Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Dos & Don’ts of Fourth of July Wedding

Summer is a popular time for a wedding – the weather’s good and people have more time to take a vacation. But what if you want to combine the biggest summer holiday with your wedding? Is having a Fourth of July wedding a good idea?


Here are the dos and don’ts you should keep in mind when planning a Fourth of July wedding.


Dos of a Fourth of July wedding

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Plan your holiday wedding in advance and let the wedding guests know as early as possible. Fourth of July is a popular holiday and people often travel during this time, especially if it’s close to a weekend. It’s important to consider the fact that people might have other plans and to send your ‘Save the Date’ cards well before the big date.


Do add seasonal themes to your wedding. Fourth of July wedding can have a big fireworks display, a wedding photo booth with Fourth of July props or a menu that celebrates the best of our nation’s food. These little touches mean that wedding guests get to enjoy this fantastic holiday, as well as have a fun wedding experience.


Consider regional or family traditions. When planning the wedding, you should consider any major traditions that might be important to your family. These might even include regional and local events or traditions. Including these to your Fourth of July wedding can ensure people don’t feel like they are missing out on their usual Fourth of July celebrations.


Don’ts of a Fourth of July wedding

Don’t leave booking your Fourth of July wedding entertainment and other wedding services too late. Wedding vendors and service providers in Hudson Valley are busiest during big holidays – you might not get the wedding DJ you want if you leave it too late.


Don’t forget you’re planning a wedding, not a Fourth of July party. While it’s important to have little touches that celebrate our Independence Day, you don’t want to forget that the occasion is mainly about your wedding. You want to have a proper wedding, with important wedding traditions, instead of just throwing a massive Fourth of July party in the garden.


Don’t expect everyone to love your Fourth of July wedding plans. Whenever you plan a wedding on a big holiday, you’ll find those that think it’s a bad idea. This is OK and it’s understandable people might not want to attend a wedding near a major holiday. If you’re planning a Fourth of July wedding, you have to accept that some people might not love the idea. Don’t get mad but just focus on enjoying your big day!


Planning a holiday wedding in style

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The key to a good Fourth of July wedding is in the planning. You want to get started early, spend enough thinking about the details and then focusing on enjoying the planning process. A Fourth of July wedding is a beautiful idea and you can make it a fun and memorable occasion for all!


What do you think? Do you like the idea of a Fourth of July wedding?

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

5 Ideas for Your Fourth of July Wedding

Planning a Fourth of July wedding? Then you want to make sure you celebrate this memorable occasion in style. You have plenty of ways to create a fun and elegant décor and ensure your guests get to enjoy both 4th of July and your special day!


Here are five ideas to use for your Fourth of July wedding.


#1: Festive clothing


Your Fourth of July wedding should celebrate the colors red, blue and white. To do this without making the whole décor about these specific colors, you can use them with your wedding party’s clothing.

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Men can dress up in red suit trousers, white shirt and navy blue blazer for an elegant but playful look. The bridesmaids can wear blue and red dresses with a white ribbon tied on the waist, for example.


#2: Home state-inspired décor


If you’re able to know the home states of your guests, you can surprise them by having table cards shaped after the specific states. You can even group up people from same states together if you have enough variety.

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If this sounds a little too difficult, you can just use the shape of your home state and that of the groom’s. It’s a wonderful way of adding a touch of USA to your wedding without turning into a massive Fourth of July theme party.


#3: A patriotic playlist

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The world is full of great songs that talk about our lovely country and what it means to be an American. You can add a touch of 4th of July magic to your wedding by making sure to play patriotic songs. We’re talking everything from Born in the USA to American Girl. You can play the songs during the reception or even have a beautiful classical rendition of your favorite US-themed song played during the wedding ceremony.


#4: A themed photo booth

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Photo booths are a great entertainment idea for weddings and they make it easy to showcase your chosen theme in the form of props and backgrounds. If you don’t want your whole wedding décor to be about Fourth of July, you can use the photo booth as a way of celebrating our Independence Day.


Your Fourth of July wedding photo booth can include small American flags and your backdrop can be a giant flag or a night sky with fireworks.


#5: A big fireworks display


At the end of the night, you can also have a gigantic fireworks display to finish of the wonderful day. Your fireworks display can include plenty of red, blue and silver fireworks and you can also add some patriotic music to the show. Fireworks are often part of Fourth of July celebrations so having them on your wedding means no one misses out on a good show!

Fourth of July wedding

With the above ideas, you can have a Fourth of July wedding in style. The ideas are all easy to create, adding lovely 4th of July touches to your big day.


What are you going to include to your Fourth of July wedding? Share us your ideas below!

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

How to Make Dad Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

We’ve previously written about making your mom feel special on your wedding day. It’s only right that on Father’s Day we celebrate the father and share some tips on making them feel loved on this important day. So, how can you show a little extra love to your father on the big day?


Here are some lovely gestures and ideas for helping your dad feel the love.


A special boutonniere to wear

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You want to ask the florist to create a special boutonniere for the fathers. This could be similar to the groom and bestman’s, but you can also create two special boutonnieres just for the fathers.


A personal note for the reception

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You can surprise your father with a handwritten note, waiting at the dinner table. If your father walked you down the aisle, your note can be a reminder of how important this was to you. The groom could simply write about the love he has for his dad on this special day.


A signature cocktail named after the dad

If your father is a bit of a drink connoisseur, you could come up with a custom drink named after him. This could be two separate drinks so both the groom and the bride’s dad get a cocktail – you could also ask them to work together and design a drink they’d like. This ensures the dads feel a bit more involved with the planning and your wedding day.


Father-daughter dance

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Father-daughter dances are a traditional addition to the wedding. You can ask your Hudson Valley wedding DJ for song suggestions and ideas for creating a beautiful moment between you and the father. But you also don’t want to forget your new father-in-law. It’s a lovely idea to also dance with him to make him feel special and part of the family.


Play his favorite song

You should also ask the wedding DJ to play your fathers’ favorite songs. The DJ could do a little introduction before the song, explaining its importance for the father and asking the father to take the floor with his wife, for example.


Take special photos

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure your wedding photos include special father-daughter and father-son photos. It’s important to share the moment and to capture the love and emotion of your wedding day. Make sure to also take father-in-law photos and a photo with you, your groom and the fathers.


Keep him with you even in spirit

Memorial Day wedding

For those, whose fathers might have passed away, it’s important to find ways to include your father to the big day. You can add a photograph to the parent table of your deceased father or leave a symbolic empty seat to where he should be sitting. Your father might not be there but they are always with you in spirit.


With the above ideas, you can make the dad feel special on your wedding day!


What are some things you’d like to do just for your father on your wedding day? Let us know!

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Photo Booth Props Your Father Would Love

Photo booth props are the best way to add a bit of magic to your party photo booth. Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the props your father would love to see. These will be a lovely addition to your photo booth – whether you’re holding a big party for your father or just want to add a bit of magic to your wedding day photo booth.


A board to share your favorite dad jokes


Dads are famous for their jokes. To add that extra bit of fun to your photo booth, allow your guests to share their best dad jokes when snapping photos. All you need is a blackboard sign and chalk to write the joke.

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What makes this even funnier idea is to have the person hold the sign and read the joke just as the photos are taken! Others in the photo will laugh (or cringe!) and this creates plenty of fun photos.


Silly sunglasses


Just as dads love jokes, they also enjoy just goofing around. Simple photo booth props like silly sunglasses are often the best. You can have sunglasses with hearts, crazy colors, funny messages – there are all kinds of fun glasses to add. They are easy to find and your guests can use them if they want to add a bit of fun to the photos.

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Cutouts of different job hats


Fathers work so hard and you can celebrate this hard work by having little cutout hats as your photo booth props. You can have a miner, firefighter and police’s helmets. There are even cutouts for soldiers and captains.

You don’t just have to stick with hats either. Get cutouts such as tools for doctors, teachers, bankers and the like.


A special sign for your dad


You should also make your dad feel special with a specific photo booth prop just for him. If you’re going with a wedding photo booth, the sign could say “Father of the Bride” or “Father of the Groom”.

But you can have a sign for other occasions too. In fact, one fun way to include all the dads at your party is to have a big sign that says, “I love my dad”! Every daughter and son can use it when taking photos.


Digital photo booth props


Of course, the big party favorite is to have a digital photo booth. Hudson Valley’s photo booth providers have plenty of cool options, such as our Magic Mirror Me Photo Booth. This photo booth enables to use of digital photo booth props. You can theme your props around Father’s Day or just write or draw special messages to your dad. It’s a lovely way to show appreciation – and you can share it on social media!

So, if you want to add father-approved photo booth props to your big party, you should give these props a go. Your father and the rest of the party will love them!


What are some photo booth props your father would love? Let us know your ideas!