The Case for December Weddings

December is not the most popular wedding season in Lake Norman. In fact, there are many who argue there’s nothing worse than having a wedding in December. But are December weddings actually that bad?


The short answer is ‘no’. December can provide a beautiful backdrop for a magical winter wedding and you have plenty of reasons to opt for this cozy season. Here is the ultimate case for December weddings!


They decorate themselves with seasonal inspiration

December weddings

You don’t need to plan your December wedding décor too much because the season just keeps giving ideas. Christmas décor offers so many beautiful ideas from table number baubles to mistletoe floral arrangements. The cool thing is you don’t need to shop at wedding stores for décor – you can find plenty of great items just by walking down the Christmas décor isles at supermarkets and craft stores.


If you don’t like to opt for too much festivity, you can always go with a winter theme. Sparkling décor and silver glitter help create a stunning winter wonderland for everyone to enjoy. You can even use the December finale – i.e. the New Year’s Eve – as décor inspiration!


They are filled with guests who are jolly

December weddings

People are in such a jolly mood during December – Thanksgiving is behind us, and the season of giving upon us. The holidays means people might be more freely available to attend your wedding and since it’s not as a busy season in terms of weddings, most guests won’t have to worry about having to attend multiple weddings on the same day.


They offer plenty of culinary delights

December weddings

The month of December is also joy in terms of culinary delights. Your wedding would benefit from mulled wine or cider, with cinnamon and apple offering a unique but stunning flavor combination for the big wedding cake. You can opt for holiday classic or tweak the classic recipes into modern masterpieces. There are so many hearty and flavorsome ideas for the perfect December wedding menu.


They can be cheaper than summer weddings

December weddings

December weddings and winter weddings, in general, can be a lot cheaper than your popular summer wedding. Many Lake Norman wedding venues have lower rates for the winter months. You might also find wedding décor and different services slightly cheaper because there’s less demand.


They are perfect for last-minute wedding ideas

December weddings

In fact, because December weddings are not as popular, you can often find tons of last-minute ideas. Wedding service providers might be less busy and booking your favorite Lake Norman wedding DJ might not be quite as tough. Of course, it’s always good to book as early as possible, but summer weekends can get booked a lot quicker than December weekends!


December weddings are magical

December weddings

Overall, there is something magical about the month of December and it’s definitely a worthy month to get married. December weddings offer plenty of opportunities in terms of décor, food and budget. If you’re thinking about the perfect time to get hitched, don’t forget about this festive season!


What do you think about December weddings? Let us know in the comments below!

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