6 Reasons You Should Have Valentine’s Day Wedding

Aside from your wedding day, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day out there. So why not combine to two and have Valentine’s Day wedding! Here are six convincing reasons to marry on this romantic holiday.

1. You Can Use Red, Heart-Shaped Decorations

Red is the color of love and a great wedding theme color. When combined with heart-shaped decorations, you have beautiful décor sorted in no time at all. Tiny heart decorations can be used as table cards, red heart-shaped candles can be beautiful centerpieces and you could even opt for a beautiful red wedding cake – in the shape of a heart, of course!

2. You Can Create the Sweetest Wedding Menus

Talking of food, Valentine’s Day wedding is the perfect time for a sweet wedding menu. You can add all the chocolate to your wedding menu as you want and opt for the sweetest dessert buffets. What’s even better, the day is perfect from simple wedding favors like bags of candy or melting hot chocolate!

3. You Can Use Lots of Colors

Whilst red is the obvious color choice for Valentine’s Day wedding, bright red isn’t the only option. You can pick any red hue from burgundy to pink if you want to. Not to mention the fact that red pairs well with other colors like gold, purple, blue and even grey. You have lots of fantastic options in terms of décor, clothing and flowers.

4. You Can Be Playful with Entertainment

Because the theme is so sweet and fun, your Valentine’s Day wedding offers plenty of fun entertainment ideas. Instead of just having a wedding photo booth, you can turn it into a kissing booth for guests! You can also organize your own game show for all the couples at the wedding – sort of like the Newlywed Game!

5. You Can Play All The Love Songs

Your North Carolina wedding DJ can pump out a love song after another and because it’s Valentine’s Day wedding, no one is stopping you. This solves the problem of having to pick your First Dance song from the catalogue of great love songs – you can simply have all of them played at your wedding!

6. You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune

first dance song

On a more serious note, having Valentine’s Day Wedding can be good for the bank account. Winter weddings, on average, are cheaper than summer weddings so February isn’t going to be too tough on your budget. You also have the winter sales close by that could help you save up on things like decorations.

Celebrating Love with a Valentine’s Day Wedding

So, don’t think twice if you feel like getting married on this love-filled day. It’s also the perfect day for throwing a big party for your friends and family – at least they don’t have to worry about organizing a date night on that day! So, throwing Valentine’s Day wedding is extremely sweet and lots of fun.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day weddings? Let us know!