5 Reasons Photo Booths Are Better than Selfies

We’re living in the era of selfies. Everywhere you go and every party you attend, someone is always posing for a selfie. But we think there’s something much better than taking selfies at a party and that is posing in photo booth snaps with your friends.


You might be wondering why would photo booths be better than selfies? Well, we think these are the five reasons photo booths are better than selfies.


Reason #1: You get to do it with friends


Nothing is better than having a good time with friends. That is what parties are all about. With selfies, having friends in the photos can be difficult. You can only stretch your arms so far and selfie sticks are clumsy to hold.


Photo booths are aimed at groups, not single people. You get to take photos with your friends and have a good time in the process – it’s just infinitely more fun!


Reason #2: Playing around with themes is easier


hiring a photo booth

Selfies are just selfies. You stand and you smile, trying to capture something about the moment. With photo booths, you can really play with the themes and the essence of the reason for the photo. Photo booths allow you to use props and digital tricks that make the photos more fun and memorable. You will instantly know the photos are from a Halloween party or a Lake Norman wedding just by looking at them!


Reason #3: You can print out a real photo with photo booths


hiring a photo both

Hardly anyone prints out his or her selfies. But photos shouldn’t just be preserved on your Instagram account. It’s also lovely to create photo albums and reminiscence about your past parties through these books and albums.


Photo booths allow both the digital use of the photo and the physical printing of the photo. This way, you get to post your party photos on social media but also have a more concrete memory of the photo with you.


Reason #4: Editing is easier


hired photo booth

If you want to edit your selfies, you need to know what apps to get. This can be time-consuming and difficult. But with a photo booth, you can add elements to your photos in a click of a button. The magic mirror photo booth allows you to pick your own background, add text and images to your photos and much more. Your photos will be versatile and fun!


Reason #5: Photo booths give better quality photos


Let’s be real: selfies don’t often end up looking that great. You take them with your phone in dodgy lighting and so the quality is compromised. Photo booths, on the other hand, are professional photos with great quality – if you hire a photo booth for your party, you are essentially giving everyone a chance to have their photo taken by a professional – albeit a machine!


So, next time you are throwing a Hudson Valley party or heading out for one, stop taking the selfies and enjoy your time in a proper photo booth. You’ll love it!


What do you think? Let us know why you think photo booths are cool!

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