5 Reasons Thanksgiving Weddings Are the Best

Thanksgiving weddings have a mixed reputation. There are those who believe you shouldn’t organize a wedding on the Thanksgiving weekend because it’s a holiday you spend with your closest family – not by attending a wedding.


But Thanksgiving weddings are actually a lovely idea and if planned well, can offer a lot of enjoyment for the whole wedding party.


Here are five reasons we think Thanksgiving weddings are the best. Hopefully, these will encourage you to plan your Lake Norman wedding around this beautiful festivity.


1. Opportunity for an intimate wedding

thanksgiving weddings

We love to invite everyone to our wedding to celebrate our love. But a gigantic wedding is not just a burden on your wedding budget but it can also take away a bit of that intimacy. You don’t have time to properly talk with your guests when the whole venue is crowded with friends and relatives.


Thanksgiving weekend will not fit everyone’s schedule and you actually have a chance of creating a more intimate wedding. You can pick a beautiful venue all located within an hour of Charlotte and make the day much more intimate and cozy – celebrating the day with those who matter.


2. A varied collection of tastes

thanksgiving weddings

Thanksgiving is known for its amazing food – it’s one of the best holidays when it comes to eating delicious meals. For weddings, the holiday offers plenty of stunning variety. You don’t need to just opt for a boring Thanksgiving menu. You can be creative and use the flavors in all sorts of ways. Who wouldn’t like layers of different pies instead of a traditional wedding cake?


3. A beautiful backdrop

Hudson Valley is at its best during Thanksgiving. The trees are full of color and the crispy air creates a beautiful glow in nature. Thanksgiving weddings are definitely one of the best times for stunning photos – you can truly incorporate the fall colors in your wedding photos and even organize parts of your ceremony and reception outdoors.


4. A wide selection of décor options

Thanksgiving is also the time of beautiful fall decorations. You can opt for chestnuts, colorful leaf wraiths, and seasonal fruit to create beautiful table displays. The cold and dark weather is the perfect time for fairy lights and candles, which you can combine with glass vases and crystal decorations. There are plenty of ideas and none of them cost a lot of money!


5. A Thanksgiving weddings full of gratitude

hired photo booth

The holiday will guarantee your wedding is full of gratitude. You can incorporate the idea of giving thanks in different ways. Wedding guests can take seasonal photos in the photo booth – a digital photo booth even allows you to add personal messages to the photos. You can also thank the guests with beautiful photo displays. You can have the tables decorated with glass vases and images of you and the guests – a personalized way to thank them for being there now and in the past.


The above five are just some reason why Thanksgiving weddings are the best. If you’re planning on a fall wedding, you shouldn’t overlook this beautiful holiday. It’s great for inspiration!


What about you? Do you love the idea of a Thanksgiving wedding?

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