Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

6 Unexpected Things Your Wedding Photo Booth Needs

A wedding photo booth is a perfect way to add fun to your big day. When it comes to organizing a good wedding photo booth experience for your guests, everyone knows about the props and the backgrounds. But there are a few important, yet unexpected, elements your wedding photo booth needs to become an even better entertainment experience.


Here are the six things you should add to your wedding photo booth.


A table for drinks

wedding photo booth

You don’t want guests to pour over their drinks when snapping photos. The solution is to have a small bar table or side table next to the photo booth for drinks. You can add a tray on the table with a sign that says, “Leave your drinks here when taking photos!” It’s a small detail that can make a big difference.


A photo booth guestbook

wedding photo booth

You’ll probably want to have a wedding guestbook for guests to fill with lovely messages. But you could combine your wedding photo booth with a guestbook by allowing guests to leave one of their photo booth snaps inside a big photo album. Have a photo album and some pens for a different but fun take on the traditional guestbook.


Proper lights

magic mirror photo booth

When it comes to hiring a wedding photo booth, most people think about the background and props, but forget to consider the lighting. If you opt for an open-air photo booth, such as the Magic Mirror photo booth, you need to ensure there is enough lighting for taking good photos. The photo booth provider can often help you solve the problem so make sure to talk to them when choosing the spot for your photo booth.


Continuous advertisement

It’s important to keep reminding people about the photo booth as often as possible. You will need to think beyond just adding a photo booth sign – having the MC mention the photo booth is a good idea. But you can also add small reminders of the photo booth to each dining table. A small leaflet resting next to the centerpiece can be a wonderful idea.


A social media wall

wedding photo booth

If using a digital wedding photo booth, you should consider synching it with a TV display for an interactive social media feed. The feed can be your personal hashtag feed, with the photos and other social media mentions appearing on the big screen. The screen could be in the lobby, for example. Your wedding guests will be able to see how much fun people are having and go check out the booth themselves!


A set of rules

photo booth sign

It’s a good idea to have a sign next to the wedding photo booth, going over the rules of the booth. These are just simple reminders of how to use and behave when taking photos. For example, to avoid spending too much time and letting others use the booth, to avoid photobombing people that might not enjoy it and to use appropriate and classy hashtags when posting things on social media.


Add these elements to your wedding photo booth and you’ll end up creating something magical. The guests will end up having a lot of fun and everyone leaves the big day with beautiful memories!


Do you feel like we left out something important? Tell us your must-have wedding photo booth additions!

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Your First Dance Song

Picking your first dance song can be difficult. The world is full of great songs and you probably have a long list of songs that have meaning for you as a couple. When you’re choosing your first dance song, it’s important to avoid making these crucial mistakes.


Thinking too much about what others would think

first dance song

Do not make the mistake of picking a song based on what your wedding guests will think about it. You don’t want to opt for the popular song just because you think it’s a trendy choice. Likewise, not choosing a song just because others might not find it romantic enough is silly – you want the song to be meaningful for you two, not your wedding guests.


Not speaking with the wedding DJ

There’s a reason wedding DJs are paid professionals and your uncle Fred just an amateur. The experience and insight a wedding DJ can give in terms of which first song ideas work and which don’t are unquestionable. Do talk to the DJ if you’re not sure what song to go with and be open to their ideas – you might find a song you didn’t even think about!


Trying to be too unique or quirky

first dance song

There’s nothing wrong with making your first dance song unique. But the problem comes if you’re trying too hard. You shouldn’t pick a comedy song or avoid a specific song just because you think it’d make the event more different. Don’t force funniness or uniqueness but just go with what feels comfortable and right.


Not testing how the actual dancing feels

first dance song

It’s important to remember the first song is not just about the music and the lyrics. You’ll also have to take to the dance floor and dance to the song. It’s crucial that you actually practice dancing to your chosen song and factor this in when choosing the song. You might find it’s more natural to dance to certain songs. In the end, you might find your favorite by dancing, not just listening.


Forgetting to think about the future

first dance song

We all change and you might find yourself twenty years from now wishing you had used lilies instead of roses. While it’s pointless to regret things, you do want to look forward a bit and think about your first dance song’s timelessness. You don’t want to pick a song on a whim only to regret it later. So be mindful of what you might think about the song later when reminiscing your wedding day.


Find your first dance song


Your first dance song can be anything from a classic to modern and from fast and upbeat to slow and somber. Speak with your Hudson Valley wedding DJ about the options, dance to different songs and go with your gut – the right song is often right there in your heart, waiting for the big day.


Do you know your first dance song already? Was it easy to pick it? Share your thoughts with us – we’d love to hear from you!

Monday, April 9th, 2018

5 Steps to Perfect Garden Wedding Photo Booth

Summer is fast approaching and if you’re in need of entertainment ideas, a garden wedding photo booth is a good pick. Organizing a garden wedding has its specific quirks you need to keep in mind and the same careful planning also applies to your photo booth. To help you out, here are five simple steps to the perfect garden wedding photo booth.


Step #1: Choose between a DIY and rental photo booth

garden wedding photo booth

Your first step is to choose between a DIY and a rental photo booth. We’ve written about the choice previously so read about the pros and cons of each option here.


What you need to know is that Hudson Valley photo booths come in all shapes and sizes. There are a lot of great options for a garden wedding – suitable for all party budgets. While a DIY photo booth can be cheaper, it can also be a lot more work to organize.


Step #2: Pick the right spot

garden wedding photo booth

You must think carefully where to place the photo booth. A garden wedding photo booth should be close to the action – right next to the dance floor is a good idea. You definitely don’t want it to be somewhere hidden or indoors if all the action is outside.


However, do consider the weather, as you would with any other entertainment aspect of an outdoor wedding. You want to have cover from the elements if things go wrong. Therefore, a tent or other such roofing solution is a good idea.


Step #3: Use a background

photo booth backdrop

You might want to take advantage of the beautiful garden in terms of the background. This isn’t a bad idea but you do want to have a clearly framed backdrop to the photos. This could be provided by nature – for example, a huge wooden trunk might work or you could use the barn doors as a backdrop.


But you could also DIY your background or pick something from the photo booth rental company. A backdrop adds structure and clarity to your photo booth.


Step #4: Think about the lighting

garden wedding photo booth

When taking photos outdoors, you have to keep in mind the lighting. Never have a garden wedding photo booth facing sunlight or you’ll end up with bad photos. Use the shade or cover above your photo booth to your advantage.


However, don’t forget natural light will diminish as the night goes on. If your photo booth is there long into the night, you need to have extra lights in the location to guarantee good photos.


Step #5: Add some props

Finally, you should add some props to your garden wedding photo booth. Use the location for inspiration. This means things like wildflowers, funny sunglasses and summer hats and so on. Inspire your guests to enjoy summer and the party!


Enjoying your garden wedding photo booth


Now it’s just time to enjoy the photo booth! Encourage your guests to use the photo booth and make sure to get them to share photos on social media. A digital photo booth often comes with the option to auto-share but you can always add a small sign of “How to tag photos online” next to your booth with DIY version.


What are your tricks and tips for a garden wedding photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Wedding DIY – The Do’s and Don’ts

Getting married is one of the most exhilarating things you’ll ever do. But everyone also knows it can be quite expensive and many choose to opt for wedding DIY tricks to cut down the cost. But what do you need to know about wedding DIY to ensure it doesn’t end up in a DIY disaster?


Here are the do’s and don’ts of going solo with your wedding.

wedding DIY

DO remember time is money. When you’re calculating the actual cost of your wedding, you need to count the time it takes you to get things done. Spending the whole weekend cooking food might save money but you’ll also lose a lot of time.


DON’T forget to plan well. Create a proper schedule for your wedding DIY ideas. You don’t want to leave things to the last minute – have a clear idea when and how you are going to get things done. Be realistic when thinking how long it takes to get things done and always leave some extra breathing room for possible problems.


DO get others involved. Going for wedding DIY doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Get your bridal party involved, for example. DIY projects can be a fun way to spend more time with your nearest and dearest before your married life begins.


DON’T overestimate or underestimate your skills. Be realistic about the things you can do. If you’ve never successfully baked anything in your life, doing your own wedding cake might not be the smartest idea. But don’t also sell yourself short- if you’re good at crafts, then don’t be afraid to put the talent to good use.

wedding DIY

DO invest in wedding professionals when it counts. There’s a reason people hire wedding specialists to do certain things and that’s because they deliver professional results. Having a quality wedding DJ is worth it – it ensures the wedding day is full of fun entertainment, for example.


DON’T be afraid to ‘cheat’. Wedding DIY doesn’t have to be something you do from start to finish. You can cut corners and add a DIY-feel to something you’ve bought from the store. For example, get a basic four-tied cake with white icing and add your own decorations!


DO have a good time. Wedding planning is stressful but it shouldn’t turn you into a human wreck. When you make planning decisions and you’re thinking about things to DIY, don’t forget to focus on having fun. If the idea of crafting your own wedding invitations sounds like hell, don’t do it! You’re meant to enjoy the whole process. Just find something else to save money on.


Wedding DIY is a tool you can use – but be smart about it

wedding DIY

Overall, finding ways to save money on your wedding is important if you’re operating on a tight budget. DIY is a good way to do it but you have to be smart. Don’t burden yourself too much and remember that good quality wedding service providers will always deliver value.


So, look at your schedule, interests and skills. Consider wedding DIY where it’s appropriate and find affordable Hudson Valley wedding professionals for the rest!


What are the things you’d DIY or leave to professionals? Let us know in the comments below!