The Best Music for Intimate Weddings

More couples in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina are opting for intimate weddings. As the average wedding can cost over $20,416, couples have decided to cut the cost and hold the wedding ceremony with just the nearest and dearest. If you’re thinking about going small, here are some tips on how to use music for intimate weddings.


The soundtrack to your wedding is a crucial part of the day. Music sets the tone and it can help people feel invited and relaxed. When you have a smaller wedding venue in use and just a handful guests at present, your music choices play an even more important role.


So, what things should you keep in mind when picking music for intimate weddings?


Don’t dismiss the idea of a wedding DJ

Now, it might seem like your intimate wedding doesn’t require a live performer. You’ll only have a few guests so wouldn’t it be too costly to have a DJ? Will anyone even dance?


You definitely want a DJ even when you don’t have a hundred people hitting the dance floor. Music is not just about the dancing and a good wedding DJ will be able to create a good atmosphere and keep the reception flowing forward. Your Lake Norman wedding DJ doesn’t have to just play to get people to dance but they can provide background music that’ll help the reception feel slightly more special.


Consider having a musical performance

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The music for intimate weddings doesn’t have to be just in the background. A musical performance at some point during the ceremony or even the reception can be a fantastic idea. You could have a talented musician play The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face on piano after making the vows. A guitar rendition of The Prayer would also sound beautiful as you enjoy your time at the reception.

Use the venue’s character to pick the right music for intimate weddings

It’s important to pay attention to the venue and its general feel when discussing the playlist. Since you’ll be in a smaller space with fewer people, you want the songs to enhance the ambiance.


So, if your wedding venue is on the beach and near the water, you want carefree and upbeat pop songs to fill the venue. If you’re in a bustling city location, you could opt for modern jazz or blues. For the mountainous wedding venues, indie rock and folk music might sound the best.


Make sure to test the volume beforehand. When there are fewer people present, you don’t want the sound to overpower the other voices in the small space.


Mix it up to keep it interesting

music for intimate weddings

You definitely don’t want your intimate wedding music to be boring. Playing classical music all night long will get tiring quickly. You want to mix it up a bit even if you aren’t planning on having people dance. Talk to your wedding DJ and make sure the playlist has a range of songs from instrumental music to lyrical masterpieces. Include a range of slower love songs and upbeat tunes to keep the energy flowing nicely at your wedding.


With the above tips and ideas in mind, you’ll be able to use music in a powerful way at your intimate wedding. You’ll make the atmosphere just right and add an element of celebration – no matter the size of your guest list!


What kind of music for intimate weddings would you pick?

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