5 Top Wedding Hair Trends For Brides

5 Top Wedding Hair Trends For Brides

One of the best things about being a bride is getting properly pampered on your big day. Your wedding day is the perfect occasion for creating that dream look and getting a well-earned princess treatment. As well as getting the right wedding dress, it is important to pay attention to hair and makeup. Here are some of the biggest hair trends for brides in 2014.

1)Ballerina Bun With A Tiara

Buns are a big thing when it comes to hairstyles in 2014. There are many different looks but the classical ballerina bun works really well this season. You can even make it yourself, as the internet is full of great tips for creating the perfect ballerina bun. In order to ensure that your look isn’t too plain, you could include a tiara to the look. A simple, diamond tiara can add a bit of sparkle for your hairstyle.
2)Bohemian & Braids

The hottest hair trends at the moment tend to be quite bohemian. Creating a bit of a messy and untidy look with the hair often leads to the perfect look. In 2014 it isn’t all that essential to ensure every single hair is in its right place.

Another big thing is to go with braids. If you look at the hair trends from the spring’s fashion catwalks then there was plenty of bohemian, old school braids used for creating a trendy look. You can find great inspiration for braids from this Total Beauty article.
3)Mermaid Curls

Brides with long hair could also go with mermaid curls. Softness and femininity are big themes in weddings this year and therefore mermaid curls can help create a perfect wedding look. It is also another simple way to get a fuss-free look. 
If you want, you can make a loose bun from your hair and just let a few curls fall down on your face. You could even braid part of your hair to make your hairstyle a little bit more exciting. 

4)Sassy and Short

If you have short hair then you don’t need to do a lot to it. The biggest trends for short hair are all about keeping it sassy and natural. A great idea is to straighten your hair and tuck it behind your ears for a sleek, feminine look.


You should also look into side-parting your hair because this is a really big trend at the moment. It works for both short and long hair and gives your look a little bit more edginess. 

5)Bonus Tip: Include Flowers For Your Look

You should definitely also include some flowers for your look in 2014. Flowery themes are a big thing right now and it will add a bit of creativeness for your hair. Make a lovely flower tiara for your hair or just include a few single flowers. This will add nice softness to your look.

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Laurie Kuerlemann
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