6 Over-the-Top Wedding Ideas

Who doesn’t love over-the-top wedding ideas that turn your special wedding day into a lavish extravaganza? There are plenty of luxurious wedding ideas to give your wedding guests something to talk about. Here are our favorite over-the-top wedding ideas available for Hudson Valley brides.


Hanging Flowers

over-the-top wedding ideas

Flowers are an essential part of your wedding. If you don’t mind paying a bit more for your bouquets, hanging flowers will make the ceremony and reception venues look stunning. Hanging flower installation could be used above the wedding aisle, above the dance floor and as “centerpiece” for each table. The installations look especially lavish in a single color, such as white or deep burgundy.


Wine Tasting

over-the-top wedding ideas

Make your drinks selection highbrow by offering wine tasting opportunities for guests. Wine tasting will almost be like another addition to your wedding entertainment. Your guests are able to experiment with different wines while taking in tips and information from a professional sommelier. Local vineyards would be more than happy to be part of such an opportunity! If you don’t like wine, you could do the same with ciders or beers.


Elevated Dance Floor

over-the-top wedding ideas

Would you want to ensure all eyes are on you as you dance the first dance? An elevated dance floor is a fantastic way to make your wedding DJ have to work his or her magic just a bit harder. Use an elevated dance floor as the focal point of your reception venue and surround it with tables. If you’d like a bit of a mystic feel to your elevated dance floor, create an open tent around it to create a semi-private place for dancing the night away.


Circus Performers

over-the-top wedding ideas

Hudson Valley weddings can enjoy from a range of lavish wedding entertainment options and you could hire a bunch of talented circus performers is a great choice. You can have fire-eaters welcoming guests to the party, magicians mingling amongst the guests and acrobats doing tricks high above the ceiling while your guests enjoy the show and the party.


Magic Mirror Photo Booth

over-the-top wedding ideas

Photo booths might not sound like a vital member of an over-the-top wedding ideas list, but you should know not all booths are alike. The magic mirror photo booth, with its interactive features and personalized options, is definitely more than just a photo booth. Add it at the end of a red carpet and your wedding guests will feel like Hollywood celebrities.


Breakfast Bar

over-the-top wedding ideas

You shouldn’t forget about treating your wedding guests the morning after. It can be especially over-the-top and luxurious to ensure your party continues to the next day and you treat guests with a breakfast bar. You could have the venue owners transform the ballroom into a breakfast room with lavish options from signature donuts to craft coffee and sandwiches – not to mention mimosas!


When you’re organizing your big day, over-the-top wedding ideas shouldn’t be forgotten. You want your wedding to be stunning and your wedding guests to have something to talk about.


The above are our favorite lavish and luxurious wedding ideas available for Hudson Valley weddings. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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