5 Reasons Labor Day Weddings are Great

Labor Day weddings don’t always get a good reputation. However, as the Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, we decided to remind brides and grooms about the good aspects of holding your wedding near this day. Labor Day weddings can actually be beneficial for everyone involved in the wedding – here are the five reasons you should consider this holiday weekend as a possible date for your special day.


1. Guests have more time to travel


Labor Day weddings

Your guests will have more time to travel and to actually enjoy the wedding on a Labor Day weekend. Since many people get the Monday off, people don’t have to rush away on the Sunday morning if your wedding is on Saturday. You can even choose to have the wedding on a Sunday and guests can still enjoy their time.


2. Wedding venues and vendors are often cheaper


Since Labor Day weddings are generally not popular you will find the weekend cheaper in terms of venues and wedding vendors. You will also be able to book wedding entertainment such as a wedding photo booth and DJs much easier – you won’t be competing with as many couples as you might on other summer weekends. Cutting the wedding budget is always a bonus!


3. The weather is just right


The early September will guarantee weather for most parts is still relatively warm. You won’t need to worry about everyone sweating in the summer heat but you also don’t need to provide extra woolly hats for guests to keep warm. It’s just the right kind of weather for combining outdoor and indoor activities.
Furthermore, nature is still giving its best. The plants and trees will be preparing for the winter ahead, adding rustic romance to the scenery. You have plenty of dark and luxurious colors everywhere to add ambiance to the big day.


4. The fresh produce will create the perfect wedding menu


The timing is also perfect for delicious wedding food. Labor Day weddings might have the best options available in terms of food out of any other weekend. You have so many seasonal products available from wild mushrooms to berries. Since these are in season, your wedding food budget will also be lower.


5. Everyone’s in a holiday mood


Overall, this mini weekend is going to guarantee everyone at the wedding is in a good, holiday mood. As mentioned earlier, your wedding guests won’t be in a rush and hoping to get home as soon as possible. They might even want to explore the Hudson Valley region further and you might get to hang out with the guests a bit longer on the day after the wedding.


Those who say Labor Day weddings will ruin a perfectly good holiday weekend can always just opt to stay home instead! A wedding invitation isn’t a mandatory evil you must adhere to. If you don’t want to go, then don’t! It’ll make the party much more fun to those that realize the true meaning of weddings – love.


So, if you are wondering whether to throw a Labor Day wedding, we say go for it! The above five are great reasons supporting the decision.


What about you? Do you love or loathe Labor Day weddings? Let us know in the comments below!

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