3 Great Tips For Picking A Wonderful Wedding Introduction Song

3 Great Tips For Picking A Wonderful Wedding Introduction Song
Music is a key part of creating a great wedding reception. Music can stir the right emotions and it is a great way to guarantee everyone has a smile on their face. One important aspect of wedding music is selecting the introduction or entrance song. You want to make sure that the first time you are introduced as Mr. and Mrs. will be a moment to remember. Here are some tips as well as suggestions for some great wedding party introduction music.

Step Out with A Bang

It is a good idea to pick something that sets a good mood with vibrant, funky tones. You really want to make sure that you catch people’s attention and a loud, upbeat song is perfect to do this. Big, instrumental songs can be a really fun way to come out as a newly married couple. 
Here are some songs to consider:

All of the above songs will surely get people cheering and waiting for the party to start.

Celebrate the Occasion

You could also pick a song that really celebrates this special day and the love you two have. Selecting an introduction song that has sweet lyrics is always a nice idea. It is a great way to let your guests know about the love you two have for each other, as well as the expectations for your wedding reception. A song that tells everyone to have fun and enjoy is always a good idea. Here are some songs we’d recommend for you to keep in mind:

Pink – Get the Party Started

These songs are really nice because the lyrics suit the occasion so well. They are also great, upbeat songs and therefore will get people ready for the party.

Make It Fun

And if you are a relaxed couple who want to have a lot of fun at your wedding then there are some great song choices out there. Having some fun with your introductory song will make everyone feel more relaxed and it’ll surely be an entrance that everyone will remember for years to come. Here is our selection of some of the funniest wedding introductory songs:

All of the above ideas will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. You could make your entrance even more special by coming up with a few dance moves with your partner.

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What songs are getting you revved & pumped up to walk into your reception the first time as Mr & Mrs?? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!! 

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