Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Should You Use Photo Booth Music?

Photo booth music is a hotly debated topic. Some people feel you shouldn’t include music to your photo booth, while others think it adds another layer of fun to your entertainment. So, what should you do?


If you are thinking about hiring a photo booth in Hudson Valley for your Halloween party, Christmas get-together or even your wedding, you should consider the following tips.


What does photo booth music add to the experience?

There are certain benefits to using music as part of the photo booth experience. It can loosen people up – when a good song is playing, you get in a good mood and your body starts to automatically feel like dancing. This can mean better and funnier photos, as your guests let go of their inhibitions.


The music can also add to the theme of your photo booth. For example, if you’ve built a spooky theme around your Magic Mirror Photo Booth with Halloween props, scary music can make the experience feel more special. Music always adds to a theme, whether it is the swinging 20s or Casino Royale you’re trying to achieve.


Let the guests choose

photo booth music

Of course, not everyone likes music and some people might find it just adding to the noise. You definitely don’t want guests to feel like they need to listen to those songs when they just want to play around in the photo booth.


The solution is to allow your guests to choose! Include an iPod dock next to your photo booth with a sign that says music is available for getting in the mood to strike a pose. You could even have the music playing low and let your guests turn up the volume if they feel like it.


Combine the dance floor and the photo booth

wedding traditions

Another great solution is to place the photo booth next to the dance floor. This allows the guests to enjoy the music the DJ is playing but they don’t feel like they have to start shaking their hips. The two will be separate entertainment opportunities but with the additional twist that guests can combine those experiences. In parties such as your wedding, placing the two close to each other will also ensure people take advantage of the photo booth.


Photo booth music just for the users

photo booth music

There is one final trick for photo booth music worth trying. You might have noticed how silent disco is gaining popularity. Well, you could give your guests something different in the form of a silent disco photo booth! Just have a few headphones connected to a music-streaming device and allow guests to jam while taking photos. This is fun and different and the music won’t be bothering other guests at all.


Photo booth music is not a bad idea and as the above shows, there are plenty of ways to execute it. Music is entertaining just like a photo booth and combining these two will ensure guests have a memorable experience.


Do you like to have music in your photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Halloween Photo Booth Prop Must-Haves

Your Halloween party planning is hopefully in full swing. The season of spookiness has just started and there’s still plenty of time to organize your Halloween photo booth, food and décor for the big day.


Last week, we talked about the different themes you could use to create the scariest Halloween photo booth. But what if you want to skip a theme and just have a quirky photo booth? We’ve picked up the photo booth prop must-haves for the season. The below ideas would even work well in a Halloween-inspired Hudson Valley wedding.


Pumpkin props

Halloween photo booth

It goes without saying that pumpkin props must be part of the Halloween photo booth experience. The good news is there are tons of ways to use pumpkins in a photo booth. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have small pumpkins with meaningful carvings about the event (such as date) that guests can hold in their hand when taking photos.
  • Cut pumpkin style masks for the guests to hold on their faces.
  • Hang small pumpkin-like pom-poms as the background for your photo booth.
  • Have cardboard cutouts in the shape of a pumpkin on which the guests can write personalized messages and hold up in the photos.


Spooky facemasks

Halloween photo booth

You should also add a bit of freight to your Halloween photo booth and nothing is better than spooky facemasks. You can print out plenty of facemasks on the Internet – just use semi-thick cardboard and glue the facemasks onto a thin long cocktail stick. Good examples of suitable designs include bat masks, skeleton masks, spider masks and witch’s hats.


Trick or treat props

Halloween is the season of ‘Trick or Treat’. You can play with this theme in your Halloween photo booth by using funky trick or treat props. You can have two separate signs with one saying trick and the other treat – guests can then hold whichever sign they most associate with.


The spooky tombstone props

Halloween photo booth

If you want to play with scare-theme further, you need proper spooky Halloween props. It doesn’t get much spookier than a tombstone prop. From a large cardboard, you should cut out a sign in the shape of a tombstone. Make a square hole in the middle – you are essentially creating a tombstone frame for the guests to hold. Add text such as “The Deadly Halloween Party of 2017” to add to the spookiness. Guests will then hold this frame while taking a photo. If you’re hiring a photo booth, you might be able to add images like tombstone to your photo after the picture has been taken!


The beautiful autumn leaves

Halloween photo booth

On the other hand, maybe you want to skip the spooky element of Halloween and just celebrate autumn. In this case, leaves are the perfect way to go – guests can throw them around or they can be a garland-style background for your photo booth. You can always incorporate them with the pumpkins, for example. This adds a bit more Halloween to your elegant party photo booth.


The above are some spooky, fun and clever Halloween photo booth props you must have in your party booth this year.


Do you have a favorite prop idea in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

5 Halloween Photo Booth Themes for Your Party

There’s no better entertainment for your Halloween party than having a photo booth. With the right props, you can turn the photo booth into something fun, spooky and exciting for guests of all ages. Now, picking the right Halloween photo booth themes will depend on your party and the amount of effort you want to make to create your design. You’ll also have to talk to your Hudson Valley photo booth provider about the kind of photo booth you are renting – some, such as the magic mirror photo booth allows the use of a green screen, which can help you play with your theme even further!


Here are our favorite Halloween photo booth themes for your party!


The horror scene

Halloween photo booth themes

If you’re organizing an adult party, you might want to play with the gore as much as possible. Consider creating a horror style murder scene as your photo booth. You can use white sheets with splashes of red paint as your backdrop; add a few spooky props like knives (not real ones!) and toy guns for the guest to play with.


The classic pumpkin

Halloween photo booth themes

Halloween photo booth themes don’t get more classic than the pumpkin look. Have a dark and stormy night background or just a black canvas and use pumpkin themed props. You can have small-carved pumpkins for the guests to hold and pumpkin masks to play with. This is a classic theme that suits children’s parties and even weddings. It’s even easy to play with the colors! Don’t like orange? Then paint your pumpkin props with a golden spray paint – elegant, yet still fun.


The graveyard

Another classic photo booth theme that can be suitable for children and adults alike is the graveyard theme. You could either opt for a coffin backdrop or just add a backdrop with crosses and graveyard stones in the background. As props to hold, you can have skulls and bones. You can also play with the idea of vampires and have a classic Dracula cape the guests can wear if they want.


The starry-night

If you want something elegant and a theme that is not as in-your-face Halloween, you could opt for the starry-night theme. You could cut a silhouette night sky backdrop or use the screen green of the magic mirror photo booth to do so. Add a few glistening stars – use LED lamps to add real glisten to your photo booth. In terms of props, have masquerade masks, gentleman moustache cutouts and perhaps a few witches’ hats for added spookiness.


The spooky spiders

Spiders are an essential part of a Halloween décor and one of the best Halloween photo booth themes. You can use spider web to decorate the photo booth and even hang a few spider cutouts on the ceiling. Print out fun spider props and you have a fun and simple theme to use.


The above five Halloween photo booth themes work for weddings, children’s parties or adult-only parties. You can create each theme with just a few items or play with the theme and really put a lot of effort in.


What do you think? Which is your favorite for your Halloween party this year?

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

The Ultimate Halloween Party Planning Guide

The perfect Halloween party starts with a proper plan. Now is the best time to finalize your plans for Halloween 2017 and we have all the tips and tricks you need to ensure your party is a ghoulish success!


The schedule


First, you need to decide the time and venue for your party. When deciding the venue, you must consider how many guests you are inviting and whether you are looking to use outside catering or do it all yourself. Few weeks before the party, you want to design your Halloween party invitations and get them sent.


Your next step is to book caterers and entertainment. A fantastic idea for a Halloween party would be to have a photo booth with suitable Halloween props. You might also like to have something different like fire breathers to welcome your guests.

Halloween party

A week before, you need to start shopping for the décor (leave more time if you are doing most decorations yourself) and create a grocery list for goodies. If you can, decorate your venue the night before the party and make sure all the food is cooked and ready to go!


It’s OK to have the Halloween party before the actual date – indeed, more people might show up to your party if it isn’t exactly on Halloween. However, try to avoid organizing it after Halloween – people don’t want to dress up long into November!


The must-haves


So, what does a good Halloween party need? There are three essential elements to a good Halloween party: food, décor and entertainment.


The food

Halloween party

Keep your menu simple but play with the theme. You don’t need to create elaborate food items, but you can just play with the names and the presentation. For example, mini sausages with sprinkled ketchup on them will look spooky but won’t need a lot of preparation. Remember to add plenty of candy to your venue – just place cute vases with plenty of candle around the room.


The décor

Halloween party

In terms of décor, focus on the key elements of pumpkins, darkness and spider webs. The winning combination always works. Essentially, you can just keep the room as dimly lit as possible and add lanterns here and there for candlelight. A few spider webs placed in surprising spots will add a bit of scare-factor to your décor.


The entertainment

Halloween party

A Halloween party needs proper entertainment. As mentioned, a photo booth is a great idea and you can book one from a Hudson Valley photo booth provider. Have a secret tape recorder playing scary music near the booth and occasionally creating a loud scream – guaranteed fun photos! You should also include party games, like truth or dare, to your party – these help people bond and add a bit of spookiness to the event.


The big dos and don’ts


So, what are the other things to keep in mind? There are a few dos and don’ts that will help you make the party even better.


Do keep in mind your guest list and plan accordingly. If the party includes children, you can’t make the décor or entertainment too scary.


Don’t overcomplicate your food or décor. Most often, the simplest things are the best. You don’t need to stress out in order to throw a good party.


Do ask people to dress up. A Halloween party is nothing without a bit of dressing up. Just don’t create a theme that makes it hard to pick something and never start analyzing whether people made enough effort or not with their costumes.


With the above tips and tricks in mind, you can throw a great Halloween party this year. So start planning!