4 Photo Booth Trends for the Fall

As we say our goodbyes for the summer, it is time to start preparing for the big fall parties. Lake Norman is the perfect region for a fall wedding and you also have Halloween and Thanksgiving quickly approaching – planning right now will guarantee you have a good party, no matter what!


Photo booth adds just the right amount of fun to your party. It’s something fun the guests can do and it will ensure everyone leaves the party with a smile on their faces. But party photo booths are always changing and it’s time to check out the big fall photo booth trends.


Sharing on social media


photo booth trends

Social media is a trend that just keeps growing. When it comes to photo booth trends, this is definitely the thing this year – you want to share it and then share it once more!


Most photo booths these days come with a social media element. The photo booth allows you to share your snaps instantly on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The photos are generally digital, so sharing is quick and easy.


Snack it up


Photo booths are becoming the central element of a party and this means they are more than just stations for photos. One big trend this fall is to pair some funky snack with your photo booth – yes, it is all about using snack as a prop!


We know you shouldn’t be playing with food but gorgeous cake pops or quirky candy bars are just what you need to add more fun to a photo booth. Just keep it simple and fun – you don’t want anything sticky to get in the way! This trend is definitely something to consider for a Halloween party.


Competing for the top shot


wedding traditions

The fall will also feature a lighthearted element that will help put your photo booth at the center of it all: a photo booth competition. People are coming up with great competition ideas and this adds a bit more meaning and fun to your photo booths.


For example, you could ask the guests to recreate famous movie scenes, act through love songs or just pretend to be an animal or a famous person. Then everyone could get to vote for the best shot at the end of the night.


Mirroring your beauty


magic mirror photo booth

In terms of photo booth trends and the most popular style photo booths, the winner this fall is the Magic Mirror photo booth. The booth looks just like a normal mirror – except that you get to draw things to it, choose from different backgrounds and share the photos on social media. The photo booth is fun and it won’t take a lot of space at you party venue – you can find more from a Lake Norman photo booth specialist.


So, there you have it! Four fantastic photo booth trends for the fall, ready to turn your party up a notch. If you are throwing a party, you definitely want to add entertainment in the form of a photo booth – just keep the above trends in mind to make it even more special.


What are some photo booth trends you love? Let us know!

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