Affordable Wedding Entertainment (and Luxury Alternatives!)

Getting wedding entertainment right is crucial for ensuring your guests have a nice time at your wedding. When it comes to ideas and options, Hudson Valley wedding service providers offer plenty of options – some are affordable and some a bit more luxurious as far as your budget goes. So, let’s look at some entertainment ideas for your wedding day.


Reciting love notes


Your ceremony should include a few carefully selected entertainment numbers. These add a bit more personality to the event.


Read from your favorite books


Poems and lyrics are old-fashion; it’s all about books nowadays when it comes to readings. Have a friend read sections from your favorite books to commemorate your love.

affordable wedding entertainment


Sing it out with a Cappella choir


If you have a bit more money to spare, hiring an A Cappella choir is a perfect idea. You can even organize it like a flash mob, with the singers suddenly standing up and performing a love song.


Capturing the memories


Although you should always enjoy the moment at your wedding, you should also capture the memories to go over later. Not to mention, how photographing can act as an entertainment number for the guests!


Hiring a paparazzi


Now, if you are looking for something swanky, you should hire a photographer disguised as a paparazzi. When the guests are starting to make their way to the ceremony, your paparazzi would be ‘secretly’ snapping photos as they arrive on the red carpet.


Using a photo booth


affordable wedding entertainment

For a more affordable alternative, turn to Hudson Valley photo booth providers and hire a booth for your wedding. You can add similar glamour, especially with modern technology. There are now magic mirror photo booths that allow you to add text to the photos – guests are going to have a blast using the photo booth.


Awe-inspiring magic


You should also add entertainment that’s surprising and jaw dropping. Circus-based entertainment is a funky idea and offers plenty of affordable options, along with the luxury ones.


Book a magician


You can save a bit of money by booking a magician to perform at one point during the reception. The magician can do a few drinks and disappear into the night, leaving your guests amazed at the performance.


Hire a carousel


On the other hand, if your venue allows it and you have big enough budget, go all out and hire a carousel from a Hudson Valley vendor. A carousel will provide plenty of fun for kids and adults alike and gives you a great spot for wedding photos!

affordable wedding entertainment


A big send-off


You should also add entertainment right at the end of your special day. If you include this as “A Surprise Finale” to your wedding program, guests are certain to stay.


Organize a fireworks display


If you want something grandiose, then you need to organize a fireworks display. A few minutes of bangs and splashes of color are bound to impress – but it can also cost a bit more to have it professionally made.


Shop for sparklers


affordable wedding entertainment

To cut the cost, buy big indoor sparklers and have them ready for each table. Ask the wedding DJ to play a special song, as all the lights are dimmed and the guests light up the sparklers. It will be a great and moving way to finish off the night.


The above offer the basic entertainment staples you need to include to your special day. You also have the option between affordable wedding entertainment and the more luxurious ones if your budget can stretch. Now it’s just time to pick the favorites!


What are some of your favorite affordable wedding entertainment ideas? And what would you add if money weren’t a problem? Let us know in the comments!

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