a small garden party.


We love the idea of hiring a photo booth for guests to play with. This gives something fun for everyone to do and it leaves people actual physical memories of the event. Another good option is to host a garden game or create a proper yard dance floor with an actual Hudson Valley DJ dropping the tunes.


Summer Party Mistake #5: Serving just a bit too much booze

summer party mistakes

You need to be careful when serving guests alcohol in the summer heat. People are more susceptible to alcohol when the weather is hot and dehydration can be a real problem since you might swap the hydrating drinks with the booze. It’s important to encourage water drinking by providing personalized water bottles to guests and having pretty signs about hydration around the party venue.


Summer Party Mistake #6: Assuming people like to stand


You can’t expect people to want to stand the whole duration of the summer party. It’s important to provide enough seating – this doesn’t have to be proper chairs for everyone. Have picnic blankets for kids and younger adults, carry a sofa outside and borrow some garden chairs if you must.


When organizing a summer party, these are the mistakes you want to avoid. Just remember to plan well and approach your event with an open mind – don’t stress too much!


What are your big summer party mistakes tips? Let us know!

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Social Media at Weddings: the Do’s and Don’ts

Social media at weddings is a topic the modern couple has to take seriously. We’re a nation of social media lovers. However much we might love this new way of connecting with people, you might want to ensure certain things are not published online for the world to see when it comes to your wedding day.


To help the wedding guests and the couple to keep social media at weddings in check, here are the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


Social media at weddings: The things to do

social media at weddings

Do create social media etiquette and inform your wedding guests about it. This means having a small leaflet to inform the guests when it’s OK to take the camera phone out and if you’d like them to Tweet or talk about the ceremony and reception online at all. You can have the information available in your wedding invitation, as well as have it printed on the ceremony guide or even the reception table cards.


Do consider having a hashtag. If you do want to use social media at your wedding, do so in style. Create a special wedding hashtag and encourage the wedding guests to use it. You can include it in your napkins, table cards or just have a placard to remind people how to share and browse your wedding photos or Tweets.

summer party ideas

Do consider using social media as entertainment. If you don’t want the wedding guests to have their smartphones at the reception and for them to constantly post on social media, you can control the use of social media at weddings. Simply have an entertainment with professional social media element – a magic mirror photo booth is a great example. The photo booth allows guests to take fun photos and to share them on social media. However, you don’t have to worry about anyone snapping an awkward photo of you eating cake. It’s fun and clever.


Social media at weddings: The things to avoid

social media at weddings

Don’t forget to give way to the actual photographer, even if photographing and posting is permitted. Your social media updates shouldn’t take center stage; this is someone’s wedding after all. Do allow the professionals to work their magic in peace and don’t make social media use the main thing about the special event.


Don’t share photos you wouldn’t want to be published of yourself. You don’t want to ruin a beautiful wedding by posting an awkward photo – unless you have the full permission of the person in the photo. You want to share photos that capture the essence of the day – social media at weddings is best when it’s happy, thoughtful and lovable.

social media at weddings

Don’t become a wedding critic. Social media can be quite a negative place. But leave your criticism of the dress or the wedding food at home and only post positive feedback. If you don’t have anything good to say about the wedding, then don’t say anything at all!


Don’t share photos without permission. All in all, it’s a good idea to make sure you only share photos when you have the permission of the people in the photo. If you want to share your own silly dance photos, go ahead – just make sure you ask if someone else features in the photo. Furthermore, if you’re taking photos of children, you need the parents’ permission to share it.


Social media is a modern addition to weddings and it can be a fun way to include everyone to your big day – even those that didn’t make it. Just remember to have your rules and boundaries and if you’re attending a wedding as a guest; use common sense and courtesy.


What do you think about social media at weddings? Let us know!