5 Beautiful Thanksgiving Photo Booth Ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and your Thanksgiving party planning is probably in full swing. Whether you are organizing a Thanksgiving themed wedding or just gathering the friends and family together for a massive party, a photo booth is a good addition to your festivities. So, how to make your Thanksgiving photo booth a little different? Here are five beautiful photo booth ideas to try.


1. Giving thanks with a blackboard

Thanksgiving photo booth

A simple but beautiful way to make your Thanksgiving photo booth more fun is to include a small blackboard with chalk as a prop. People can use them to write down what they are the most thankful for this year and hold the sign as they take the photo. You can find plenty of cheap blackboard signs from online platforms like Amazon and eBay.


2. A leafy backdrop celebrating nature

Thanksgiving photo booth

Thanksgiving takes place during a wonderful time of the year. Hudson Valley is full of color and you definitely want to include this beauty to your Thanksgiving photo booth. A simple way to do it is by creating a leafy backdrop for your photo booth. Gather colorful leafs, dry them between parchment papers and some books, and gently attach to each other using a thread. Hang these leafy garlands from the ceiling and you have a beautiful leafy backdrop for your photo booth.


3. Colorful feather props to play with

Thanksgiving photo booth

Feathers are, of course, part of Thanksgiving and they make great photo booth props and decorations. You could buy colorful feathers and allow your guests to play with them. The feathers can be tied into crowns, necklaces or just used as individual props. You can find feathers online or consider making your own paper feathers.


4. Iconic Thanksgiving food cutouts

Thanksgiving photo booth

Thanksgiving is the season for tasty food – there is nothing more iconic than turkey legs and pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. If you want to make your photo booth just a bit more playful, you could print out Thanksgiving food cutouts for the guests to play with. A half-eaten turkey leg and a tasty slice of pie will make fantastic props.


5. Letter balloons

Thanksgiving photo booth

You could also fill your photo booth with giant letter balloons. The balloons could be used to create a backdrop saying “Happy Thanksgiving” or something similar or be used by the guests in any way they like. Guests could spell different words or just hold their own initials when snapping photos. You can find letter balloons online in multiple colors and styles, guaranteeing they fit the color scheme of your party.


If you are organizing a Thanksgiving party, then a photo booth is a great addition and the above ideas will make your photo booth a bit more special. You can find out more about Lake Norman photo booth hire here and make sure your guests get to take fun photos this Thanksgiving.


What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving photo booth ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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