5 Valentine’s Day Wedding Must-Haves

A Valentine’s Day wedding has romance written all over it. Both your wedding day and Valentine’s Day are a celebration of love and when you combine the two, you’ll have a wonderful event oozing of sweetness. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your union together.


So, how to create the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding? Here are the five Valentine’s Day wedding must-haves to include in your big day.


1. Cupid’s arrows to lead the way

Valentine's Day wedding

You’ll need to help your wedding guests navigate the big day – signs are needed for finding the right Lake Norman wedding venue to finding your place at the table during the wedding reception. To do this, Cupid’s arrows are the perfect Valentine’s Day-inspired idea.


You can have small arrow-shaped table cards to lead the guests to the right spot and add arrows to your floral arrangements to point the guests to the dance floor and so on. It’s possible to use these arrows as decoration, too. Create arrow shapes with candles and have a little Cupid shooting arrows on top of your wedding cake.


2. A novelty cocktail of love

Valentine's Day wedding

The perfect Valentine’s Day wedding will reflect the specialty of day with the wedding menu. You could skip the traditional champagne as your toast and instead create a signature love potion cocktail. This is a quirky idea and it makes the toast a little more memorable and special.


3. Single red roses to hand to the ladies

Valentine's Day wedding

Surprise your female wedding day guests with a single red rose. It’s a superb romantic gesture that’ll melt the hearts of the wedding party. Not to mention, a single rose at the table will look extremely beautiful. You could even get the male guests involved and have each man hand out a red rose to a lady guest.


Red roses make great wedding décor in other ways, too. You can simply have a line of roses crisscrossing across the tables or have giant red rose wreaths on the venue walls.


4. Romantic songs to celebrate love

Your wedding needs a lot of music but on Valentine’s Day, the emphasis is even more on romance. The playlist should have plenty of classic love songs but also the more upbeat celebrations of love, such as Beyonce’s Love on Top. Talk to your Lake Norman wedding DJ about creating the perfect love-filled playlist that’ll get your wedding guests on the dance floor.


5. A lovely getaway

Valentine's Day wedding

To end your Valentine’s Day wedding in style, you should create a memorable and lovely getaway. You can make it romantic by driving off in-style in an old vintage classic.

Another superb and romantic option is to organize a massive fireworks display right at the end. You can have the fireworks spell out words like “love”, as well as explode in heart shapes on the night sky. Just remember to check with a wedding planner or the venue about the permits required for wedding fireworks!


You are going to have the most romantic day ever with these five Valentine’s Day wedding must-haves!


What do you think? What are the most romantic additions to Valentine’s Day wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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