10 Great Songs for Garter Removal and/or Toss!

10 Great Songs for Garter Removal and/or Toss!

Weddings are filled with amazing traditions. Perhaps one of the funniest, as well as the naughtiest, traditions is the garter removal and toss. When the newlywed husband goes down to remove the garter in front of family and friends there is surely going to be plenty of whistles and laughs. And soon after, all the single men will line up to ‘fight for’ receiving the garter and have a chance of finding true love! A moment like this definitely needs a great song to go with it. Your top Hudson Valley DJs recommend these 10 songs for this moment.

The theme song from the Mission Impossible movie is a really funny choice. It adds a nice element of achievement for the moment. It is a song that many people will know about and there will surely be plenty of laughs when it is blasted out from the speakers.

Elvis Presley surely knew how to win over the ladies and therefore A Little Less Conversation is a great pick for the moment. It’s a nice upbeat song that really plays with the sexiness of this whole tradition.

This Inner Circle classic is a really fun song for gathering all the single men together. It is a nice tune for setting the mood and it will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.

As the tradition involves a bit of leg showing by the bride, this Rod Stewart song is a really funny pick. It is a sexy song that will be nice to play while the husband is looking to find the garter.

When you are tossing the garter it’s a good idea to remind the bachelors what is up for grasp. This Jay-Z song is a clever pick for the garter toss. It will surely get all the single men and ladies excited and on to the dance floor!

If you are looking for something smooth and sexy then this Marvin Gaye classic is definitely a good pick. It is a really funky song and it’ll add plenty of steamy romance for the garter removal.

Just a Gigolo by David Lee Roth is another fun choice to play. Some couples actually end up playing it once the garter has found its new owner.

You can also use this old classic. It is a great song to get the single men dancing and waiting for the big moment. It is really playful song to lift up the mood.

If you want to add some heat to the moment with your song choice then this Nelly song is a good pick. It is a nice song to play right when the husband is looking around for the garter.

Finally, you could also go with Sexyback by Justin Timberlake. It’s a song that gets people dancing and it will surely add plenty of spicy flavors for the event.

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