5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Photo Booth

Hiring a photo booth to your party is a great way to add entertainment and give your guests something fun to do. But finding the right photo booth is not as easy as just typing “photo booth in Hudson Valley” to Google and picking the cheapest option. Indeed, that can be a recipe for disaster.


To guarantee you find the perfect photo booth for your party, consider these five things when hiring a photo booth.


1. The theme of your party

hired photo booth

The first thing to think about is the theme of your party. You might want a different kind of photo booth if you are organizing a birthday party than if you are hiring a photo booth for a wedding reception. You might want a photo booth with customization that allows it to better fit your vintage theme or you’d want something super easy for children to work, for example. Thinking about the theme will be important for finding the right style photo booth.


2. The features of the photo booth

hiring a photo both

Once you know the theme of your party and how you want the photo booth to fit your party atmosphere, you can start thinking about the features. Hiring a photo booth can be complex because the options are super varied. You can find photo booths that allow instant printing, the use of a green screen and the ability to share the clips on social media. You need to consider these different functions and choose which are adding to your theme and which make your party entertainment more fun.


3. The venue and its capabilities

hiring a photo booth

Of course, you can’t just hire the photo booth you love the most and leave it at that. You need to ensure the photo booth fits your venue as well! Some photo booths can be rather big, while some might not be suitable for outdoor use and so on. It’s important to understand what your venue is able to accommodate and keep this in mind when hiring a photo booth.


4. The service provider and its special services

Now, you should be closer to knowing exactly what kind of photo booth you want to hire for your party. However, similar photo booths will be available from different providers but not all Hudson Valley photo booth providers can deliver the same quality of service. It’s important you talk to the service provider and find out thing like whether they will set up the photo booth, if they’ll stay around to help with the use, what happens if things go wrong and how long can you enjoy taking photos.


5. The price in terms of your budget

hiring a photo booth

Naturally, you also need to think about the cost of hiring a photo booth. It’s a good idea to think about your overall party budget and decide how much you are willing to pay for the booth. Ask the provider to also give different cost calculations – for example, you might save money by not having anyone servicing the photo booth during the party. Don’t just pick the cheapest when hiring a photo booth; consider the above and the qualities and features you want.


What do you wish you’d asked when you last hired a photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!

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