6 Unexpected Things Your Wedding Photo Booth Needs

A wedding photo booth is a perfect way to add fun to your big day. When it comes to organizing a good wedding photo booth experience for your guests, everyone knows about the props and the backgrounds. But there are a few important, yet unexpected, elements your wedding photo booth needs to become an even better entertainment experience.


Here are the six things you should add to your wedding photo booth.


A table for drinks

wedding photo booth

You don’t want guests to pour over their drinks when snapping photos. The solution is to have a small bar table or side table next to the photo booth for drinks. You can add a tray on the table with a sign that says, “Leave your drinks here when taking photos!” It’s a small detail that can make a big difference.


A photo booth guestbook

wedding photo booth

You’ll probably want to have a wedding guestbook for guests to fill with lovely messages. But you could combine your wedding photo booth with a guestbook by allowing guests to leave one of their photo booth snaps inside a big photo album. Have a photo album and some pens for a different but fun take on the traditional guestbook.


Proper lights

magic mirror photo booth

When it comes to hiring a wedding photo booth, most people think about the background and props, but forget to consider the lighting. If you opt for an open-air photo booth, such as the Magic Mirror photo booth, you need to ensure there is enough lighting for taking good photos. The photo booth provider can often help you solve the problem so make sure to talk to them when choosing the spot for your photo booth.


Continuous advertisement

It’s important to keep reminding people about the photo booth as often as possible. You will need to think beyond just adding a photo booth sign – having the MC mention the photo booth is a good idea. But you can also add small reminders of the photo booth to each dining table. A small leaflet resting next to the centerpiece can be a wonderful idea.


A social media wall

wedding photo booth

If using a digital wedding photo booth, you should consider synching it with a TV display for an interactive social media feed. The feed can be your personal hashtag feed, with the photos and other social media mentions appearing on the big screen. The screen could be in the lobby, for example. Your wedding guests will be able to see how much fun people are having and go check out the booth themselves!


A set of rules

photo booth sign

It’s a good idea to have a sign next to the wedding photo booth, going over the rules of the booth. These are just simple reminders of how to use and behave when taking photos. For example, to avoid spending too much time and letting others use the booth, to avoid photobombing people that might not enjoy it and to use appropriate and classy hashtags when posting things on social media.


Add these elements to your wedding photo booth and you’ll end up creating something magical. The guests will end up having a lot of fun and everyone leaves the big day with beautiful memories!


Do you feel like we left out something important? Tell us your must-have wedding photo booth additions!

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