10 Must Have Photos Every Bride Needs

10 Must Have Photos Every Bride Needs

Photos are the best way to ensure the memory of your wedding day lives with you forever. There is nothing better than sitting down with a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy winter night and browse through your old wedding photos. Here are ten must have photos every bride needs to get.

1. The Gown
Before you put on your wedding dress you definitely want to photograph it first. Take a simple picture of the dress just hanging on a hanger. You can add more emotion for the photo by gently touching it while the picture is taken, for example.
2. The Shoes
Wedding shoes often don’t get enough attention. Most brides will be wearing a long gown that doesn’t really showcase the amazing shoes you have. So take a lovely shot of them as well.

3. The Preparation
You also want to take a photo of yourself getting ready. For instance, take a picture while you are getting your makeup or hair done. Make it fun and something that really shows your nerves, or the lack of them!

4. The Bouquet
Naturally, you also want to take a picture of the bridal bouquet. It is a nice idea to take one shot with just the bouquet. For instance, lay it down on a table or take a nice shot of the bouquet with the bride some time before the start of the ceremony.

5. The Minute Before
The bride needs a lovely photo right before she steps down the aisle. It can be either with the bridesmaids or just the bride alone in the photo. Make sure to capture the emotion and nerves/excitement with this photo.

6. The Walking Down The Aisle
You also want a picture of you and your father/brother/uncle walking down the aisle. This is a proud moment for both of you and you want an everlasting memory of it. You can even include the groom for the photo if you want.

7. The Kiss
Of course, you need to take a picture of the kiss. This is often such a touching moment for everyone at the wedding and you really want a photo of the first time you two kissed as a married couple.

8. The Confetti/Petal Toss
Try to catch a photo of the moment you two are under the confetti/flower petal shower. This will be the fun photo that shows how the nerves are finally over and it is time to relax & celebrate.

9. The Friends And Family
There will naturally be plenty of photos with family and friends. You want to make sure there are photos with the two of you, as well as with you alone with your friends and family. For instance, the bride should definitely have a photo taken together with the bridesmaids.

10. The Private Moment
Finally you want that perfect private moment photo. It can be a photo just before you two step into the reception venue, for example. This photo is all about showing you two together in love while the world around you stops.

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What are some of your MUST HAVE photos for your big day? I’d love to hear from you!!!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment