5 Things Father’s Want to Do on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about how to treat your father this year. Fathers don’t always get the attention they deserve. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the special day is dedicated to helping dads celebrate they way they like; and they definitely love doing these five things.


To relax with their favorite hobby


Father’s Day offers our busy dads the best time to unwind. Since it is their special day, you need to ensure your father gets to spend time with the hobby he loves the most. Some dads love watching sports, while others can’t get enough of playing a few rounds of golf in Hudson Valley’s magnificent golf courses. Whatever your dad love’s doing, ensure he has enough time to relax with this hobby on Father’s Day.

Father's Day

To eat well


Whenever there’s a big party, you need plenty of tasty treats. Dads love a good meal. Start the day by surprising your father with a breakfast of champions. We’re talking about eggs, bacon, pancakes and proper Hudson Valley brew. For lunch, you could grill some chicken and turkey along with vegetables. The dinner should crown the whole Father’s Day – you could either take your dad out to eat somewhere nice or cook up a fantastic Father’s Day feast at home.

To have a laugh


There’s a reason we have dad jokes and not mom jokes. Dads are pranksters. They love to have a laugh and do silly things. On Father’s Day, we should give our dads a free pass to be as silly as they want to be. You could take them to a comedy gig, visit an amusement park or organize a party around a silly theme, such as clowns or your dad’s favorite comedy movie. Perhaps you could even have a big comedy film fest at the back garden! Now, instead of watching comedies, you could divide the family into teams and have everyone film their own 5-minute comedy clip. Whoever gets the most laughs wins!

To create memories


Father’s Day is one of those rare occasions in the modern world where the whole family has a chance to sit around the same table. It’s, therefore, important to use this opportunity to create memories for your father to cherish whenever you kids are not there. When it comes to creating memories, nothing beats photographs. You should book a party photo booth and spend the day taking silly photos. Hudson Valley photo booths come in all shapes and sizes so you are guaranteed to find something fun for your Father’s Day party.

Father's day

To try something new


Dads are also super-adventurous. Therefore, you want your father to try something new on this big day. If he is a daredevil then take him to skydive or drive dirt bikes. If he likes to keep their feet firmly on the ground, then they might love to experience wine tasting, take a cooking class or take a trip to somewhere in Hudson Valley they’ve never been.

If you want to guarantee your father has a lovely time this Father’s Day, make sure he gets to do these five things on his special day. It’ll put a big smile on his face that’ll last the whole summer.


What are your big plans for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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