7 Wedding Trends You’ll Love in 2018

If you’re preparing for your Hudson Valley wedding, you might want to look at the year’s biggest wedding trends. Each year, new trends pop up and add something new and exciting to the wedding season. 2018 is no different and there are numerous wedding trends that’ll capture your imagination.


So, let’s examine the seven trends you’ll love in 2018!


1. Smaller, Intimate Weddings

wedding trends

Weddings are definitely getting smaller. Not only are wedding parties downsizing, but also the guest list is being cut short. Part of this is probably driven by the rising cost of organizing a wedding. But couples are also starting to appreciate the intimacy of having just your nearest and dearest taking part in this special day.


2. Potted Plants as Decoration

Potted plants will be a big thing in 2018, especially when it comes to aisle decorations. You can create an instant secret garden type of style by adding potted plants on the sides of the aisle – mini plants even work as table decorations. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorated pots, you can use silk rope to decorate and cover the pots.


3. Dark and Moody Floral Ideas

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Furthermore, the flowers in 2018 weddings will be about dark and moody colors. Experts are predicting floral wedding trends to turn their back to soft and lush colors and go for darker hues – shades of purple will be a big thing in this year’s wedding receptions.


4. Global Food Flavors to Tickle Taste Buds

Wedding trends in recent years have truly transformed the wedding menu. In 2018, the biggest trend will be the rise of global foods. Couples will opt for Japanese, Vietnamese, Peruvian and Indian cuisine and offer something different to their wedding guests in terms of flavor.


5. Marble Dance Floors

Textures are another strong wedding trend this year and the need for texture will even flow over onto the dance floor. Couples are looking for glamour and elegance and it’s definitely on show in a marble dance floor.


6. No Booth Photo Booths for Entertainment

hudson valley photo booth

One of the wedding trends that keep coming back is the photo booth. However, there’s always a twist and in 2018, the twist is the rise of no booth photo booths. This means opting for photo booths like the Magic Mirror – the booth isn’t in a closed space but can be placed out in the open. Instead of cramming into a small box, people can take photos and use a green screen backdrop for more creative looks anywhere in the reception room.


7. Large After-Parties to Keep the Party Going

wedding trends

2018 will also be the year when the wedding continues long into the night. The after-party is becoming a thing and couples are planning on ensuring guests can have a good time, even after the official celebrations are over. Consider booking your Hudson Valley wedding DJ for the after-party to keep the party going!


What do you think? Which of these seven wedding trends do you think you’ll be using? Let us know in the comments below!

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