These Are the Big Wedding Music Trends for 2019

The New Year always brings about interesting new things. Last week, we took a look at the biggest wedding photo booth trends and now it’s time to peek at 2019’s upcoming wedding music trends.


Wedding music plays a big role in your wedding. It sets the mood and gets the party going. Good music will keep your wedding guests entertained and guarantee your wedding day is filled with beautiful memories. So, what to expect from the big wedding music trends for 2019?


Ceremony Music

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Music has been a big part of the wedding reception forever. While your wedding ceremony music has mainly consisted of processional music, 2019 is about to change it further. Ceremony music, including continuous background music throughout, is becoming more popular. Harpists, piano music and other beautiful classical renditions are attracting more couples.


Themed Wedding Playlists

Wedding themes continue to be a big thing for couples and 2019 will witness plenty of old favorites and new ideas. In terms of wedding music trends, themed playlists are becoming an increasingly popular way of supporting your overall wedding theme. Whether you are having a vintage wedding or going with a pop theme, you want your wedding playlists to reflect this.


Request Songs

Couples are also turning to their wedding guests for song ideas, especially if they aren’t following a specific theme with their music. One fun and popular option is to ask for 3-5 song suggestions from those who have RSVP-ed. This is a great way to make your playlist more varied and to guarantee all the guests have a good time. Of course, you can also follow the playlist theme idea and ask wedding guests to name their favorite songs in your chosen theme or genre.


Fewer Protocol Dances

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Interestingly, one of the major wedding music trends in the coming year is going to be the lack of protocol dances. Couples are starting to grow old for parent/child dances and some are even ditching the First Dance! Instead, couples want music to be there for everyone who enjoys it – the dance floor is open and everyone can dance as they please.


Big After-Parties

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Overall, wedding music trends are following another big wedding trend for 2019, which is the after-party. More couples are looking to create an after-party that gets everyone dancing and talking long after the main reception has ended. For the after-party, the chosen entertainment is party music – we’re talking about the best North Carolina wedding DJs playing their best music all night long!


2019’s Wedding Music Trends Are Turning Up the Beat


2019 is going to be a fantastic wedding year. The music is going to be fun, loud and ever more important in terms of good wedding entertainment. The year’s major wedding music trends will help you have a good time and showcase your fantastic personality and love as a couple!


Are you getting married in 2019? What kind of wedding music trends are you following? Let us know!

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