5 Summer Party Must-Haves

A summer party is the best type of party – you can party outdoors, people are in a good mood and nature is in bloom providing you with stunning produce and beautiful flowers. The opportunities to entertain your guests are endless but if you want some help, here are five summer party must-haves that will guarantee a great Hudson Valley party.


1. Hammocks

summer party

Hammocks are an essential element for adding that summer flair to your party. You can hang hammocks easily if you are organizing a garden party but a few indoor hammocks will also give your party a summer vibe. If hammocks are out of the question, then giant pillows can be a cool, bohemian option for your summer party.


2. Open fire pit

summer party

A good Hudson Valley party always has a proper open fire pit. Why? Because it makes it easy to cook local produce such as corn, lamb, and eggplants right in front of your guests. Open fire is not just great for cooking good summer party food, it’ll also help guests stay warm in the evening and it keeps the bugs away! If you’re organizing your party away from home, the best Hudson Valley venues have plenty of cool outdoor fire pits that you can utilize as part of your party – just remember to check whether they accept cooking on the fire!


3. A party photo booth

hired photo booth

Parties are all about creating memories and one simple way to do it is with a photo booth. Photo booths also provide plenty of entertainment – your guests can occasionally swap the dance floor or the buffet table for posing for photos with friends. The summer’s definite photo booth hit will be a magic mirror photo booth – it’ll make everyone feel like a movie star.


4. Classic BBQ foods with a twist

summer party

All parties need good food and in the summer party food is all about barbeque. Instead of opting for the usual set of ribs and burgers, get your Hudson Valley caterers to do something different. Turkey legs with a smokey coconut rub, coffee infused lamb kebab and pulled chicken burgers. These will add excitement to your menu while still providing guests with something familiar to eat.


5. Fire lanterns

summer party

Although you have the beautiful sun shining during the day, your summer party might well continue long into the night. You need proper lighting to ensure your party photo booth can keep snapping photos even when it gets dark! The best summer party lighting idea is to use fire lanterns – they are warming, charming and easy to set up. Don’t worry if your lanterns aren’t all the same! It actually adds to the charm to have different colored and sized lanterns.


If you want to organize a great summer party, these are definitely the elements that help create just the right atmosphere. Just make the most of our stunning Hudson Valley – use the local products and scout the best party venues for a unique summer party.


What are your favorite summer party must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!

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