3 Best Types of Shoes to Wear for an Outdoor Wedding

3 Best Types of Shoes to Wear for an Outdoor Wedding

Now that the warmer weather is finally upon us, having your wedding outdoors is a great idea. In fact, some of the best places to get married in the Hudson Valley area are outdoors. But when you are planning an outdoor wedding you need to take a few more things into account. Selecting the right clothing, whether you are a guest or the one getting married, is really important. For women, shoes can be a tricky part of creating that outdoor look with elegance. Here are some shoe suggestions to help you out.

(1) Swap Heels For Wedges

High heels can be a big no-no for an outdoor wedding. If you need to walk on the lawn then the chances of your heel sinking in are pretty high. It is much better idea to opt for shoes with a wedged heel. This gives you stability and makes walking around a lot easier. It will also guarantee you don’t look like you are wobbling around. 

You can find plenty of great wedges online. For instance, these Neiman Marcus wedges are a good idea to keep in mind. They look really chic and go well with variety of styles. You could also go with black Peep Toe Skimmers from Wet Seal if you are looking for something less expensive.

(2) Try Bohemian Sandals

If you are attending or having a rustic wedding then sandals aren’t a bad pick. If you wear sandals you can add a bit more bohemian flair for your wedding look and you don’t need to worry about being unable to dance and walk about. Naturally, sandals are also a great choice for a beach wedding.

There are plenty of great stylish sandals available as well. For example, you could check out Mystique’s online shop that has a beautiful range of jeweled sandals. These combine just the right amount of sparkle and practicality for your wedding look. Pearl decorations in sandals are another simple way to make your shoes look a little bit more elegant.

(3) Select Simple Ballerinas

Simple ballerinas are also a good choice for an outdoor wedding. They suit many different terrains very well and can look as sophisticated as high heels. If you are a bit unsure of the terrain or the conditions then ballerinas are a really safe choice to go with.

You also have so many options available when it comes to elegant ballerina shoes. For instance, you can create a nice party look with these Luxe Lasercut Loafers from Forever21.com. Simple leather ballerina shoes would also work very well. And as floral trends are popular when it comes to weddings in 2014, you could also opt for some floral ballerinas from Zara. 

The above shoe ideas work very well for an outdoor wedding. It is important that you keep practicality in mind. But as the above suggestions show this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear gorgeous shoes.

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Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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