6 Cute Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Fall weddings are increasingly popular. Lake Norman wedding couples can benefit from the dramatic fall weather as a beautiful backdrop to their special day. If you are getting married near Thanksgiving, you could incorporate the holiday to your fall wedding with these six cute ideas.


1. Fall-inspired bouquet


Thanksgiving is about deep, fall-inspired colors such as dark red, bright yellows and warm oranges. By using these in your wedding bouquet, you can add a bit of seasonal magic to your wedding. Opt for seasonal flowers and use plenty of leaves as part of your bouquet. If you want something quirky, add acorns or pine cones.


2. Pumpkin candles


You don’t need to use pumpkins as candle holders only on Halloween. You could buy individual pumpkins and carve the word “love” on the side and add a small candle inside. If you want, you can even spray paint the pumpkin with your wedding’s theme color for a more elegant finish.


3. Feather garlands


Add a bit of magic by decorating your wedding venue with feather garlands. You can use dark fall colors, such as browns and different hues of red. If your wedding theme colors are brighter, you can naturally go with peacock feathers for added color. You can hang the garlands above the tables or the dance floor or have individual garlands on the back of the dining chairs. If you don’t like feathers, opt for fall leaves buntings instead.


4. Thanksgiving-themed photo booth


Hire a magic mirror photo booth from a Hudson Valley wedding booth provider and decorate it and its surroundings with Thanksgiving-themed props. These could include things like pilgrim hats, pumpkin carvings and rustic fall-themed leaves. You could even have signs the wedding guests can hold, saying things like “Thank you” and “Thankful greetings from”.


5. Pie bar for dessert


Instead of opting for a typical wedding cake, create a pie bar to satisfy your guests’ sweet teeth. You can order individual pies and stack them up on top of wedding cake plates. The pies can be made with different fillings from pecan pies to peach pies. You can even get the guests participate in a pie decorating competition if you need additional entertainment!


6. Thanksgiving favors


Finally, you can spread the love with your wedding guests by handing out Thanksgiving-inspired wedding favors. These could be glass jars filled with seasonal candy and nuts, small pouches of pumpkin-spiced coffee or bottled apple cider for the long winter nights ahead. You can find further ideas from Beau-coup’s website.


The above ideas add a bit of Thanksgiving magic to your fall wedding. You can further enrich your special day by using specific Hudson Valley’s scenic mountains and seaside as a backdrop for your wedding photo shoot. Don’t forget you can also sweeten the atmosphere with some fall-inspired music your Hudson Valley wedding DJ can play. The key is to ensure the ideas have a link to your main wedding theme.


What are the cutest Thanksgiving wedding ideas you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below!

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