3 Photo Booth Myths Busted

Photo booth myths are a big reason many are afraid of the entertainment option. You’ve booked your Hudson Valley wedding or sorted out a big birthday party and you want something exciting, fun and modern to entertain you and the guests. You think about the humble photo booth but then the below three photo booth myths pop into your head. But it is time to bust those myths and reveal the true power of the photo booth as one of the best entertainment options to any party.


Myth #1: Photo booths are boring


photo booth myths

Many people assume photo booths are not fun. The biggest photo booth myth is to think they are so boring people won’t even use them. If no one is using your photo booth, why hire it in the first place?
But the truth is photo booths are an extremely fun addition to any party, whether a wedding or a Halloween party at work. It brings people together and it generates laughter every time someone uses it. Photo booths allow us all to be a bit silly and let our guard down – we all pull off funny faces when the countdown begins, right?


Perhaps, people assume party photo booths are like those hideous boxes where you take your passport photos. That you just sit on your own and sulk. But modern photo booths are nothing like that. Think about the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, for instance. It can be placed in any open space and people are able to add messages, drawings and images on top of the photos! You could even use the green screen and have guests create their own backgrounds. Now, that’s not boring but fun!


Myth #2: Photo booths are old-fashioned


over-the-top wedding ideas

When people are saying their photo booth myths, they also tend to assume photo booths are old-fashioned. They have the image of the big, clunky photo booth and a view you just sit and take photos, as described above.


But photo booths are actually rather modern and technical these days. Indeed, with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, you can even share your photos on social media right after the snap! This adds a lot of modern flair to your party and will surely get even the youngsters involved.


Myth #3: Photo booths take a lot of space


perfect photo booth

Photo booth myths also occur when people are afraid the booth will take a lot of space. If you’re planning a wedding, you might be afraid the photo booth won’t fit anywhere, especially since you also want to have a dance floor.


But photo booths are not gigantic – the Magic Mirror photo booth can be placed almost anywhere and it won’t take more space than a small serving table. If you want, you can always opt for a DIY photo booth, which allows you to design where you place it and how big it will be.


A photo booth is not going to take all of your space! In fact, you definitely don’t want to make the mistake of hiring a Hudson Valley photo booth and then sticking it to a corner somewhere far from all the party action. Photo booths are best placed right next to the dance floor – that’s where all the smiling happy people are, ready to take photos!


What are some photo booth myths you might have? Let us help you bust them by sharing them in the comments below!

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