5 Reasons to Have a New Year’s Eve Wedding

When it comes to deciding when you’ll get married, New Year’s Eve is a worthy time to consider. A New Year’s Eve wedding will symbolize the start of something new – your life as a married couple and the start of a fresh year!


If you’re not sure whether New Year’s Eve is the right time, here are five reasons to convince you.


#1: The glitz and glamour

wedding entertainment

A New Year’s Eve wedding can be full of glitz and glamour. You can add bling to your décor and have plenty of it in your entertainment too. This is the perfect season for glittery dance floors and glamorous wedding DJs playing the best party songs. You simply can’t have too little glamour and glitter!


#2: Freedom to party for as long as you want

wedding entertainment

There is no need to subscribe to set schedules and final calls with a New Year’s Eve wedding. The night can last for as long as you want, with wedding guests having the freedom to dance the night away! You can find plenty of wedding venues all across North Carolina that are open all night long.


#3: Plenty of bubbly

Weddings are a great time to bring out the bubbly but New Year’s Eve will give you an extra reason to pick up the champagne bottle. It’s not just about having a drink either – you can make your menu bubble with champagne cake, sweets and even adding bubbles to your main course!


#4: Funny and funky entertainment

A New Year’s Eve wedding provides you with opportunities to create lots of fun and funky entertainment. You can have a red carpet experience with a magic mirror photo booth, get your wedding guests involved with New Year’s Eve resolutions and have everyone participate in the countdown. You can be as imaginative and quirky as you want – it’s all about having a laugh!


#5: Relaxation and a good time

Overall, a New Year’s Eve wedding is the perfect time to get together with loved ones and have a good time. The whole affair is a time for relation and fun – you don’t need to worry about anything. Your guests will have had a lovely Christmas and everyone’s looking forward to the New Year. Not to mention that most people will find it easy to take a bit of time off for the party!


Plan for the Perfect New Year’s Eve Wedding


The holiday season is great for throwing a wedding and New Year’s Eve wedding has the potential to be something different and memorable. The weather is lovely, people are in a jolly mood and the big night is all about having a good time. So start planning for your New Year’s Eve wedding and give your loved ones a night to remember.


Do you dream of having a New Year’s Eve wedding? Why? Let us know in the comments below!

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