Cheerful Wedding Entertainment for Spring Weddings

Spring weddings open a lot of new opportunities when it comes to your wedding entertainment. You’re not confined to indoors the same anymore since the weather is better and the sun’s warm rays are welcoming. So, what are some cheerful wedding entertainment ideas you should keep in mind?


Outside marque for dancing

wedding entertainment

One of the most fun wedding entertainment ideas is, of course, dancing. When the weather gets better, you could check with your Hudson Valley wedding venue whether an outside marque is an option. Check with the wedding DJ if they are OK to set up the equipment outside and have the dancing done under the spring night sky.


Soap bubbles for welcome

wedding entertainment

You could also prepare beautiful cans of soap bubbles and let the guests welcome you to the venue with a massive display of bubbles. Soap bubbles are a beautiful and more environmentally friendly alternative to rice, for example. Not to mention they look stunning in wedding photos!


Dessert with a twist


Your wedding entertainment could also incorporate other aspects of the wedding reception and turn them into a cheerful event. One of our favorite ideas is to make the dessert into a spectacle and spring weddings offer plenty of options for this.

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If your wedding venue has an open-air fireplace or any similar camping area, you could serve your dessert outside. Have your wedding guests toast marshmallows in the campfire and a serve them with a chocolate dip or mousse. Fun and interactive!


Playing on the lawn


The warmer weather also allows you to play games outside. Lawn games are an especially good way to keep children busy and cheerful, but adults will also love quirky games.

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There are plenty of options to choose from. Frisbee golf, croquet, darts, and giant Tic Tac Toe are all fun to play outdoors.


Spring flower photo booth


Spring offers plenty of fun prop options for using with your photo booth. Not only do you have great spring holidays to inspire you, such as Easter and May Day, but you can also incorporate the season in other ways, such as flowers.

wedding entertainment

Spring has plenty of beautiful flowers that make a great décor and a fun prop to use at the wedding photo booth. Check with a Hudson Valley photo booth company for the magic mirror photo booth and add tulips for wedding guests to hold in their shots. You could also use flowers as the backdrop for your photo booth!


Fireworks for dramatic effect


Finally, you should finish off the night with fireworks. The night sky is still dark enough to get the most out of the fireworks, yet the weather means it’s much more pleasant to stand outside enjoying the show.

wedding entertainment

Fireworks are a great way to end a wedding – during the display, you and your newlywed partner can make a secret escape into the night.


There you have it! A few cheerful wedding entertainment ideas that work well for spring weddings.


Don’t forget to let us know what you think! What are some of the best spring wedding entertainment ideas you’ve seen?

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