5 Secrets to Winter Wedding Planning

The cold weather and the dark Lake Norman nights are no reason to skip winter wedding plans. Winter weddings offer plenty of opportunities for a warm reception and a sparkling ceremony – it’s not just the season of dark and cold. If you want to save a bit of money and organize a wedding that’s different, then these are the five secrets to winter wedding planning.


#1: Balance the timing with whom you want on the guest list

winter wedding planning

You will need to keep in mind that winter weddings can be tricky in terms of getting people to attend your wedding. The holiday season might be reserved to spending time with the family and therefore, guests might decline the invitation. On the other hand, certain other winter weekends might be less busy. It’s essential to strike a balance between wanting a specific date and understanding your guests might not be able to show up – know what’s more important to you.


#2: Prepare for the weather – not just in terms of staying warm

You obviously need to ensure you prepare for the winter weather – you want to use warm clothing and plan activities indoors to ensure guests and you stay warm and dry. But you also need to be mindful of the weather in terms of contracts – what if there’s a big snowstorm and your Lake Norman DJ is snowed-in? You need to discuss with your wedding vendors and be aware of the clauses in the contract that talk about weather and cancellation. It’ll save you from a lot of heartache.


#3: Time the wedding photos right

Winter wedding planning also needs to focus on lighting in your wedding photographs. If you want to take photos outdoors in the sunlight, then you have a much smaller window to do this – sunsets happen so much earlier during the long, dark winter months. If you want outdoor photos, then timing is the key. You might also want to remember this when viewing the wedding venue – natural light might not be present during the reception.


#4: Look beyond Winter Wonderland

While Winter Wonderland and festive weddings are great themes to consider in the winter, your winter wedding planning doesn’t have to be just about white and festive baubles. You can incorporate colors and different theme ideas to your day – there’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of summer paradise to your winter wedding. You are organizing a wedding in the winter but it doesn’t mean everything has to be planned around the season.


#5: Keep entertainment at the center of your winter wedding planning

Entertainment is always an important part of a wedding but especially so during the winter. Your guests might not be able to just step outside and wander around the venue – you need to ensure they are having a good time indoors, in your chosen space. Therefore, make sure to include a lot of fun entertainment. This means booking a good wedding band or DJ and adding other activities for the non-dancers. A photo booth is a good idea and a great addition to a winter wedding.


Winter weddings are wonderful. With the above winter wedding planning tips, you can create the perfect party celebrating the season.


What are your favorite things about winter weddings? Let us know!

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