4 of the Best Bridal Bouquet Ideas for 2014

4 of the Best Bridal Bouquet Ideas for 2014

Flowers are an essential part of a wedding day. And one of the key elements to think about when it comes to flowers is the bridal bouquet. Many brides want to preserve their wedding bouquet as a memory and you really want to make sure your bouquet is everything you want. Here are some of the best bridal bouquet ideas out there to give you some inspiration.

(1)Soft pastel colors

One of the biggest trends this season is definitely soft pastel colors. There are plenty of light bridal bouquets out there, giving brides a very feminine look with the bouquet.
There are plenty of different ways to go with a soft pastel bouquet. A really trendy idea is to create a very vintage style bouquet. It is evident that shows like the Downton Abbey and the Great Gatsby movie have both inspired a lot of florists, as well as brides, this year.

The Martha Stewart website has some great ideas for a vintage style bouquet. Include plenty of soft pink, for example calla lilies look really lovely in a bridal bouquet.

(2)Different shades of violet

Another trendy color for bridal bouquets is violet. This is one of the theme colors for weddings in 2014 and it really shows in bridal bouquets as well. Violet is a great color choice for elegant as well as softer bouquets. You can go with softer lavender hues all the way to deeper violet orchids, for example. If you mix two different shades together you can add a little bit more depth for your bridal bouquet. 
(3)‘Just picked’ bouquets

It is also very fashionable at the moment to make sure the flower bouquet looks like the flowers have just been picked. This kind of relaxed, country-feel gives a nice finishing touch for the bouquet and it suits a rustic wedding theme very well. 
 ‘Just picked’ bouquets also mean that you need to use seasonal flowers. If you are looking to get married in the Hudson Valley area then you can find plenty of great florists from websites such as Vintage Hudson Valley.

Flowers like cherry blossom and tulip are great for spring weddings. And if you are getting married in the summer months then you should consider sunflowers and Asiatic lilies.

(4)Simple white bouquets

If you are looking for something really simple and elegant then plain white bouquets are also making a comeback. These are especially great if your theme colors are very simple and you want a bouquet that is very dramatic yet elegant
You can add a bit more character for a white bouquet by using two different flowers. For example, a white calla flower together with a lily of the valley looks really stunning.

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Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
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