8 Cinco de Mayo Wedding Ideas

Next Saturday is Cinco de Mayo and this wonderful holiday can offer plenty of inspiration for Hudson Valley brides and grooms. If you are looking for final additions to your spring wedding or inspiration for next year, here are some Cinco de Mayo wedding ideas you can use to add a bit of spice to your wedding day.


Maraca music for the ceremony exit

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Forget about the traditional rice throwing when walking out of your wedding ceremony and have guests wave around maracas instead. The instrument will create a wonderful sound and it will be a more environmentally friendly way to welcome you as a married couple.


Spanish table numbers

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Your table numbers don’t have to be boring numbers or even written in English. Celebrate the Spanish language by having the table numbers written in Spanish. A bright, bold flag with the Spanish number printed on it is fun and it will teach the wedding guests something new!


Tequila place cards

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Now, the guests could find their own place in the reception with the help of a quirky tequila place card. Have named and numbered shot glasses with a shot of tequila and a cute cucumber slice placed in the reception room. It’s a wonderful replacement for the traditional champagne toast as well!


Latin American food

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Of course, one of the best ways to create a Cinco de Mayo wedding is to have Latin food served at your wedding. You can opt for a tapas-like meal if you’re going for canapé-style service or opt for build-your-own tacos for a buffet dinner.


Mojito bar

Cinco de Mayo wedding

You can also celebrate the culture with a drinks bar that’s all about mojitos. You can either create a signature mojito the bartender can serve or have a make-your-own mojito bar that allows guests to experiment with different flavors.


Sombrero-themed wedding cake

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Your wedding cake could be styled to look like a sombrero or you could add a sombrero right at the top of it for Spanish flair. If you’re swapping the traditional wedding cake to something different, you can also create sombrero cupcakes for guests to enjoy!


Carnival-themed dance floor

Cinco de Mayo wedding

Decorate your dance floor with colorful ribbons and instead of a disco ball, hang a gigantic piñata on top of the dance floor. Your wedding DJ should also play a lot of Latin music from Ricky Martin to Shakira. Of course, a few mariachi songs won’t be a bad idea either!


Spicy wedding favors

Cinco de Mayo wedding

You could also show your wedding guests some love with spicy, Latin-inspired wedding favors. A traditional Mexican hot sauce in a cute jar with the wedding date printed on it can be a great idea. You can also opt for a paper bag filled with tasty Mexican or Latin American candy.


Have a fun Cinco de Mayo wedding


With the above ideas, you can create a wonderful Cinco de Mayo wedding. The ideas are a wonderful way to add a bit of fun and color to your wedding, and to celebrate this beautiful tradition and culture.


What are some Cinco de May ideas you’d love to see on the list? Let us know!

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