5 Secrets Only Wedding DJs Know

Wedding DJs are essential in creating the right atmosphere at your wedding. You need them on your side and you need to pay attention to finding the right wedding DJ in Hudson Valley to guarantee your special day makes everyone smile. Music is the key to a good wedding reception!


When it comes to filling out the dance floor, the right professional wedding DJs know what to do. It’s not common to let people in on professional secrets but let’s make an exception this time. Here are five secrets only wedding DJs know about creating the perfect show!


You must follow the majority…no matter how much you love obscure stuff

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Unless you are inviting just a handful of people whose music taste you know for certain, you should allow the wedding DJ to create a playlist of popular songs. There’s a truth amongst wedding DJs that says 85% of the people at the party must know the song you’re playing. This might sound like a boring playlist but it’s guaranteed to fill the dance floor and to ensure everyone has a good time.


Explicit songs are not worth it…even if you love them

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You might be all about the explicit versions of songs and the words might not raise your eyebrows. But you can’t get everything you want – your older relatives might not enjoy listening to all that cursing or dirty talk. Most wedding DJs will automatically find the ‘clean’ version if you add a naughty song to your request list.


It’s not just about the music…the lights matter too

Your dance floor has to have an inviting feel to it in order for people to use it. While music is certainly the key player, you also want to pay attention to the lighting and the décor around the dance floor. Keep the lights dimmed, with the occasional flashy light adding movement and flow to the area. Disco balls are a great idea!


Wedding DJs should do some talking…it’ll capture guests’ attention

You also don’t want your wedding DJ just to stand there and play songs. The good wedding DJs are involved – they announce big things like the father-daughter song, the last song and so on. They can encourage the audience and pump them up to be part of the dance floor. A good wedding DJ knows not just the best songs to play but the things to say to get things going!


The set should last for two hours…anything less won’t flow nicely

When thinking about how long you want your Hudson Valley DJ to perform, you definitely don’t want to pay for anything less than two hours. A set that’s too short won’t have enough flow to it and it won’t be long enough for the guests to really get in the mood. Two hours is enough to get the party going and to ensure your guests can dance slow and upbeat songs.


So, when you are picking your wedding DJ, make sure your choice knows these secrets. If they do, then you’ve made a good pick and you’re going to have a crowded and happy dance floor!


Do you have a secret to share with us? Let us know!

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