Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Your First Dance Song

Picking your first dance song can be difficult. The world is full of great songs and you probably have a long list of songs that have meaning for you as a couple. When you’re choosing your first dance song, it’s important to avoid making these crucial mistakes.


Thinking too much about what others would think

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Do not make the mistake of picking a song based on what your wedding guests will think about it. You don’t want to opt for the popular song just because you think it’s a trendy choice. Likewise, not choosing a song just because others might not find it romantic enough is silly – you want the song to be meaningful for you two, not your wedding guests.


Not speaking with the wedding DJ

There’s a reason wedding DJs are paid professionals and your uncle Fred just an amateur. The experience and insight a wedding DJ can give in terms of which first song ideas work and which don’t are unquestionable. Do talk to the DJ if you’re not sure what song to go with and be open to their ideas – you might find a song you didn’t even think about!


Trying to be too unique or quirky

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There’s nothing wrong with making your first dance song unique. But the problem comes if you’re trying too hard. You shouldn’t pick a comedy song or avoid a specific song just because you think it’d make the event more different. Don’t force funniness or uniqueness but just go with what feels comfortable and right.


Not testing how the actual dancing feels

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It’s important to remember the first song is not just about the music and the lyrics. You’ll also have to take to the dance floor and dance to the song. It’s crucial that you actually practice dancing to your chosen song and factor this in when choosing the song. You might find it’s more natural to dance to certain songs. In the end, you might find your favorite by dancing, not just listening.


Forgetting to think about the future

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We all change and you might find yourself twenty years from now wishing you had used lilies instead of roses. While it’s pointless to regret things, you do want to look forward a bit and think about your first dance song’s timelessness. You don’t want to pick a song on a whim only to regret it later. So be mindful of what you might think about the song later when reminiscing your wedding day.


Find your first dance song


Your first dance song can be anything from a classic to modern and from fast and upbeat to slow and somber. Speak with your Hudson Valley wedding DJ about the options, dance to different songs and go with your gut – the right song is often right there in your heart, waiting for the big day.


Do you know your first dance song already? Was it easy to pick it? Share your thoughts with us – we’d love to hear from you!

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