5 Halloween Photo Booth Themes for Your Party

There’s no better entertainment for your Halloween party than having a photo booth. With the right props, you can turn the photo booth into something fun, spooky and exciting for guests of all ages. Now, picking the right Halloween photo booth themes will depend on your party and the amount of effort you want to make to create your design. You’ll also have to talk to your Hudson Valley photo booth provider about the kind of photo booth you are renting – some, such as the magic mirror photo booth allows the use of a green screen, which can help you play with your theme even further!


Here are our favorite Halloween photo booth themes for your party!


The horror scene

Halloween photo booth themes

If you’re organizing an adult party, you might want to play with the gore as much as possible. Consider creating a horror style murder scene as your photo booth. You can use white sheets with splashes of red paint as your backdrop; add a few spooky props like knives (not real ones!) and toy guns for the guest to play with.


The classic pumpkin

Halloween photo booth themes

Halloween photo booth themes don’t get more classic than the pumpkin look. Have a dark and stormy night background or just a black canvas and use pumpkin themed props. You can have small-carved pumpkins for the guests to hold and pumpkin masks to play with. This is a classic theme that suits children’s parties and even weddings. It’s even easy to play with the colors! Don’t like orange? Then paint your pumpkin props with a golden spray paint – elegant, yet still fun.


The graveyard

Another classic photo booth theme that can be suitable for children and adults alike is the graveyard theme. You could either opt for a coffin backdrop or just add a backdrop with crosses and graveyard stones in the background. As props to hold, you can have skulls and bones. You can also play with the idea of vampires and have a classic Dracula cape the guests can wear if they want.


The starry-night

If you want something elegant and a theme that is not as in-your-face Halloween, you could opt for the starry-night theme. You could cut a silhouette night sky backdrop or use the screen green of the magic mirror photo booth to do so. Add a few glistening stars – use LED lamps to add real glisten to your photo booth. In terms of props, have masquerade masks, gentleman moustache cutouts and perhaps a few witches’ hats for added spookiness.


The spooky spiders

Spiders are an essential part of a Halloween décor and one of the best Halloween photo booth themes. You can use spider web to decorate the photo booth and even hang a few spider cutouts on the ceiling. Print out fun spider props and you have a fun and simple theme to use.


The above five Halloween photo booth themes work for weddings, children’s parties or adult-only parties. You can create each theme with just a few items or play with the theme and really put a lot of effort in.


What do you think? Which is your favorite for your Halloween party this year?

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