5 Wedding Traditions You Can Say Goodbye To

We love weddings as much as anyone. There’s something timeless and utterly romantic in spending a day celebrating love and union. However, as much as weddings are lovely events, there are plenty of wedding traditions involved – some of which could already step aside and give way to new things.


So, what are the five wedding traditions you could say goodbye to right now?


Tradition #1: Organizing a separate wedding ceremony and reception


Weddings can have a lot of downtime. Much of it is due to people moving from one location for the wedding ceremony to another venue for the reception. It’s time to stop having two separate events and combine the whole wedding into a single party. You can still hang on to vows and the like, but you could shake it up with a different styled setting and entry for the ceremony part. Make it more intimate and engaging, rather than just having people sit down in aisled seats.

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Hudson Valley wedding venues will offer plenty of options or a combine wedding ceremony and reception. Just check with different venues for ideas and suggestions!


Tradition #2: Starting the ceremony with the receiving line


Another time-consuming feature is the receiving line. It’s, of course, lovely to meet and greet each guest, but this can be a bit boring since you won’t really have time to talk to them properly.

Consider hiring a Hudson Valley photo booth instead for something fun to do with the guests. Spend a bit of time next to a photo booth and have table after table come and take photos with you. This would leave a great memory for everyone and it wouldn’t mean others have to stand still and wait for their turn – they could be enjoying dessert, drinks or taking part in other entertainment.


Tradition #3: Allowing only certain people to give a speech


One of the most persistent wedding traditions is the way wedding speeches take place. There are certain ‘rules’ regarding who gets to (or has to!) give the speech and anything else is frowned upon. But forcing only certain people to give a speech or not allowing some to give one is a little outdated.

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Instead, inform your wedding guests with the invitation they can give a speech, read from a book or perform any other such small surprise at the reception if they want. Have them arrange this with the best man or maids of honor, ensuring only those that want to speak do so.


Furthermore, use wedding speech alternatives. Make videos, rap to music or sing a song if you want!


Tradition #4: Serving traditional fancy foods


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While wedding food has relaxed a little in recent years, it can still be rather stifled. We tend to pick foods that seem fancy and which suit the formal style of a wedding. But you should throw all caution into the wind. Serve breakfast, fuse different cuisines or order take away if you feel like it!


Tradition #5: Having a bouquet or garter toss


Sure, having a bouquet or garter toss is a bit of harmless fun. But we’re living in 2017 and pointing out how some people are single and some are not might not seem like the most loving message to display. Indeed, the whole thing is rather cheesy and you could do something else instead.

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For example, have the wedding DJ play a song and gather married couples on the dance floor. After a while, the DJ can start eliminating couples who have been married the shortest. By the end, you’ll have one couple left who would have been married the longest and would receive the wedding bouquet.


What are some of the wedding traditions you want to say goodbye to? Let us know!

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