5 Simple Memorial Day Wedding Tips

More and more couples are choosing to have a Memorial Day wedding. The weekend offers a good option for throwing a wedding because a lot of people get an extra day off work – the weekend is also during the perfect wedding season, with the weather warming up and the nature blooming.


If you’re planning a Memorial Day wedding, here are a few tips to make the day just a little extra special.


Decide the date in advance

Memorial Day wedding

No one wants to plan a last-minute wedding, but your Memorial Day wedding should definitely not be booked just a few months ahead. Because it is a popular wedding weekend and a lot of people might be planning to go on a holiday, you want to decide on the date well in advance. This allows you to make the right bookings with Hudson Valley wedding vendors and ensures your wedding guests don’t have to cancel their plans.


Focus on creating your dream wedding

Just because your wedding is on the Memorial Day weekend, it doesn’t mean it has to be all about the occasion. While you want to give a nudge to the occasion, not everything has to be about stars and stripes. So plan your wedding as you would for any other weekend and then add a few additional elements to honor the occasion.


Include plenty of entertainment

Memorial Day wedding

Your wedding guests are showing up to celebrate your special wedding on a long weekend and you definitely want to ensure they have a good time. You need to add plenty of entertainment that helps guests make good memories. One of the best solutions is to hire a good wedding DJ but also include a photo booth at your party! Wedding photo booth photos are great fun and guests will love having a Memorial Day wedding photo as a memory of your big day.


Celebrate the occasion

Memorial Day wedding

Now, as mentioned, you want to highlight the Memorial Day a little on your special day. If you want, going for blue, white and red is a beautiful way to celebrate the country and the people who serve it. You don’t have to make it all about these colors but have a red, white and blue wedding cake, for example. If you’re having a wedding photo booth, you could theme it with Memorial Day in mind – include small American flags, star-shaped props and a big banner in the back that says ‘Memorial Day Wedding’.


Honor the service

Memorial Day wedding

Your Memorial Day wedding should include some element of honoring the service of your countrymen and –women. If your family has members in the military, then give them an extra ‘Thank you for your service’ card on the big day. You could also have a photo wall of all the servicemen and –women in the family – especially if there are those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


Memorial Day wedding success

Memorial Day wedding

The Memorial Day weekend offers a great opportunity for holding a beautiful wedding. You just have to remember to plan in advance, respect the occasion and have a good time.


What do you think about having a Memorial Day wedding? Let us know!

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