Sunday, February 11th, 2018

The Best Music for Intimate Weddings

More couples in Hudson Valley are opting for intimate weddings. As the average wedding can cost over $35,000, couples have decided to cut the cost and hold the wedding ceremony with just the nearest and dearest. If you’re thinking about going small, here are some tips on how to use music for intimate weddings.


The soundtrack to your wedding is a crucial part of the day. Music sets the tone and it can help people feel invited and relaxed. When you have a smaller wedding venue in use and just a handful guests at present, your music choices play an even more important role.


So, what things should you keep in mind when picking music for intimate weddings?


Don’t dismiss the idea of a wedding DJ

Now, it might seem like your intimate wedding doesn’t require a live performer. You’ll only have a few guests so wouldn’t it be too costly to have a DJ? Will anyone even dance?


You definitely want a DJ even when you don’t have a hundred people hitting the dance floor. Music is not just about the dancing and a good wedding DJ will be able to create a good atmosphere and keep the reception flowing forward. Your Hudson Valley wedding DJ doesn’t have to just play to get people to dance but they can provide background music that’ll help the reception feel slightly more special.


Consider having a musical performance

wedding music ideas

The music for intimate weddings doesn’t have to be just in the background. A musical performance at some point during the ceremony or even the reception can be a fantastic idea. You could have a talented musician play The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face on piano after making the vows. A guitar rendition of The Prayer would also sound beautiful as you enjoy your time at the reception.

Use the venue’s character to pick the right music for intimate weddings

It’s important to pay attention to the venue and its general feel when discussing the playlist. Since you’ll be in a smaller space with fewer people, you want the songs to enhance the ambiance.


So, if your wedding venue is on the beach and near the water, you want carefree and upbeat pop songs to fill the venue. If you’re in a bustling city location, you could opt for modern jazz or blues. For the mountainous wedding venues, indie rock and folk music might sound the best.


Make sure to test the volume beforehand. When there are fewer people present, you don’t want the sound to overpower the other voices in the small space.


Mix it up to keep it interesting

music for intimate weddings

You definitely don’t want your intimate wedding music to be boring. Playing classical music all night long will get tiring quickly. You want to mix it up a bit even if you aren’t planning on having people dance. Talk to your wedding DJ and make sure the playlist has a range of songs from instrumental music to lyrical masterpieces. Include a range of slower love songs and upbeat tunes to keep the energy flowing nicely at your wedding.


With the above tips and ideas in mind, you’ll be able to use music in a powerful way at your intimate wedding. You’ll make the atmosphere just right and add an element of celebration – no matter the size of your guest list!


What kind of music for intimate weddings would you pick?

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

4 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

Valentine’s Day is not just about spending time with your special someone. This wonderful and romantic occasion is perfect for a party or even a great inspiration for a wedding theme. There’s nothing better than getting all of your loved ones together and celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Your party will also need entertainment and for Valentine’s Day, nothing beats a romantic Valentine’s Day photo booth. Now, you could hire a photo booth from a Hudson Valley provider. Our Magic Mirror photo booth is a great addition to any party. But the below steps work with any type of photo booth – even a DIY version.


Here are the steps you need to take to add one to your party.


Step 1. Invite your guests in with a sweet sign

Valentine's Day photo booth

It’s important to ensure your photo booth doesn’t just end up sitting in a corner (you can read more about placing a photo booth right here). In order for guests to enjoy it, you got to show them the booth exist.


Include plenty of signs at different parts of your venue to help guests find the booth. Cupid’s arrows make a great Valentine’s Day photo booth sign! The arrow can point the guests in the right direction. You could also have giant heart-shaped balloons right on top of the photo booth to show the exact spot of the booth.


Step 2. Personalize with a Valentine’s Day photo booth background

You can make your photo booth a little more fun by personalizing it with simple elements. If you’re opting for the Magic Mirror photo booth, you can have a green screen as your background. This allows amazing personalization! Your background could be a romantic castle or filled with small hearts for an extra romantic look. If you want a DIY background, small heart garland would be a lovely addition.


Step 3. Hook your guests with a quirky and romantic task

Valentine's Day photo booth

Your Valentine’s Day photo booth doesn’t have to be a plain “Go and get a photo”-experience. You can turn it into something little more exciting by giving your guests some lighthearted and quirky tasks. For example, you could create a heart-shaped frame the guests can hold while giving each other a kiss. The best kiss picture of the night wins a prize!


You could also have a chalkboard frame guests can use to write a message on the theme. For example, “What’s the best thing about being in love”. Then they write their answer with the chalk and hold up the sign when taking the photo. These tasks incentivize your guests to make good use of the photo booth. Love-related tasks also add a little more romance to your Valentine’s Day photo booth.


Step 4. Create a sweet hashtag for sharing the love

Valentine's Day photo booth

You should also get your guests to share their snaps on social media. This is a fun way to make sure everyone gets to see the photos and your guests can talk about the fun they had even after the party is over. Modern photo booths often come with an automatic social feature. With the Magic Mirror photo booth, you can post your photos online instantly.


You’ll need a good hashtag to ensure everyone gets to see the photos. Create one just for the party – it could be something like #ValentinesDaywithX (X being your last name) or #VDatX (X being the venue. If you’re getting married, the hashtag could be your initials and the date or your initials and the word ‘wedding’.


Print out a cutout of the hashtags you want the guests to use. Place the sign next to the Valentine’s Day photo booth to ensure everyone uses the hashtags and starts spreading the love!


If you follow these above steps, you’re going to have a romantic and fun Valentine’s Day photo booth at your party!


What would you add to a Valentine’s Day photo booth to make it special? Let us know in the comments below.

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

5 Valentine’s Day Wedding Must-Haves

A Valentine’s Day wedding has romance written all over it. Both your wedding day and Valentine’s Day are a celebration of love and when you combine the two, you’ll have a wonderful event oozing of sweetness. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your union together.


So, how to create the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding? Here are the five Valentine’s Day wedding must-haves to include in your big day.


1. Cupid’s arrows to lead the way

Valentine's Day wedding

You’ll need to help your wedding guests navigate the big day – signs are needed for finding the right Hudson Valley wedding venue to finding your place at the table during the wedding reception. To do this, Cupid’s arrows are the perfect Valentine’s Day-inspired idea.


You can have small arrow-shaped table cards to lead the guests to the right spot and add arrows to your floral arrangements to point the guests to the dance floor and so on. It’s possible to use these arrows as decoration, too. Create arrow shapes with candles and have a little Cupid shooting arrows on top of your wedding cake.


2. A novelty cocktail of love

Valentine's Day wedding

The perfect Valentine’s Day wedding will reflect the specialty of day with the wedding menu. You could skip the traditional champagne as your toast and instead create a signature love potion cocktail. This is a quirky idea and it makes the toast a little more memorable and special.


3. Single red roses to hand to the ladies

Valentine's Day wedding

Surprise your female wedding day guests with a single red rose. It’s a superb romantic gesture that’ll melt the hearts of the wedding party. Not to mention, a single rose at the table will look extremely beautiful. You could even get the male guests involved and have each man hand out a red rose to a lady guest.


Red roses make great wedding décor in other ways, too. You can simply have a line of roses crisscrossing across the tables or have giant red rose wreaths on the venue walls.


4. Romantic songs to celebrate love

Your wedding needs a lot of music but on Valentine’s Day, the emphasis is even more on romance. The playlist should have plenty of classic love songs but also the more upbeat celebrations of love, such as Beyonce’s Love on Top. Talk to your Hudson Valley wedding DJ about creating the perfect love-filled playlist that’ll get your wedding guests on the dance floor.


5. A lovely getaway

Valentine's Day wedding

To end your Valentine’s Day wedding in style, you should create a memorable and lovely getaway. You can make it romantic by driving off in-style in an old vintage classic – you can find Hudson Valley providers online.

Another superb and romantic option is to organize a massive fireworks display right at the end. You can have the fireworks spell out words like “love”, as well as explode in heart shapes on the night sky. Just remember to check with a wedding planner or the venue about the permits required for wedding fireworks!


You are going to have the most romantic day ever with these five Valentine’s Day wedding must-haves!


What do you think? What are the most romantic additions to Valentine’s Day wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

5 Reasons to Opt for Open Booth Photo Booth

Having an open photo booth at your party is a trendy choice to make. Hudson Valley photo booth providers have a range of options for an open booth photo booth experience – the Magic Mirror Photo Booth is one of the current favorites.


But what makes an open booth photo booth such a good option? Why should you swap the clunky, closed photo booths to an open model? Here are five reasons opting for an open booth photo booth is a good idea.


1. Everyone can be involved

magic mirror photo booth

An open booth photo booth ensures everyone is part of the photo booth fun. The guests won’t just enter a box for a few minutes and then step out looking like they had a lot of fun. You’ll be there amongst other guests enjoying the photo booth!


2. Takes a lot less space

open booth photo booth

You will find it a lot easier to place the photo booth because an open booth will take a lot less space. The traditional photo booths can be clunky and occupy a big portion of your venue. Since size is not a problem, you’ll also have the advantage of placing the photo booth somewhere central – no longer does it need to be hidden away in a hallway.


3. Plenty of prop opportunities

hired photo booth

It’s a lot easier to have props when using an open booth photo booth. Space is not a problem – you don’t have to cram everything inside the booth. Instead, you can boxes of props next to the photo booth and guests can choose what to use.


4. An open booth photo booth is filled with modern treats

Talking about props, open booth photo booths are filled with cool modern treats. You don’t even need physical props, as you can simply use the in-booth props. With Magic Mirror Photo Booth, you can write text and choose digital props to be included in the photo. You could even add a green screen for a personalized background.

Furthermore, the modern photo booth always comes with a social element. These open booth photo booths allow you to share the photos instantly on social media!


5. You get more guests engaging with the booth

For the above reasons, your guests will be more willing and excited to use the photo booth. This is important because you don’t want to hire a photo booth only to have no one use it. But with a fun open booth photo booth, this won’t be a problem – you can guarantee people will be talking about the photo booth for year’s to come!


A photo booth is a great addition to your wedding or another party. If you want to maximize entertainment and cost-effectiveness, you definitely want to opt for the open booth photo booth. You and your guests are going to enjoy it and have lots of memories to share with each other long after the party has ended!


What do you love about the open booth photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!