11 Songs To Include To Your Wedding Playlist in 2014

11 Songs To Include To Your Wedding Playlist in 2014

If you want your wedding entertainment to be amazing, then you want to pay attention to the music. A proper Hudson Valley wedding DJ can help you with the hurdles of setting up a good playlist. A good DJ can also guarantee people spend time on the dance floor. It’s always important to talk about the music with the DJ before the event to ensure the list reflects your personal styles.

If you are thinking about the best songs to include onto your playlist then look no further! Here are 11 of the hottest weddings songs in 2014. The list offers something for each moment of the reception to create a romantic and fun wedding for you and your guests.

Setting Up The Mood

Whether you are looking to set up the mood or pick an entrance song, these following songs should definitely be included. You want the music to be upbeat and something that makes your guests feel welcomed. The following are some of the most popular songs that could work really well at the start of your wedding reception: 

Creating a Romantic Atmosphere

You also need to include plenty of romantic, slow songs for your playlist. It is important that you have slow dances for your guests to dance as well and that don’t just use one slow song as your first dance. Here are some great, romantic songs that work well in 2014:

Getting People To Dance

The number of people on the dance floor at any time is a good reflection on how good your DJ is. You want people to relax and have fun at your party. Getting people to dance and unwind is really important for ensuring your wedding is a success. With the following songs you can get people dancing and partying all night long:

Saying Goodbye in Style

It is also a good idea to think about the last song. You want to make sure your wedding guests leave with happy memories and having the pefect final song can guarantee just that. Picking the right song as your last song really depends a lot on whether you want it to be slow or upbeat. These two songs are especially popular in 2014:

These 11 songs should definitely be considered when writing up your wedding playlist. They will turn up the heat and make the mood romantic at your beautiful Hudson Valley wedding. And remember to talk about the playlist beforehand to guarantee your DJ won’t play songs that you can’t stand.

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What are some of YOUR must play songs for your wedding this year? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you! 

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