Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

The Case for December Weddings

December is not the most popular wedding season in Hudson Valley. In fact, there are many who argue there’s nothing worse than having a wedding in December. But are December weddings actually that bad?


The short answer is ‘no’. December can provide a beautiful backdrop for a magical winter wedding and you have plenty of reasons to opt for this cozy season. Here is the ultimate case for December weddings!


They decorate themselves with seasonal inspiration

December weddings

You don’t need to plan your December wedding décor too much because the season just keeps giving ideas. Christmas décor offers so many beautiful ideas from table number baubles to mistletoe floral arrangements. The cool thing is you don’t need to shop at wedding stores for décor – you can find plenty of great items just by walking down the Christmas décor isles at supermarkets and craft stores.


If you don’t like to opt for too much festivity, you can always go with a winter theme. Sparkling décor and silver glitter help create a stunning winter wonderland for everyone to enjoy. You can even use the December finale – i.e. the New Year’s Eve – as décor inspiration!


They are filled with guests who are jolly

December weddings

People are in such a jolly mood during December – Thanksgiving is behind us, and the season of giving upon us. The holidays means people might be more freely available to attend your wedding and since it’s not as a busy season in terms of weddings, most guests won’t have to worry about having to attend multiple weddings on the same day.


They offer plenty of culinary delights

December weddings

The month of December is also joy in terms of culinary delights. Your wedding would benefit from mulled wine or cider, with cinnamon and apple offering a unique but stunning flavor combination for the big wedding cake. You can opt for holiday classic or tweak the classic recipes into modern masterpieces. There are so many hearty and flavorsome ideas for the perfect December wedding menu.


They can be cheaper than summer weddings

December weddings

December weddings and winter weddings, in general, can be a lot cheaper than your popular summer wedding. Many Hudson Valley wedding venues have lower rates for the winter months. You might also find wedding décor and different services slightly cheaper because there’s less demand.


They are perfect for last-minute wedding ideas

December weddings

In fact, because December weddings are not as popular, you can often find tons of last-minute ideas. Wedding service providers might be less busy and booking your favorite Hudson Valley wedding DJ might not be quite as tough. Of course, it’s always good to book as early as possible, but summer weekends can get booked a lot quicker than December weekends!


December weddings are magical

December weddings

Overall, there is something magical about the month of December and it’s definitely a worthy month to get married. December weddings offer plenty of opportunities in terms of décor, food and budget. If you’re thinking about the perfect time to get hitched, don’t forget about this festive season!


What do you think about December weddings? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

5 Secrets to Winter Wedding Planning

The cold weather and the dark Hudson Valley nights are no reason to skip winter wedding plans. Winter weddings offer plenty of opportunities for a warm reception and a sparkling ceremony – it’s not just the season of dark and cold. If you want to save a bit of money and organize a wedding that’s different, then these are the five secrets to winter wedding planning.


#1: Balance the timing with whom you want on the guest list

winter wedding planning

You will need to keep in mind that winter weddings can be tricky in terms of getting people to attend your wedding. The holiday season might be reserved to spending time with the family and therefore, guests might decline the invitation. On the other hand, certain other winter weekends might be less busy. It’s essential to strike a balance between wanting a specific date and understanding your guests might not be able to show up – know what’s more important to you.


#2: Prepare for the weather – not just in terms of staying warm

You obviously need to ensure you prepare for the winter weather – you want to use warm clothing and plan activities indoors to ensure guests and you stay warm and dry. But you also need to be mindful of the weather in terms of contracts – what if there’s a big snowstorm and your Hudson Valley DJ is snowed-in? You need to discuss with your wedding vendors and be aware of the clauses in the contract that talk about weather and cancellation. It’ll save you from a lot of heartache.


#3: Time the wedding photos right

Winter wedding planning also needs to focus on lighting in your wedding photographs. If you want to take photos outdoors in the sunlight, then you have a much smaller window to do this – sunsets happen so much earlier during the long, dark winter months. If you want outdoor photos, then timing is the key. You might also want to remember this when viewing the wedding venue – natural light might not be present during the reception.


#4: Look beyond Winter Wonderland

While Winter Wonderland and festive weddings are great themes to consider in the winter, your winter wedding planning doesn’t have to be just about white and festive baubles. You can incorporate colors and different theme ideas to your day – there’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of summer paradise to your winter wedding. You are organizing a wedding in the winter but it doesn’t mean everything has to be planned around the season.


#5: Keep entertainment at the center of your winter wedding planning

Entertainment is always an important part of a wedding but especially so during the winter. Your guests might not be able to just step outside and wander around the venue – you need to ensure they are having a good time indoors, in your chosen space. Therefore, make sure to include a lot of fun entertainment. This means booking a good wedding band or DJ and adding other activities for the non-dancers. A photo booth is a good idea and a great addition to a winter wedding.


Winter weddings are wonderful. With the above winter wedding planning tips, you can create the perfect party celebrating the season.


What are your favorite things about winter weddings? Let us know!

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Why Cheapest Isn’t Always the Best – You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to your Hudson Valley wedding or a big party, you often have a limited budget to work with. The cost of a wedding has increased in recent years and no one wants to get in debt for having a lovely day. But the result is not to start looking for the cheapest of everything. Why? Because you get what you pay for.


The problem with focusing on price

If you’re just focused on the price, you won’t pay attention to the quality or the other elements that make a service or a product worthy. There are people who contact wedding vendors only to ask about the price – but you would be making a mistake because you might end up with a product or service that cost you less but which…


you end up hating. You don’t check the songs the wedding DJ plays or the cakes the bakery makes. You don’t know what the experience feels like! You need to consider the other aspects of a good product or service and not just the price.


ends up costing you more money. You might actually pay more for a cheap product or service down the line. With wedding vendors, things like insurance are important. You might pay more initially but you won’t be left hanging if things don’t go according to plan. A cheap Hudson Valley wedding DJ might not even show up and you have no protection against it.


It’s crucial, therefore, to know what you are paying for not just how much you are paying. When it comes to the price, you want to be certain of what you are getting and how you are protected in case things don’t go smoothly.


The real conversations to have with Hudson Valley wedding vendors


Therefore, when you are booking a service or buying a product for your wedding, you shouldn’t just check the price. Talk to the service provider about the experience they are providing you with – ask them what is the value they’d bring to your big day!


Understand the hidden cost – including those that come from the service provider not having insurance. You might think nothing can go wrong but life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. You need to know just what it might cost you if things go wrong.

There is nothing wrong with budgeting – higher price also doesn’t guarantee good value. But your focus shouldn’t be solely on the price tag but what you get for paying. It’s always possible to negotiate the price and check if the vendor could tailor a specific package to your needs. So, have these discussions but always center them on value, not the price tag.


So, when you are planning for the perfect Hudson Valley wedding or a Christmas party, don’t just stare at the price tag. Dig deeper and get to the bottom of what you are paying for and you’ll have the perfect day!


What do you think? Is cheapest always the way to go? Share your thoughts with us!

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

5 Reasons Thanksgiving Weddings Are the Best

Thanksgiving weddings have a mixed reputation. There are those who believe you shouldn’t organize a wedding on the Thanksgiving weekend because it’s a holiday you spend with your closest family – not by attending a wedding.


But Thanksgiving weddings are actually a lovely idea and if planned well, can offer a lot of enjoyment for the whole wedding party.


Here are five reasons we think Thanksgiving weddings are the best. Hopefully, these will encourage you to plan your Hudson Valley wedding around this beautiful festivity.


1. Opportunity for an intimate wedding

thanksgiving weddings

We love to invite everyone to our wedding to celebrate our love. But a gigantic wedding is not just a burden on your wedding budget but it can also take away a bit of that intimacy. You don’t have time to properly talk with your guests when the whole venue is crowded with friends and relatives.


Thanksgiving weekend will not fit everyone’s schedule and you actually have a chance of creating a more intimate wedding. You can pick a smaller Hudson Valley venue and make the day much more intimate and cozy – celebrating the day with those who matter.


2. A varied collection of tastes

thanksgiving weddings

Thanksgiving is known for its amazing food – it’s one of the best holidays when it comes to eating delicious meals. For weddings, the holiday offers plenty of stunning variety. You don’t need to just opt for a boring Thanksgiving menu. You can be creative and use the flavors in all sorts of ways. Who wouldn’t like layers of different pies instead of a traditional wedding cake?


3. A beautiful backdrop

Hudson Valley is at its best during Thanksgiving. The trees are full of color and the crispy air creates a beautiful glow in nature. Thanksgiving weddings are definitely one of the best times for stunning photos – you can truly incorporate the fall colors in your wedding photos and even organize parts of your ceremony and reception outdoors.


4. A wide selection of décor options

Thanksgiving is also the time of beautiful fall decorations. You can opt for chestnuts, colorful leaf wraiths, and seasonal fruit to create beautiful table displays. The cold and dark weather is the perfect time for fairy lights and candles, which you can combine with glass vases and crystal decorations. There are plenty of ideas and none of them cost a lot of money!


5. A Thanksgiving weddings full of gratitude

hired photo booth

The holiday will guarantee your wedding is full of gratitude. You can incorporate the idea of giving thanks in different ways. Wedding guests can take seasonal photos in the photo booth – a digital photo booth even allows you to add personal messages to the photos. You can also thank the guests with beautiful photo displays. You can have the tables decorated with glass vases and images of you and the guests – a personalized way to thank them for being there now and in the past.


The above five are just some reason why Thanksgiving weddings are the best. If you’re planning on a fall wedding, you shouldn’t overlook this beautiful holiday. It’s great for inspiration!


What about you? Do you love the idea of a Thanksgiving wedding?