4 Amazing Cake Cutting Song Ideas For Your Wedding

4 Amazing Cake Cutting Song Ideas For Your Wedding

Cutting the cake has long been a big part of a wedding ceremony. It often happens in the last hour of the reception. There are plenty of traditions involving this part of the wedding reception and many ways to add your own little twist for the occasion. 
This is me & my husband Thomas cutting our wedding cake 8/8/09!
Music is an important part of cake cutting and you can really set the mood with the right song. Here are four types of song ideas for your cake cutting.

#1 Traditional Song Ideas

If you want to keep your cake cutting very traditional then there are plenty of nice songs to go with. Many of these songs are big band type of songs and therefore they are often a nice pick for a vintage themed wedding. Some of the most requested traditional songs include:

Natalie Cole – This Will Be (AnEverlasting Love)

These songs are really lovely and they won’t take the center stage during the ceremony. If you just want something nice in the background then the above songs might be your pick.

#2 Sweet Song Ideas

There are also plenty of other song ideas that play more into the ‘sweet’ element of cake cutting. These are songs that make sure everyone knows it is time to enjoy the dessert. Here are some of the cutest songs to pick:

The Archies – Sugar Sugar

This is a nice selection of songs that fits the cake cutting really well. They don’t just have sweet and fun lyrics but the music is also good fun for this occasion.

#3 Lighthearted Song Ideas

The cake cutting is a moment where you two can really relax and just enjoy the moment. The majority of the reception is behind you so it is a nice moment to really unwind with the music. Here are some ideas for sweet yet lighthearted cake cutting songs:

The above are really sweet love songs that give your cake cutting a lighthearted twist. They aren’t overly sappy either.

#4 Fun Song Ideas

You can also be a bit more playful with your song choice. Your cake cutting is a great moment to highlight your sassy side. A fun song is really going to make sure everyone feels relaxed and has a laugh. Here are a few fun song ideas to consider:

The above are some of the great songs that people often choose as their cake cutting song. Contact us for more information on how to make your cake cutting personal & unique when you book your wedding reception with us! If you are looking for tips on how to plan a Hudson Valley wedding then you can find amazing ideas from our FREE e-book.
Do you have a favorite song picked for your cake cutting? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!! 

Happy Planning!
Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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