5 Must Know Music Tips for Your Wedding Reception

5 Must Know Music Tips for Your Wedding Reception

Picking the right music for your wedding is an essential part of having a great wedding reception. Music can really set the right mood for your party and guarantee your guests will have a lot of fun on the dance floor. Here are five really crucial music tips to help you make the most out of the music.

1. Pick the right DJ
You really need to spend some time picking the right DJ for your wedding. It is crucial that you go with a professional and experienced wedding DJ because you don’t want the music to ruin your wedding. Even if your cousin’s best friend is a really great guy that DJs in his spare time, you really shouldn’t pick him for your wedding. Also WATCH OUT for someone who lists themselves on Craigslist as “experienced” for a super cheap rate: more than likely they DON’T have insurance (which is required now by most venues), and doesn’t have backup equipment in case (heaven forbid). There are too many horror stories of brides getting a “great deal” from some guy on Craigslist only to have their money taken & (a) the guy never shows up or (b) he is NOT experienced, has shoddy equipment and drops songs, has dead-air between songs and plays the WRONG songs for your special dances. Don’t let your music entertainment take a back seat when planning your wedding budget. A recent survey has  80% of brides saying that they had wished they had budgeted more money for their wedding reception music. A proper Hudson Valley wedding DJ will guarantee people have a great time at your wedding.

2. Keep the venue in mind
It is important that you tell the DJ about the venue as soon as possible. You can even ask for suggestions for the best Hudson Valley wedding venues from the DJ if you want. This is important because different venues might have different acoustics at play. 

Novellas, New Paltz, NY

 If the DJ knows the location then they are better prepared for the acoustics and they can adjust their own equipment to suit the venue. This guarantees the music is as good as it can be on your big day. 

3. Make it fun
Music can be a really great way to add more fun for your wedding reception. It is a good idea to try to pick songs that are personal and tell a story. For example, picking the first song is really an important decision and you may want to ask your wedding DJ for some recommendations. 

Don’t be afraid to go with songs that people might not expect. Not everyone has to dance to the same love song and you can really add personality for your big day with clever song choices.

4. Create a Do-Not-play list
Most people think in terms of songs that they want to hear at the wedding reception. And this isn’t a bad idea at all. But you might also want to think about songs that you absolutely don’t want to hear. You might really hate a specific love song or perhaps there is a song that always gets your aunt excited, perhaps a little ‘too’ excited. Tell your DJ if there are songs that they absolutely should avoid at all times!

5. Be prepared
You need to make sure that your DJ is also prepared for any sort of technical problems that might occur. You don’t want technical malfunction to ruin your wedding.

You also want to make sure when you book your DJ that he is available for overtime if needed, and find out his/her overtime rate. Most people enjoy dancing the night away so you might want to make sure your DJ is able to stay as long as needed.

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What are some questions you have about planning YOUR wedding reception music? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment