5 Things You Must Tell Your Wedding DJ

Your wedding DJ will play a major role on your wedding day. The music will set the scene and ensure everyone is enjoying the big day. But ensuring your wedding DJ gives his or her all also means you have to give them the right building blocks to do so – you have to talk to your wedding DJ and help them get the party popping!


So, what are those crucial things you must tell to your Lake Norman wedding DJ? Here are five of the most important things to talk about.


The context of your song requests

It’s important to not just provide a list of songs you’d like to hear but tell about the context of your choices. It can help the wedding DJ set the scene to know if you chose the song because it played on your first date or because it reminds you of a deceased loved one.


The desired extent of MC chatter

wedding DJ

When you pick a professional wedding DJ, you’ll also get a quality MC to take care of things like the cake cutting and song introductions. However, you have to be open about how much you want the wedding DJ to talk in between songs, for instance. If you have another MC present, you should also be open about this to ensure the night goes without a problem.


The tricky family relations to look out for

We all know that family can be a tricky thing and your friends and relatives might have all sorts of family issues with each other. It’s essential to talk about any key sensitivities that might come up with your wedding DJ before the big day. For example, if you or your partner’s parents aren’t together any more, you want to mention this before the DJ might ask the proud parents to come and dance to a romantic love song!


The right pronunciation of key names

Since the wedding DJ might be doing some Master of Ceremony work as a part of the gig, they should be able to pronounce the names correctly. If you have an unusual name, then ensure you give your wedding DJ the phonetic spelling of it. This means no one feels embarrassed or offended on this most important of nights.


The timing of playing the specific songs

One of the most important things to tell is the wedding day schedule. A good wedding DJ will clear these with you but it doesn’t hurt to provide them with extra context and a printed timeline of the day. This guarantees the wedding DJ is ready to play the right songs at the right time from cake cutting to the garter toss.


In order to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly, you want to talk to your wedding DJ in detail about your hopes and dreams. This makes the DJ’s job much easier and ensures they can just focus on providing you and the wedding guests with the best party entertainment ever!


Do you think there’s something else you’d like to talk with your wedding DJ? Let us know your thoughts!

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