5 Fantastic Ways on How to Add More Fun for Your Wedding Day

5 Fantastic Ways on How to Add More Fun for Your Wedding Day
Organizing a wedding is a big thing but it still doesn’t mean that you need to take yourself too seriously. Not all weddings need to look the same and follow the same traditions. In fact, it is a great idea to be playful with your wedding and to create a festive & unique event for your family and friends. Here are some ideas on how you can add more fun for your wedding day (and make sure you don’t take it all too seriously!)
A Balloon Release
It is very customary that couples have a little ceremony to celebrate their love. Often couples release doves, butterflies or even let loose some lovely candle lanterns. But you could go with something a little bit more fun and colorful and release balloons instead.
Balloons are actually a very popular trend in weddings at the moment. Many current wedding décor ideas include balloons and therefore releasing them is a lovely, fun way to add this trend for your own wedding day.

A Lemonade Stand
Different food stalls and bars are really popular thing right now when it comes to weddings. They can also add plenty of fun for your special day as well. For example, creating a little lemonade standfor your guests is a really vintage and sweet idea. It is especially great for outdoor weddings during the warm summer days.

 Active Table Decorations
You can also add more fun by ensuring your guests have plenty of things to do once they sit down at their table. For example, you could get napkins that have a little word search puzzle printed on them.


You could even include a little puzzle as the centerpiece for your guests to solve. And if you are ready to unleash the playful side of you then make your centerpieces from Lego blocks. 

A Dance Off
Although specialty first dances aren’t such a novelty anymore, you can still add plenty more fun to your wedding day with music. For instance, organizing a big dance off for the guests is a really fun & interactive idea. 

You can discuss different dance events together with your DJ. We here at Platinum Party Events Entertainment offer you an experienced Hudson Valley wedding DJ that can help you create more fun entertainment with music for your special day.
Personalized wedding favors
You should also use your imagination with the wedding favors. There is no reason you need to go with a boring traditional idea. Some of the wedding favors people have at their weddings are also pretty useless and will just end up at the back of a drawer anyway.


Instead, give a bottle of personalized hot sauce. This is something that people can actually use and if they want they can always keep hold of the bottle as a memory of your wedding. You can find some other quirky ideas at Bespoke Bride.

The above ideas will definitely add more fun for your big day. It is important to make sure that you show your personality with your wedding entertainment and décor. You can find out plenty of essential wedding secrets from our free e-book so make sure you sign up on our website. 

What ideas do you have to add more fun for your wedding day? I’d love to hear from you and share your ideas as well!!

Happy Planning!
Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment