5 Must-Haves for a New Year’s Party

2016 is almost drawing to a close, but not before we throw a massive Hudson Valley party to celebrate the achievements of this year and to welcome the New Year. If you are planning for a fun Hudson Valley wedding or just looking to surprise your friends and family with a massive party, these five things should be included in your celebrations.


1. Plenty of bubbly


Champagne is a must-have party pick for the New Year. While this classic drink is a great way to toast the night and doesn’t necessarily need a lot of tricks to be enjoyed, you could opt for some alternative ways to celebrate with it. Champagne is a great component of cocktails, such as Poinsettia and The Volcano. You could even add it to your party snacks and treats! Our favorite: Champagne Turkey Meatballs.


2. Balloons and confetti


You don’t need to worry too much about the decorations for your New Year’s party. A quick, inexpensive décor is to fill the room with quirky balloons filled with glittery confetti. You can purchase these from party retailers, but also consider making them yourself. Pick the balloons in a color of your choice – if you are after something classic and elegant, black and white work well!


3. ‘A year in music’ playlist


Music can turn any party into something better. The best beats will get us up and onto the dance floor in no time. When it comes to your music list for a New Year’s party, the year’s ‘best of’ is a great theme. You can even build it around a specific theme, if you want. Throwing a Hudson Valley party such as a wedding? Then create the playlist of the best love songs of the year. Having a party with friends? Opt for the best pop music, dance music or house music, depending on your style! Do you have a movie theme? Then pick the best soundtracks of the year!


4. A glamorous photo booth


Every party needs a photo booth to capture the fun you’ve had. Snapping photos is a fun way to provide guests with a long-lasting memory and remind yourself of the fun you’ve had. When it comes to a New Year’s party in Hudson Valley, ‘glamour’ is the word to go with. Hire a magic mirror photo booth and place it at the entrance of your venue. Guests will arrive to your party in a paparazzi style and get a lovely photo to prove their stunning looks!


5. Rescue favor for the next day


A New Year’s party is bound to leave a few sore heads. If you want to be the perfect hostess, then create DIY hangover favors. You could pick a cute bag or a box and fill it with a water bottle, some vitamin C, and a classic rescue: aspirin. A classy and fun way to thank your guests and leave them with pleasant memories of an epic Hudson Valley party.


With the above five tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to throw a fantastic party this New Year!


What are your favorite New Year’s party tricks and ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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