6 Best 4th of July Party Ideas for 2017

4th of July party planning is in full swing and you should start preparing for the most red, blue and white day of the year. Every year brings something new and fun to our Independence Day parties, so what is 2017 going to look like? Here are six of the best 4th of July party ideas for the season.


1. Flag Lanterns

4th of July

You should decorate your party venue with flag lanterns. All you need are some pickled jars and small US flags that you can buy all over Hudson Valley. Remove any labels from the clear glass jars, fold the flag at your desired position and use glue or tape to attach the flag on the outside of the jar. Place a tea light inside and you have a lovely lighting for the evening.


2. Pigs In Blanket


You can’t really go wrong with sausages when it comes to a 4th of July party. In 2017, you should do it with a bit of a difference and cover your pigs in a delicious pastry crust. Damn Delicious has an appetizing and super simple recipe for this perfect party treat.


3. Strawberry Shortcake Grilled Doughnuts

4th of July party

Nothing says summer quite like strawberries and as a nation of doughnut lovers, combining these two is perfect for a 4th of July party. Half Baked Harvest has a fantastic recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Grilled Doughnuts that you must try this year.


4. Confetti Rockets


You should add a bit of sparkle to your big day with Confetti Rockets. You can find Confetti Rockets online and from big supermarkets. But you could also put your DIY gloves on and consider making your own. Confetti Rockets are not that hard to make and it can help you save money for other entertainment and food.


5. Magic Mirror Photo Booth

hired photo booth

A photo booth is always a great addition to a big party. But this year, you should do something different and hire a so-called selfie mirror. The Magic Mirror photo booth looks like a mirror but it hides plenty of secrets. You can add images and text on top of your photos and even share your 4th of July party photos on social media. You can find a Hudson Valley photo booth online and check if your party could benefit from a photo booth.


6. Face Painting


For more entertainment, create a stall for face painting. You can either hire a face painting professional in the Hudson Valley or you could just buy face paints online and practice making American-themed drawings. You can paint the flag, stars, eagles or other such iconic symbols – adults and kids alike will love this.


You are bound to have a fantastic 4th of July with these above ideas. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate  our beautiful nation. We’ll all have an opportunity to reflect on how to continue making sure our communities stay strong and united.


So, have you started planning for your 4th of July party? If so, let us know what your party ideas entail!

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