5 Essential Elements of a Great Party

We’d all love to throw parties that keep us talking and smiling long after the party is over. While most parties are good and enjoyable, it’s only a selected few that we keep reminiscing about. So, what does it take to throw a great party?


1. The right group of people


You can’t have a great party, if the people attending don’t get along or even want to be at the party. Therefore, the most important part of planning a party is the part where you draw up the guest list. Think what you want from the party? Who do you want to be there and how do you think they’ll feel at the party? Find the right combination of guests and activities you know the people would love.


2. A surprise for all


A good party always has a surprising element that people didn’t see coming. This adds to the excitement of the party and gives people something to talk about. What are good surprises? You could hire a Hudson Valley photo booth to snap glamorous photos of your guests, have the local band or artist turn up for a few songs, or provide everyone with a bespoke gift from the hottest bakery in Hudson Valley.


3. Enough food and drink


You don’t want to sit at a party starving or feeling like you need to pop to the nearby 7/11 for some drinks. Guests need to be able to eat and drink as much as they like. When you are selecting party foods, go with basic flavors with a twist. You don’t necessarily want to serve duck breast pate on top of oysters, if you know your guests are not that into exotic foods. Basics like mac’n’cheese or burgers can be turned into fantastic, tasty treats when minimized in size or served in lovely wooden planks. In terms of the drinks, you do want to provide enough alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to get the party started – you can always include a paid bar service, if you feel an open bar is out of the budget.


4. Lost of lively music


Music sets the mood for your party – there’s no other way to go about it. The DJ and his playlist can guarantee the ambiance stays right and people feel just like you want them to feel. If you are in a need of a Hudson Valley wedding DJ or a DJ for your Super Bowl party, you need to find someone who listens to you, understands your party and what you want to achieve, and has enough experience of the industry to know what songs are in and what songs are out.


5. Fun games to get the group bonding


Party games might seem like a cliché and something cheesy to do, but they are a great way to ensure the group of guests bonds properly and they have a laugh. You could pick anything from karaoke and charades to a birthday party to lawn games and quizzes for weddings. Sites like Bustle are great for finding out about the best party games.


What do you think? What are the elements you think make a great party! Share us your ideas below.

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