Why Cheapest Isn’t Always the Best – You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to your Lake Norman wedding or a big party, you often have a limited budget to work with. The cost of a wedding has increased in recent years and no one wants to get in debt for having a lovely day. But the result is not to start looking for the cheapest of everything. Why? Because you get what you pay for.


The problem with focusing on price

If you’re just focused on the price, you won’t pay attention to the quality or the other elements that make a service or a product worthy. There are people who contact wedding vendors only to ask about the price – but you would be making a mistake because you might end up with a product or service that cost you less but which…


you end up hating. You don’t check the songs the wedding DJ plays or the cakes the bakery makes. You don’t know what the experience feels like! You need to consider the other aspects of a good product or service and not just the price.


ends up costing you more money. You might actually pay more for a cheap product or service down the line. With wedding vendors, things like insurance are important. You might pay more initially but you won’t be left hanging if things don’t go according to plan. A cheap Hudson Valley wedding DJ might not even show up and you have no protection against it.


It’s crucial, therefore, to know what you are paying for not just how much you are paying. When it comes to the price, you want to be certain of what you are getting and how you are protected in case things don’t go smoothly.


The real conversations to have with Lake Norman wedding vendors


Therefore, when you are booking a service or buying a product for your wedding, you shouldn’t just check the price. Talk to the service provider about the experience they are providing you with – ask them what is the value they’d bring to your big day!


Understand the hidden cost – including those that come from the service provider not having insurance. You might think nothing can go wrong but life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. You need to know just what it might cost you if things go wrong.

There is nothing wrong with budgeting – higher price also doesn’t guarantee good value. But your focus shouldn’t be solely on the price tag but what you get for paying. It’s always possible to negotiate the price and check if the vendor could tailor a specific package to your needs. So, have these discussions but always center them on value, not the price tag.


So, when you are planning for the perfect Lake Norman wedding or a Christmas party, don’t just stare at the price tag. Dig deeper and get to the bottom of what you are paying for and you’ll have the perfect day!


What do you think? Is cheapest always the way to go? Share your thoughts with us!

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