Best Football Themed Props for Your Photo Booth

If you’re a football fan, then your wait is almost over. The new NFL season is about the start and the fight for Super Bowl LII is on. Football fans might be throwing big parties next weekend and if you are, you should consider adding a photo booth to your party – naturally, with proper football themed props!


Here are the best football themed props for your photo booth – whatever the party.


Referee striped backdrop


football themed props

Your photo booth backdrop could be elegant black and white stripe design in honor of the NFL referees. It will be part of the theme but also look rather fun and elegant. If you are hiring a Lake Norman photo booth with a green screen, you could also use your team logo!


A gigantic whistle cutout


Another referee idea is to print out your own gigantic whistle cutout. A huge whistle will lead to fun photos – the other can pretend to blow the whistle while the other person is covering his or her ears, for example.


Cutout helmet


If you are organizing a party, you don’t want guests to have to pop on an actual football helmet just for fun. Instead, print out a DIY cutout helmet online. You can print it on a sturdy cardboard and attach it to a wooden stick – simple and fun.


You could color the helmets in any way you want. It could have the logos of the team you support or just be colored in the theme colors of your party.


Mini cheerleader pom poms


Cheerleaders are also a big part of a good NFL game and therefore, your football themed props need something to celebrate the dancers. What would be better than mini pompoms the guests can wave around when taking photos?


You can find mini cheerleader pom poms online or DIY them in your chosen team colors. Just don’t make them too big or they’ll take the center stage in the photos.


A Vince Lombardi Trophy


You will probably not get your hands on the original Vince Lombardi trophy for the guests to play with but you could just make your own. You could print out a cutout of the trophy or build one out of Lego blocks.


A floating football


You could help your guests to pose in fun ways by adding a floating football to your photo booth. If you are using a digital photo booth, such as a magic mirror photo booth, you can draw the football on the photos later.
You could also take a football and attach it to the ceiling above the photo booth to float in the air. This way, guests can interact with the football in any way they want!


Now, you can use the above ideas when throwing a start of the season party or a Super Bowl party at the end of the season. You could even use these ideas in a football themed wedding!


What do you think? Do you have great football themed props in mind? Share us your ideas in the comments below.

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