5 DIY Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Are you planning for a Valentine’s Day wedding? The romantic event is the perfect theme for a winter wedding. With the following DIY ideas, you can add touches of romance to your Hudson Valley wedding without it feeling too cheesy.


Heart-pointed Shoes


The bride and groom could show up in heart-pointed shoes to the wedding ceremony. The simple idea from SwellMayde blog is perfect for a Valentine’s Day wedding. You just need to color the point of the shoe with your chosen spray paint in a heart-shaped imaged. The idea is simple, quirky and adds a lovely touch to your wedding look. The original idea uses white shoes with golden paint, but you can let your imagination run wild. For men, you could easily use black shoes and white paint, for example!


Chocolate Marshmallow Cocktail


Every wedding needs a signature cocktail and a Valentine’s Day wedding is no exception. Make yours romantic with the help of marshmallows. Shop for marshmallow fluff vodka and rim the glasses with chocolate sprinkles. Add a marshmallow tipped in chocolate sauce into a cocktail stick and serve to your guests with personalized messages. If you have time, you can even personalize the cocktail glasses with spray paint or chalkboard stickers and hand out the glasses as escort cards.


Paper Fortune Cookie Centerpieces


Add a romantic touch to your table décor with these Paper Fortune Cookie Centerpieces (the instructions can be found at Once Wed blog). You just need takeout boxes, beautiful craft paper, scissors and lovely messages to printout. You can pick the craft paper according to your wedding’s theme color or stick to romantic pink for Valentine’s Day. Fill the takeout boxes with the fortune cookies and greet your guests with beautiful love poems and aphorisms.


Hearth-shaped Photo Booth Props


Hiring a photo booth in Hudson Valley shouldn’t be a problem and it adds a fun element to your wedding. You can further turn the magic mirror photo booth into a love booth with the help of a few props. Add a heart-shaped garland in the back of the booth and cut large heart-shaped frames for the guests to hold. And remember to tell guests to kiss when the photos are taken!


Love Jam Favors


You can surprise your guests with a beautiful Valentine’s Day wedding favor. Instead of opting for a love potion o a teddy bear, hand out a jar of love jam! You can buy beautiful jars and fill them with your favorite red jam (strawberry, raspberry and so on, and a personalized label. If you have the skills and enough time, you could even make your own jam. For smaller weddings, you can add a pancake batter or a scone batter to the mix!


There you have five simple and fun DIY ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding. You won’t spend an eternity crafting the above ideas and you’ll add a lovely romantic touch to your Hudson Valley wedding.


What are some of the best Valentine’s Day wedding ideas you’ve encountered? Let us know in the comments below!

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