Sunday, June 11th, 2017

5 Things Father’s Want to Do on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about how to treat your father this year. Fathers don’t always get the attention they deserve. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the special day is dedicated to helping dads celebrate they way they like; and they definitely love doing these five things.


To relax with their favorite hobby


Father’s Day offers our busy dads the best time to unwind. Since it is their special day, you need to ensure your father gets to spend time with the hobby he loves the most. Some dads love watching sports, while others can’t get enough of playing a few rounds of golf in Hudson Valley’s magnificent golf courses. Whatever your dad love’s doing, ensure he has enough time to relax with this hobby on Father’s Day.

Father's Day

To eat well


Whenever there’s a big party, you need plenty of tasty treats. Dads love a good meal. Start the day by surprising your father with a breakfast of champions. We’re talking about eggs, bacon, pancakes and proper Hudson Valley brew. For lunch, you could grill some chicken and turkey along with vegetables. The dinner should crown the whole Father’s Day – you could either take your dad out to eat somewhere nice or cook up a fantastic Father’s Day feast at home.

To have a laugh


There’s a reason we have dad jokes and not mom jokes. Dads are pranksters. They love to have a laugh and do silly things. On Father’s Day, we should give our dads a free pass to be as silly as they want to be. You could take them to a comedy gig, visit an amusement park or organize a party around a silly theme, such as clowns or your dad’s favorite comedy movie. Perhaps you could even have a big comedy film fest at the back garden! Now, instead of watching comedies, you could divide the family into teams and have everyone film their own 5-minute comedy clip. Whoever gets the most laughs wins!

To create memories


Father’s Day is one of those rare occasions in the modern world where the whole family has a chance to sit around the same table. It’s, therefore, important to use this opportunity to create memories for your father to cherish whenever you kids are not there. When it comes to creating memories, nothing beats photographs. You should book a party photo booth and spend the day taking silly photos. Hudson Valley photo booths come in all shapes and sizes so you are guaranteed to find something fun for your Father’s Day party.

Father's day

To try something new


Dads are also super-adventurous. Therefore, you want your father to try something new on this big day. If he is a daredevil then take him to skydive or drive dirt bikes. If he likes to keep their feet firmly on the ground, then they might love to experience wine tasting, take a cooking class or take a trip to somewhere in Hudson Valley they’ve never been.

If you want to guarantee your father has a lovely time this Father’s Day, make sure he gets to do these five things on his special day. It’ll put a big smile on his face that’ll last the whole summer.


What are your big plans for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

How to Throw a Great Party for Your Father

Father’s Day is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about throwing a great party for your father. Now, dads come in all shapes and sizes but they do all love to have a good time. Here are the tips for organizing a superb Hudson Valley party for your father this summer.


Pick a cozy and relaxed venue


Dads don’t like a lot of fuss. They are straightforward and fun and that’s what they would want from their father’s day party as well. You definitely want to pick a cozy and relaxed venue for your party. This could simply be the backyard but you can also find lovely camp-style locations in Hudson Valley. Places like Rustic Ridge View Farm are a great option for throwing a party for your father.

party for your father

Have a bunch of delicious food to keep your dad’s stomach happy


Since father’s day takes place in June, there’s really no other option than to make sure the party food is all about barbecue. It’s the best summer party food and will make your dad happy as well. We’re talking about proper chicken wings, barbecue ribs and corn on the cob.

party for your father

Design a signature drink for the party for your father


You will also need to ensure your dad doesn’t get too thirsty on father’s day. Instead of just having a bunch of beer or coke at the party, surprise your father with a signature drink. It can be based on your dad’s favorite drink – be it beer, whiskey, coke or lemon juice. You can even bottle it in glass jars and add a fun label to it based on your father’s quirks. For example, “Dad’s sparkling thirst quencher“ or “DIY Dad’s secret brew”.

party for your father

Give your dad a chance to pose for fun party photos


You might think photo booths are just for weddings and corporate events. They’re actually great for all sorts of parties and will be a fantastic addition to your dad’s big father’s day party as well. You could surprise your dad by creating a red carpet at the front of the venue and have every guest be able to pose in front of the magic mirror photo booth! You can personalize the photos with different backgrounds or drawings, and you can even write messages on top of the photos.

magic mirror photo booth

Challenge your father to a party game


A great party for your father will also require a bit of healthy competition. Party games are a great way to get everyone just a little more pumped about the party. A quiz is a fantastic pick for father’s day. You can design it around your dad’s favorite subject, be it food or sports, or it could even be a quiz about your father.

party for your father

You should definitely throw a great party for your father this father’s day. Create it based on the above elements and your dad will have a day to remember.


What are some of your favorite father’s day activities? Are you planning on throwing a party for your father this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

5 Summer Party Must-Haves

A summer party is the best type of party – you can party outdoors, people are in a good mood and nature is in bloom providing you with stunning produce and beautiful flowers. The opportunities to entertain your guests are endless but if you want some help, here are five summer party must-haves that will guarantee a great Hudson Valley party.


1. Hammocks

summer party

Hammocks are an essential element for adding that summer flair to your party. You can hang hammocks easily if you are organizing a garden party but a few indoor hammocks will also give your party a summer vibe. If hammocks are out of the question, then giant pillows can be a cool, bohemian option for your summer party.


2. Open fire pit

summer party

A good Hudson Valley party always has a proper open fire pit. Why? Because it makes it easy to cook local produce such as corn, lamb, and eggplants right in front of your guests. Open fire is not just great for cooking good summer party food, it’ll also help guests stay warm in the evening and it keeps the bugs away! If you’re organizing your party away from home, the best Hudson Valley venues have plenty of cool outdoor fire pits that you can utilize as part of your party – just remember to check whether they accept cooking on the fire!


3. A party photo booth

hired photo booth

Parties are all about creating memories and one simple way to do it is with a photo booth. Photo booths also provide plenty of entertainment – your guests can occasionally swap the dance floor or the buffet table for posing for photos with friends. The summer’s definite photo booth hit will be a magic mirror photo booth – it’ll make everyone feel like a movie star.


4. Classic BBQ foods with a twist

summer party

All parties need good food and in the summer party food is all about barbeque. Instead of opting for the usual set of ribs and burgers, get your Hudson Valley caterers to do something different. Turkey legs with a smokey coconut rub, coffee infused lamb kebab and pulled chicken burgers. These will add excitement to your menu while still providing guests with something familiar to eat.


5. Fire lanterns

summer party

Although you have the beautiful sun shining during the day, your summer party might well continue long into the night. You need proper lighting to ensure your party photo booth can keep snapping photos even when it gets dark! The best summer party lighting idea is to use fire lanterns – they are warming, charming and easy to set up. Don’t worry if your lanterns aren’t all the same! It actually adds to the charm to have different colored and sized lanterns.


If you want to organize a great summer party, these are definitely the elements that help create just the right atmosphere. Just make the most of our stunning Hudson Valley – use the local products and scout the best party venues for a unique summer party.


What are your favorite summer party must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Photo Booth

Hiring a photo booth to your party is a great way to add entertainment and give your guests something fun to do. But finding the right photo booth is not as easy as just typing “photo booth in Hudson Valley” to Google and picking the cheapest option. Indeed, that can be a recipe for disaster.


To guarantee you find the perfect photo booth for your party, consider these five things when hiring a photo booth.


1. The theme of your party

hired photo booth

The first thing to think about is the theme of your party. You might want a different kind of photo booth if you are organizing a birthday party than if you are hiring a photo booth for a wedding reception. You might want a photo booth with customization that allows it to better fit your vintage theme or you’d want something super easy for children to work, for example. Thinking about the theme will be important for finding the right style photo booth.


2. The features of the photo booth

hiring a photo both

Once you know the theme of your party and how you want the photo booth to fit your party atmosphere, you can start thinking about the features. Hiring a photo booth can be complex because the options are super varied. You can find photo booths that allow instant printing, the use of a green screen and the ability to share the clips on social media. You need to consider these different functions and choose which are adding to your theme and which make your party entertainment more fun.


3. The venue and its capabilities

hiring a photo booth

Of course, you can’t just hire the photo booth you love the most and leave it at that. You need to ensure the photo booth fits your venue as well! Some photo booths can be rather big, while some might not be suitable for outdoor use and so on. It’s important to understand what your venue is able to accommodate and keep this in mind when hiring a photo booth.


4. The service provider and its special services

Now, you should be closer to knowing exactly what kind of photo booth you want to hire for your party. However, similar photo booths will be available from different providers but not all Hudson Valley photo booth providers can deliver the same quality of service. It’s important you talk to the service provider and find out thing like whether they will set up the photo booth, if they’ll stay around to help with the use, what happens if things go wrong and how long can you enjoy taking photos.


5. The price in terms of your budget

hiring a photo booth

Naturally, you also need to think about the cost of hiring a photo booth. It’s a good idea to think about your overall party budget and decide how much you are willing to pay for the booth. Ask the provider to also give different cost calculations – for example, you might save money by not having anyone servicing the photo booth during the party. Don’t just pick the cheapest when hiring a photo booth; consider the above and the qualities and features you want.


What do you wish you’d asked when you last hired a photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!