4 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

Valentine’s Day is not just about spending time with your special someone. This wonderful and romantic occasion is perfect for a party or even a great inspiration for a wedding theme. There’s nothing better than getting all of your loved ones together and celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Your party will also need entertainment and for Valentine’s Day, nothing beats a romantic Valentine’s Day photo booth. Now, you could hire a photo booth from a Lake Norman provider. Our Magic Mirror photo booth is a great addition to any party. But the below steps work with any type of photo booth – even a DIY version.


Here are the steps you need to take to add one to your party.


Step 1. Invite your guests in with a sweet sign

Valentine's Day photo booth

It’s important to ensure your photo booth doesn’t just end up sitting in a corner (you can read more about placing a photo booth right here). In order for guests to enjoy it, you got to show them the booth exist.


Include plenty of signs at different parts of your venue to help guests find the booth. Cupid’s arrows make a great Valentine’s Day photo booth sign! The arrow can point the guests in the right direction. You could also have giant heart-shaped balloons right on top of the photo booth to show the exact spot of the booth.


Step 2. Personalize with a Valentine’s Day photo booth background

You can make your photo booth a little more fun by personalizing it with simple elements. If you’re opting for the Magic Mirror photo booth, you can have a green screen as your background. This allows amazing personalization! Your background could be a romantic castle or filled with small hearts for an extra romantic look. If you want a DIY background, small heart garland would be a lovely addition.


Step 3. Hook your guests with a quirky and romantic task

Valentine's Day photo booth

Your Valentine’s Day photo booth doesn’t have to be a plain “Go and get a photo”-experience. You can turn it into something little more exciting by giving your guests some lighthearted and quirky tasks. For example, you could create a heart-shaped frame the guests can hold while giving each other a kiss. The best kiss picture of the night wins a prize!


You could also have a chalkboard frame guests can use to write a message on the theme. For example, “What’s the best thing about being in love”. Then they write their answer with the chalk and hold up the sign when taking the photo. These tasks incentivize your guests to make good use of the photo booth. Love-related tasks also add a little more romance to your Valentine’s Day photo booth.


Step 4. Create a sweet hashtag for sharing the love

Valentine's Day photo booth

You should also get your guests to share their snaps on social media. This is a fun way to make sure everyone gets to see the photos and your guests can talk about the fun they had even after the party is over. Modern photo booths often come with an automatic social feature. With the Magic Mirror photo booth, you can post your photos online instantly.


You’ll need a good hashtag to ensure everyone gets to see the photos. Create one just for the party – it could be something like #ValentinesDaywithX (X being your last name) or #VDatX (X being the venue. If you’re getting married, the hashtag could be your initials and the date or your initials and the word ‘wedding’.


Print out a cutout of the hashtags you want the guests to use. Place the sign next to the Valentine’s Day photo booth to ensure everyone uses the hashtags and starts spreading the love!


If you follow these above steps, you’re going to have a romantic and fun Valentine’s Day photo booth at your party!


What would you add to a Valentine’s Day photo booth to make it special? Let us know in the comments below.

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