6 Festive Wedding Ideas with a Twist

The time of winter weddings is in full swing. If you’re planning to showcase this dramatic season in your Hudson Valley wedding, you might be looking to incorporate Christmas to your special day. But how can you add festive wedding ideas to your dream day in a fresh way? Here are our six festive wedding ideas with a twist to get you started.


1. Wedding invites in the spirit of Christmas



If your wedding takes place near the holiday, surprise the guests by sending them Christmas cards as wedding invites. Beautiful Christmas cards are an inexpensive idea and you can easily make each unique. The festive-theme will also inspire your guests and get them ready to experience a beautiful winter wedding.


2. All I want for Christmas is you


Wedding music is a crucial part of the ambiance of your wedding – especially when it comes to the tunes you walk down the isle. While Hudson Valley wedding DJs are more than happy to play Christmas songs during the reception, you can add a bit more festivity to the exchanging the vows and walk down the isle to a Christmas song. Mariah Carey or even a beautiful rendition of ‘Silent Night’ will work.


3. Santa’s little elves


Do you have pageboys and flower girls for the ceremony? Have them dress up as Santa’s little elves for a cute twist. If you’re even more adventurous, get your groom’s best man and the bridesmaids turn up in an elf costume! This can only be part of the ceremony and you could have them change to their dress and tuxedo for the reception.


4. Gingerbread house as wedding cake



Gingerbread cookies are the ultimate Christmas treat and you can create all sorts of houses and displays with these festive cookies. So, why not say goodbye to a traditional wedding cake and have a gingerbread house as the centerpiece? You can create a fantastic display with gingerbread and your guests are sure to enjoy this unique dessert idea.


5. Ho! Ho! Ho!


Hire your chosen Hudson Valley photo booth to help your guests make memories of your big day. But instead of just having fun with festive props, get a real Santa in your photo booth! Guests can sit on Santa’s lap, give a kiss and make a wish. Santa as part of the wedding ceremony is a fun twist on the season.


6. Tiny stockings and sacks as favors


When it comes to handing out the wedding favors, consider handing out tiny stockings or sacks filled with festive scented-candles. You can personalize each stocking with your wedding date and the filling can be something other than candles – sweets, soaps, and acorns also work as a seasonal treat.


Christmas weddings are a beautiful way to organize a seasonal wedding. You don’t need to plan the whole wedding around the festive-theme, but instead use the above as a small surprise to entertain your guests. Hudson Valley wedding providers will offer plenty of options from festive food to music – all you need to do is pick your favorite seasonal flavors to brighten your special day!


Let us know what are your favorite festive wedding ideas with a twist?

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