Monday, May 20th, 2019

Wedding Photo Booth – How to Avoid Disaster

The right wedding photo booth can add a lot of entertainment value to your big day. Photo booths make people come together and have a laugh – everyone can make a lot of fun memories at your wedding! But could something so fun as a wedding photo booth turn into a disaster?


Things can always go wrong and you definitely don’t want that to be true on your wedding day. Having something go wrong with your photo booth can be annoying and extremely embarrassing.


Luckily, there are things you can do to avoid the most common disasters. Here are the top tips to guarantee your wedding photo booth will be a success!


Focus on Finding the Right Service Provider

wedding photo booth cost

Many wedding photo booth disasters happen because the photo booth provider is chosen with haste and only the cost in mind. This can result in things like:


  • The company cancelling in the last minute
  • Them not showing up with the photo booth
  • The company providing a different service that was promised


As you can imagine, these would cause a lot of stress on your wedding day. That’s why one of the main things you should do is to research your local North Carolina wedding photo booth providers and pick someone with great recommendations and a history of good service.


Focus on finding a company that provides responsive and good customer service. You want them to respond to your queries and provide you with an answer that satisfies you. It’s essential to create a proper contract that covers issues like faulty booths and cancellations.


Have a Backup Plan

photo booth props

Of course, things don’t always go to plan and there might be unexpected issues in delivery. It’s important to have some sort of Plan B for possible problems.


You should pick a quality photo booth to ensure you can trust it to function on your big day. A great wedding photo booth is something like the Magic Mirror photo booth that allows guests to snap photos, edit them and post them on social media. Of course, this relies on electricity so ask the service provider if they need any backup – such as extra cords or the like!


If all else fails, you might want to include a cheap Polaroid camera to your wedding and allow your guests to use it and any photo booth props you’ve prepared. This is a quick, yet simple backup in case things don’t work out!


You should also have other entertainment for the guests to enjoy. A wedding DJ, some board or lawn games, and other games will be enough to avoid an entertainment disaster.


A Wedding Photo Booth Success

wedding photo booth

When you pay a bit of attention to choosing your wedding service providers, you can save yourself from a lot of heartache and trouble. The key is to build a good relationship with the company and the people behind it and listen to their tips and advice. If you keep this in mind, you’ll end up with wedding photo booth success!


What do you think about photo booths at weddings? Share us your thoughts!

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Summer Wedding Must-Haves for North Carolina Wedding

North Carolina summers are magical. They offer the perfect time for a lovely outdoor summer wedding. However, they can also be hot, thundery and sometimes way too mosquito-y! That’s why we’ve devised a list of the summer wedding must-haves your North Carolina wedding should have to guarantee everyone has a good time.


#1: A Plan B

summer wedding must-haves

The most obvious summer wedding must-have for an outdoor North Carolina wedding is to have a plan B. You have to prepare for the weather. This means getting a marque or other type of cover sorted out. You also have to prepare to host your guests in another indoor area if it all gets very stormy. So make contingency plans for storms. Keep an eye on the weather updates and prepare for the first if it looks like it. It might be that you have to reschedule parts of your wedding reception or cut it short in case of a thunderstorm.


#2: Sweet Summer Survival Packs

summer wedding must-haves

You should provide your guests with small summer survival packs. These can be tiny inexpensive pouches that are filled with things that can make hot summer days more bearable. Good items to include to your package would be an empty water bottle (perhaps with your wedding day and initials engraved into it!), bug repellant, lip balm and a small bottle of sunscreen.


#3: Enough Hydration

summer party mistakes

And we’re not talking about the champagne here! In fact, you should ensure there’s plenty of water around because hot North Carolina weather combined with a few drinks can leave a lot of people dehydrated. Have water fountains around your wedding venue with cute cups for people to drink it up. It’s also a good idea to ask your wedding DJ to remind people to drink up every once in a while. We even have tips for keeping your guests cool at the photo booth!


#4: Relaxed Entertainment

north carolina photo booth

Summer wedding must-haves should be all about making your wedding guests comfortable. When the North Carolina wedding is showing its finest, you need to ensure your guests are relaxed and with the right entertainment, this is easy. Classic summer entertainment is to have a wedding photo booth. In the summer, you want to opt for an open photo booth to avoid guests from having to cram into a small booth. Place it next to the dance floor and you’ll end up with lots of happy guests with great memories!


#5: Lots of Outdoor Lights

summer wedding must-haves

While the sun will, hopefully, be scorching down on you during the day, the nights can get dark. Make sure all outside spaces have enough lights to avoid your guests having to wander around in the darkness. String lights, LED-candles and real candles are inexpensive and fun.


Summer Wedding Must-Haves for the Perfect Wedding Day


So, make sure to include the above summer wedding must-haves to your wedding planning process and you’re guaranteed to have a successful summer wedding. Our beautiful North Carolina is full of fantastic wedding venues that’ll help you create the perfect summer wedding.


Do you have your own summer wedding must-haves? Let us know!

Monday, May 6th, 2019

5 Best Mother-Son Songs for Your Wedding

The mother-son dance is one of the most touching moments of a wedding reception. While couples often spend a lot of time choosing the song for their first dance, it’s just as important to pay attention to the parent-child dances. In the honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, here are five great mother-son songs you could consider for your North Carolina wedding!


Forever Young by Rod Stewart


This song was written by Rod Steward for his two children. The lyrics talk beautifully about always staying kind and not losing sight of who you are – something all mothers want their sons, and daughters, to remember.

Sweetest Devotion by Adele


Adele’s songs are at the top of the wedding playlist for many couples. Sweetest Devotion is a fitting mother-son song because the charismatic artist wrote it for her own son. It’s a beautiful song that’ll capture the moment magically.



God Made You Beautiful by Beyoncé


Another strong mother singing a song for their child is Beyoncé with her God Mad You Beautiful. She wrote it for her daughter and the song’s lyrics talk about the beauty of children and how they make the world just right.


I’ll Always Love My Momma by The Intruders


If you’re looking for those upbeat mother-son songs, then you must check out this one by The Intruders. It has a funky melody that’s perfect for a choreographed dance to wow the crowds! It’s also a lovely song to remind your mother that you’ll always be her baby boy.


A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men


You can also get your groove on with this Boyz II Men classic. It’s a great way to show your mom some appreciation during the wedding ceremony. The song is a love song for all the hardworking moms out there and one of our favorite mother-son songs!


Tips for Choosing Mother-Son Songs

mother-son songs

The above song suggestions could work well for all sorts of mothers and sons. When you are choosing the mother-son songs, there are few tips that can help you with the process.


First, choose the song together with your parent! You could simply ask if the mother has ideas in terms of songs – they might have a favorite song that always reminds them of you. Including your mother into the selection process can make them feel extra special.


Alternatively, if you want, you can surprise them with the song. Think about a meaningful song and perhaps ask tips from your father or anyone else really close to your mother – just be ready for the tears to flow when your mother first hears the song!


Consider an instrumental version if you don’t think the lyrics are appropriate or fitting for the occasion. Sometimes you might love a tune and the sentiment of the music and it’s perfectly OK to go with an instrumental version.


You could also change the tune slightly. The best mother-son songs don’t have to be the ones played on the radio – you can pick an alternative version. Perhaps you love an upbeat song but it’s not ‘danceable’ enough. So pick a slower version! Your wedding DJ will be happy to help so just ask them for advice!


What would you love to have as your mother-son song? Share your favorite tunes!

Monday, April 29th, 2019

5 Tips for a North Carolina Backyard Wedding

Hosting a North Carolina backyard wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate your love. But having your wedding party right in your own backyard can be a tricky challenge – but with these five tips, you are bound to succeed!


#1: Be Realistic

north carolina backyard wedding

First, you have to take a critical look of your North Carolina backyard and assess its qualities with an open mind. How many guests can you actually invite? What kind of food are you able to serve? What about wedding entertainment?


Planning is the key to any wedding success but it’s especially important with backyard weddings. So be realistic of what you can achieve – sort out things like the guest estimates, plan B’s for bad weather and your catering early on.


#2: Get the Cleaning Done Indoors Too

north carolina backyard wedding

Just because you’re holding a backyard wedding, doesn’t mean you want the indoor areas to be messy. While your main decorative focus should be outside, you should get proper cleaning done indoors too. Hire a good North Caroline cleaner if you want less stress!


#3: Get Cover and a Dance Floor

north carolina backyard wedding

You’ll need two big things to make your North Carolina backyard wedding great: a tent to protect from the weather and a dance floor to make dancing better. The tent can open-wall if you want, the main thing is to have a bit of coverage from the elements.


With the dance floor, you guarantee everything can have a good time. Dancing your first dance on the lawn is not fun! Creating a small dance floor in the backyard won’t be difficult – your North Carolina DJ might have lots of tips for you.


#4: Don’t Forget the Lights

popular spring wedding songs

You might be planning for a daytime party but you’ll most likely end up dancing the night away! You should think about lighting your backyard and not just the immediate areas of your porch. String lights, candles and all sorts of LED solutions will work perfectly.


#5: Get the Games Going

wedding games

One great entertainment tips for a North Carolina backyard wedding is none other than lawn games. Giant Jenga towers, croquette and even poker tables are all fun ways to ensure your guests can have a good time even they aren’t eating or dancing. Lawn games are also perfect for keeping the kids entertained!


Bonus Tip for Your North Carolina Backyard Wedding

north carolina backyard wedding

We have one final tip for you for making your backyard wedding magnificent and that involves creating memories! You want to consider hiring a wedding photographer or a wedding photo booth for the reception. This will allow your wedding guests to take lots of photos that’ll warm your heart for years to come.


A Wonderful Way to Celebrate Love


A backyard wedding is a great way to organize an intimate wedding reception and our North Carolina weather is perfect for it with wonderful spring, summer and autumn seasons. You’ll be able to save a lot of money and create a beautiful atmosphere that still manages to impress your wedding guests – so get planning!


Do you have a tip for hosting a North Carolina backyard wedding? Let us and our readers know!